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  1. Ben, Kevin, and Gwen were all hanging out in Kevin's car having Mr. Smoothy smoothies when Professor Paradox appeared suddenly in front the car. “Professor Paradox what are you doing here?†said Ben as they got out of the car. “Yah,†said Gwen. “ You only appear when something bad is happening†“Well I'm afraid that fact is true yet again,†said Paradox. “Something very bad is going to happen very soon and I have come to warn you Ben. The walls between the multiverses are deteriorating and soon it will all be one giant merged universe, which is never good and would cause overcrowding on a huge scale quite frankly.†“That sounds bad,†said Ben. “Can't I just transform into Alien X and fix all of this before anything happens??†“Oh Ben,†said Paradox. “If you do, I don't think Serena and Bellicus will ever let you out again. Besides, You'll miss out on all the journey if you stop it before it begins. This is too big even for me to know what exactly will happen but I'm sure you'll survive. You always do†“Sounds lovely,†said Kevin. “What can we do to help?†asked Ben. “Your two friends don't have a big part to play this time around, but you Ben are about to be teleported to a very important place in 3...2...1...†“Wait!†cried Ben but before he could say anything else he disappeared in flash of light. ************************************* When Ben realized he was somewhere else, he was confused for a second. “Where am I?†questioned Ben when he realized he wasn't alone.
  2. Here's a very interesting recent high possibility for Avengers 2 roster and possible story lines crossover and whatnot it will interesting to see how this turns out. They're currently which pretty much means they will be in Avengers 2 but stuff can still change (not that it will though)
  3. Name: Ben Tennyson Series: Ben 10: Alien Force Where they are before being teleported to Raiden's temple: About to transform into one of his aliens in order to battle yet another alien menace. I'll think of a second character later
  4. Usually you can tell a lot about a person by their character adds...

  5. http://nerdapproved.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Roulette-IQ-Cube.jpg?cb5e28
  6. Sounds interesting. I like the character variety to choose from. I think I would like to participate in this if it happens
  7. Here are my adds for the week. Pretty much just been working on adding pics of characters from Injustice when I get the chance. Images Added: The Flash (Barry Allen) Aquaman Bane Wonder Woman Green Lantern - Hal Jordan Green Arrow
  8. Yah I think Diamondhead could confidently win against Scar. I don't think Scar will be able to do much to Diamondhead because of diamonhead's durability and especially diamondhead's regen abilities also. Concerning whether Diamond Is his standard alien, it might have been it (if there was one) in the original series but I don't Diamondhead is his regular in Alien Force, at least not at least not at first because he didn't have it unlocked for a while in Alien Force. I might be wrong though. I don't know anything about Predators and whatever univers they are in but one thing I've noticed that while looking at Xenopedia is that Scar mainly uses non tech offensive weapons except for his plasma caster, but according to the wiki: "it is considered among the least honorable weaponry the Yautja posses. Often, when faced with particularly worthy prey, a Predator will discard his Plasma Caster and rely instead on its more basic weapons." I'm not sure, but that mean his plasma caster will be out of the picture. Here is how I think other aliens by thensevles would do against Scar Big Chill: If he stays intangible and waits for chance to find and freeze Scar, I think he could beat Scar. Scar could win though with his cloaking device by sneaking up on him and do a sneak attack by throwing his combo-staff or something. Brainstorm: with his "super-massive intelligence" and powers I think Brainstom could win this relatively easy possibly. If he knew he couldn't he could also transform into another one and be smart enough to know which would be the best choice Chromastone: with his superhuman durability, I don't think Scar can really do anything to hurt him. At least not fatally Echo Echo: Scar would take some copies but would eventually be overwhelmed by the Echo Echos and their sound scream and whatnot Goop: Yet again, Scar couldn't really do anything goop. Even if he destroys Goop's antigravity projector is destroyed, the omnitrix can immediately generate a new one. Humungasaur: I'm not sure Scar's will be able to penetrate Humgasar's hide, but even if they do Humungasaur will be able to keep fighting for a while. I got give this to HUmungasaur Jetray: One good landed hit from Scar could finish him so Jetray will have to rely on his speed and energy projection to protect. I think Scar could beat him with his cloaking to hide him and do a sneak attack while