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  1. His standard fare against most entities is Diamondhead if I recall correctly. He would actually fit against a Yautja nicely even. Due to his experience with the form (It's his oft used form) and the feat of actually having defeated Vilgax in direct combat (who was enhanced at the time mind you and is an opponent vastly superior to a Yautja by far), he'd be able to relatively defeat a Yautja in a direct fight.


    Something to take into consideration considering what I said comes directly from Alien Force. 

    Yah I think Diamondhead could confidently win against Scar. I don't think Scar will be able to do much to Diamondhead because of diamonhead's durability and especially diamondhead's regen abilities also. Concerning whether Diamond Is his standard alien, it might have been it (if there was one) in the original series but I don't Diamondhead is his regular in Alien Force, at least not at least not at first because he didn't have it unlocked for a while in Alien Force. I might be wrong though.


    I don't know anything about Predators and whatever univers they are in but one thing I've noticed that while looking at Xenopedia is that Scar mainly uses non tech offensive weapons except for his plasma caster, but according to the wiki: "it is considered among the least honorable weaponry the Yautja posses. Often, when faced with particularly worthy prey, a Predator will discard his Plasma Caster and rely instead on its more basic weapons." I'm not sure, but that mean his plasma caster will be out of the picture.


    Here is how I think other aliens by thensevles would do against Scar


    Big Chill: If he stays intangible and waits for chance to find and freeze Scar, I think he could beat Scar. Scar could win though with his cloaking device by sneaking up on him and do a sneak attack by throwing his combo-staff or something.


    Brainstorm: with his "super-massive intelligence" and powers I think Brainstom could win this relatively easy possibly. If he knew he couldn't he could also transform into another one and be smart enough to know which would be the best choice


    Chromastone: with his superhuman durability, I don't think Scar can really do anything to hurt him. At least not fatally


    Echo Echo: Scar would take some copies but would eventually be overwhelmed by the Echo Echos and their sound scream and whatnot


    Goop: Yet again, Scar couldn't really do anything goop. Even if he destroys Goop's antigravity projector is destroyed, the omnitrix can immediately generate a new one.


    Humungasaur: I'm not sure Scar's will be able to penetrate Humgasar's hide, but even if they do Humungasaur will be able to keep fighting for a while. I got give this to HUmungasaur


    Jetray: One good landed hit from Scar could finish him so Jetray will have to rely on his speed and energy projection to protect. I think Scar could beat him with his cloaking to hide him and do a sneak attack while Jetray is perched somewhere or just flying low or at a slow speed.


    Spidermonkey: I would have to give this to Scar. I think he would be able to avoid Spidermonkey's webbing by going invisible.


    Swampfire: I'd have to say swampfire, especially with his regen ability.


    Cannonbolt: I think Scar could win this one. With his cloaking he could do a sneak attacks when C isn't in ball form. Also, If Cannonbolt finds him and tries to ram him, I think Scar could skewer Cannobolt on his spear if Scar can handle all that force


    Upchuck: Scad should be able to handle Upchuck. An easy sneak attack could be one way.


    Lodestar: Lodestar take this easily. There is nothing Scar can do to significantly hurt him, Lodestar has an amazing regen factor. He has survived a giant explosion before that blew him apart and he just pull himself together afterward using magnetism and was pretty much unphased


    Rath: I'd have to say Scar wins because Rath is Rath and pretty vulnerable compared to some of his other aliens



    So in the end I's have to say Ben will win because plenty of the aliens he could transform into could take care of Scar without much trouble

  2. I'm not actually sure what the Omnitrix would do if Ben passed out, i'll look it up.


    According to the Ben 10 wiki....


    If the user is knocked out or hurt enough, the Omnitrix will revert them to their normal form.



    Anyway here are all of the aliens Ben has transformed into in Alien Force (excluding Alien X of course)

    • Big Chill
    • Brainstorm
    • Chromastone
    • Echo Echo
    • Goop
    • Humungosaur
    • JetrayS
    • Spidermonkey
    • Swampfire
    • Cannon Bolt
    • Upchuck
    • Diamondhead
    • Lodestar
    • Rath
    • Way Big

    Later, I'll say who I'd think would win a why in detail. I don't have time right now

  3. Exactly how old is Ben 10 by the time of Alien Force?


    If he is 18 and over... then Scar would be able to fight him as it wouldn't put a risk on his honor.


    Any younger, than by default... Ben would win because Scar wouldn't risk his honor in fighting a young prey that is not fair game.



    Ben is 15 in Alien Force
  4. I feel that since Slade has "whatever usual weapon he carries in the New 52. So yea he has his promethium sword and guns with other equipment" in this fight, he will have a substantial edge because of it. I'm not saying Iron Fist or Daredevil couldn't or haven't dodged some gunfire but Slade is up there with the best of the best marksmen like Deadshot and those kind of guys and will definately give them some trouble at least.

        "whatever usual weapon he carries in the New 52," and  "guns with other equipment" is vague however and I'm not sure what guns he usually carries and whether he usually carries other equipment such explosives. What other equipment he has besides his regular sword and Nth metal armor could possibly decide who wins who loses here.


    It would probably be best to just have bigballerju specify what exactly is the other equipment Slade will have in this fight

  5. Perhaps for May we could something like a space (outer space) theme. I got this from "May the force be with you," which of course comes from you know what which is in space for the most part.

    I thought of maybe doing something with "May the odds be ever in your favor," but I'm not sure how we could turn that into a theme.


    Here are some non month related themes

    • advanced technology battle (could be building/designing competition, just plain tech fight, etc....)
    • Aliens vs. Aliens
    • purely range brawl (could be gun or energy projection fight)
    • elemental brawl. Two opponents, each has to represent a different element of the four elements in some easily recognizable way (and maybe even make them have to be opposing elements also: earth & wind, fire & water) fight each other in a battle of the elements
  6. Here are my adds for the week. It's a little longer than usual. I got to double digits in character adds with my 10th character add this week :)  Anyway here's the list



    Character Adds:



    Warehouse 13 Agents

    Forever Knights


    Images Added:



    Zeus (Marvel)



    Namor the Submariner

    The Nintendo Universe


    The Hand


    Iron Monger


    Loki (2)

    Baron Von Strucker

    Grim Reaper (Marvel)

    The Abomination

    The Grey Gargoyle




    Solomon Grundy

    Shazam (I accidently submitted the same picture sometime after the first one and the second time it got accepted again so I don't think character admins are able to but if one could delete the duplicate image in the gallery i would be greatfull)

    Black Adam



    Forever Knights (3)

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