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  1. Reading up on space godzilla this looks pretty much like a stomp for godzilla. Probably the Eternians' only hope would be battle field removal by teleportation or portal or something but even that would be difficult if they all teamed up.
  2. Here are my adds for the past week Characters Added: Dr. Animo Omi Toa Images Added: Iron Man (2) Dr. Animo (5) Vilgax (2)
  3. OOC: There's actually three teams. I think you forgot about Ben, Black Star, Tsubaki, and Naruto.
  4. I'm back now, so I can start rpging again when you make a thread for the third team.
  5. I added the Toa character page so i could re add it or whatever needs to be done depending on what you guys decide to do. Oh I can see the battle image fine on the character page for Toa so that probably won't need to be deleted. The wiki info for it will show once Fox fixes whatever bug is causing it not to show
  6. Potterpuppetpals and the rest of the people involved in this thing, I will be gone the next two days, just so you guys now in case you wonder where I am. I probably will a chance to get on once or twice a day but that isn't for sure. Hopefully I can at least get on some the next two days
  7. I don't mind if Narto is on our team I just thought someone should be on a team with Shag and Scoob for the 4th portal so Potterpuppet pals isn't the only person rpging that mission. I'm cool if Potterpuppetplas is cool with that though
  8. So...." said Ben to Black Star and Tsubaki. "That portal looks as good as any," said Ben pointing to a portal that hadn't been opened yet. "Let's go"
  9. Then Naruto will probably have to go with Shaggy and Scoob so the teams are even
  10. When the four portals, Ben started thinking about who he wanted to be with. "I agree Dragonborn," said Ben. "It would be a good idea for teams to have varying abilities. So moving on to the next thing, with there being four portals and about 12 of us here, with each person in a duo counted as one, that's a three man team each portal," said Ben. " When Black Star spoke up, Ben thought he might be a good person to team up with along with Black Star's partner Tsubaki. They are both about the same age and pretty different powers. Black Star is sort of arrogant but it's not like Ben hasn't dealt with that kind of person many times before. "I wouldn't mind joining your team Black Star," said Ben holding his hand out for a shake of approval after stepping foward.
  11. Potterpuppetpals could we get this thing rolling please if you don't mind. I don't think hamtaroblazex is going to show
  12. "It still seem pretty cool though," said Ben with a chuckle. "Anyway, I'm with the Dragonborn guy. It's about time we were told what is going on."
  13. If you mean "you add in Punisher that's great" in the fact if they did, they already own the rights to Punisher. I probably just misunderstood thought. Anyway they also have the rights to Blade. Anyway here is pretty the main reason I'm posting. I found this interesting thought and idea in one of the articles on screenrant concerning lesser known characters, which I think would be pretty cool to see happen. Anyway here it is Mainly the thing about lesser known characters is what I'm talking about. Of course, nothing is for sure though
  14. When Captain Marvel introduced himself something felt a little off but it must have just been because he was from an entire different universe. â€Yah this watch is pretty cool," responded Ben. I always loved transforming into aliens and being a hero ever since I was 10. So... power of the gods you say? So does that mean you're pretty much s god with all the limitless powers of a god and what not?"
  15. While Ben was waiting for a response from the guy that came out of the shadows he thought might as well jump into the conservation some of the others were having. "Speaking of weapons," said Ben. "What are all the weapons you guys are carrying and their capabilities? It will be best if we all know what each of us can do if we are going to saving the world together." "I already told you guys about the Omnitrix and it's ability to transform me into one of a little more than ten aliens. You guys probably never have seen any of the aliens I can transform in to though.'
  16. "The Doctor has room for everyone in the TARDIS"
  17. When Ben was standing there and viewing all that was going on he spotted someone step out of the shawdows of the room. "So what's your story?" Ben asked as the stranger came out into the open.
  18. Yah I should probably update my character. Thanks for the notice/reminder. I created it a while before Iron Man 3 came out so it probably needs it. I'll work on updating it. Yah I think it could be a interesting plot for one of the plots of this rpg
  19. For the first time Ben took a moment to see who all was there. It was a weird bunch even by Ben's standards. There was a talking dog and one person even looked like he came straight out of the comics with the costume he had on. After Shepard introduced himself, Ben thought that he might as well be next. "I am Ben Tennyson, wearer of the Omnitrix." said Ben. After Ben had introduced himself he saw a flash of light out of the corner of his eyes and turned around to see who it was.
  20. "Yes, let's all calm down a bit," said Chromastone. "I'm not exactly an Alien" "This thing on my wrist, known as the Omnitrix, lets me transform into at least 10 different Aliens," said Ben after he tapped the Omnitrix on his chest to transform back into human form."
  21. New adds for this week Characters Added: Global Dynamics Images Added: Hawkgirl (Shayera Hol) (2) Cyborg Thor Fantastic Four
  22. I'm not sure what's going on here but I better go hero hero and intervene before this goes any father thought Ben to himself. I'll ask questions later. Ben then selected an alien and hit the Omnitrix to transform. "CHROMASTONE" Chromastone then went in between the guy with a gun and whoever he was pointing his gun at. Whoever the guy was pointing his gun at seemed like the person responsible for this "meeting." "You need to calm down Mister," said Chromastone.
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