Jetray is perched somewhere or just flying low or at a slow speed. Spidermonkey: I would have to give this to Scar. I think he would be able to avoid Spidermonkey's webbing by going invisible. Swampfire: I'd have to say swampfire, especially with his regen ability. Cannonbolt: I think Scar could win this one. With his cloaking he could do a sneak attacks when C isn't in ball form. Also, If Cannonbolt finds him and tries to ram him, I think Scar could skewer Cannobolt on his spear if Scar can handle all that force Upchuck: Scad should be able to handle Upchuck. An easy sneak attack could be one way. Lodestar: Lodestar take this easily. There is nothing Scar can do to significantly hurt him, Lodestar has an amazing regen factor. He has survived a giant explosion before that blew him apart and he just pull himself together afterward using magnetism and was pretty much unphased Rath: I'd have to say Scar wins because Rath is Rath and pretty vulnerable compared to some of his other aliens So in the end I's have to say Ben will win because plenty of the aliens he could transform into could take care of Scar without much trouble
  9. According to the Ben 10 wiki.... Anyway here are all of the aliens Ben has transformed into in Alien Force (excluding Alien X of course) Big ChillBrainstormChromastoneEcho EchoGoopHumungosaurJetraySSpidermonkeySwampfireCannon BoltUpchuckDiamondheadLodestarRathWay BigLater, I'll say who I'd think would win a why in detail. I don't have time right now
  10. Well, they don't have to kill each other, unless they really want to. In the OP it's says they can incapacitate each other
  11. I feel that since Slade has "whatever usual weapon he carries in the New 52. So yea he has his promethium sword and guns with other equipment" in this fight, he will have a substantial edge because of it. I'm not saying Iron Fist or Daredevil couldn't or haven't dodged some gunfire but Slade is up there with the best of the best marksmen like Deadshot and those kind of guys and will definately give them some trouble at least. "whatever usual weapon he carries in the New 52," and "guns with other equipment" is vague however and I'm not sure what guns he usually carries and whether he usually carries other equipment such explosives. What other equipment he has besides his regular sword and Nth metal armor could possibly decide who wins who loses here. It would probably be best to just have bigballerju specify what exactly is the other equipment Slade will have in this fight
  12. I was to post something but Supes Rulez pretty much covered it. Anyways, here's a video of the fight for quick reference http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=XI7qWFUfi-0
  13. Can Ben instantly switch between aliens in this fight? I can't remember if he was able to do that yet in Alien Force or not
  14. Perhaps for May we could something like a space (outer space) theme. I got this from "May the force be with you," which of course comes from you know what which is in space for the most part. I thought of maybe doing something with "May the odds be ever in your favor," but I'm not sure how we could turn that into a theme. Here are some non month related themes advanced technology battle (could be building/designing competition, just plain tech fight, etc....)Aliens vs. Alienspurely range brawl (could be gun or energy projection fight)elemental brawl. Two opponents, each has to represent a different element of the four elements in some easily recognizable way (and maybe even make them have to be opposing elements also: earth & wind, fire & water) fight each other in a battle of the elements
  15. Great story. I like the arc story line or whatever. Can't wait to see what the rest of the arc entails for our heroes. Also what armor and does Slade have in this set-up (standard or Nth Metal). Also, I'm assuming the only weapon he has is his promethium sword right?
  16. Here are also some battle images additions/changes (these are what they are currently after they changed)
  17. Here are my adds for the week. It's a little longer than usual. I got to double digits in character adds with my 10th character add this week Anyway here's the list Character Adds: Aggregor Warehouse 13 Agents Forever Knights Images Added: Destroyer Zeus (Marvel) Wolverine Attuma Namor the Submariner The Nintendo Universe Aggregor The Hand Darkseid Iron Monger Whiplash Loki (2) Baron Von Strucker Grim Reaper (Marvel) The Abomination The Grey Gargoyle Deathstroke Doomsday Bane Solomon Grundy Shazam (I accidently submitted the same picture sometime after the first one and the second time it got accepted again so I don't think character admins are able to but if one could delete the duplicate image in the gallery i would be greatfull) Black Adam Sinestro Nightwing Forever Knights (3)
  18. Lol didn't catch that when I skimmed through it. I guess that's why they call it "ten surprise guest stars"
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