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  1. Our characters are just debating about what they should do: team up with the other kids and break out or brawl for a little bit until they can find a way out But yah we can move on and and fight the other kids. Perhaps rewind time to where I freeze the other kids? We don't have to but its just a suggestion.
  2. Oh.... I guess I though that becaus he actually just passed put instead of dieing. I'm glad I was wrong about him dieing though. He probably will come back later.
  3. What do you guys of the season finale of Arrow? I though it was pretty cool how Merlyn is able to catch an arrow and what not. I do wonder how Merlyn learned archery and fighting and what not. Also, one thing that kinda stuck in the back of head is that after beating Oliver twice, Merlyn was killed by Oliver simply stabbing him, which seamed kinda...... something.. Not sure what though. I not picky about stuff like that in shows or movies though so I enjoyed it anyway
  4. Time to start browsing some of the sections to decide my team
  5. I wouldn't mind volunteering to be a Fantasy Draft Game admin. Although I'm probably too new to this site (haven't been here long enough) to be considered for it which is completely understandable if you think so also
  6. Man I can't wait to see how this turns out It sounds like it will be pretty cool One concern though, is how will match set-ups be made? Will it be like a joint effort between the two people who have their character facing off, by pming each other?
  7. What are your guys' opinions on this trailer/promo of Avengers Assemble?
  8. Wow How are you able to figure all this stuff out and not be "a scientist or mathematician or even especially smart." It's amazing.... Also I wouldn't mind trying to help out if it's not too hard to do.
  9. Ok thanks. I've to think about this one before I can come up with a good comment concerning who I'd think would win.
  10. Black Panther Rumors The links to the original article are below the quoted sections Filming of Avengers 2 heading to South Africa? Here is the original article: http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/MarvelFreshman/news/?a=79719 Black Panther to start shooting Next year? Who is at the top of the Black Panther actor shortlist?
  11. Sadly, I don't think I'll be able to meet the deadline for this with school and exams coming up also. I'll still post the match that would have been my entry for this contest when I get done with it, but I don't want have to rush it and have it be a bad one. I should be able to put more effort into these contests once school is over with. Which I'm glad for
  12. I haven't played any Star Fox games but as long as they add additial Star Fox characters that aren't pretty clones of Startox like in SSBB I won't mind additional character besides Starfox. Also, what Yu-gi-oh stuff has been in Nintendo games? Or do you mean Konami (The Yu-gi-oh comapany) works with Nintendo or what not? Anyway, I would love to see a Yu-Gi-Oh monster in SSB 4. Dark Magician would seem like the best choice. He's pretty popular monster and I could see some of his attacks being Dark Magic related and some of them could be an adaption of the spell/trap cards related to him like thousand knives, magical hats, and the mystic box thing which I don't remember the name for.
  13. Oooh Someone else used one of my character adds Anyway great story. Love the set-up. Are the MotU characters any specific version (old cartoon for example) or are they a joint combination thing that include all their feats in the new and old He-Man cartoon and comicc (basically every appearance counts)?
  14. ignore. Found a better place to post what i previously posted here cause I realized this wasn't the best place to post it.
  15. Yah didn't really have the Luke Cage look anyway. Also here is the extended trailer where you can get a better look at him: There was another rumor that he was Rage but I think that rumor might have been confirmed as being untrue. (though I could be wrong about this) His name (alter ego or actual name ) could possibly start with an "M" but if so I'm not sure who it could be.
  16. Galactus is starving and must consume a planet soon to survive. Using what little energy he has left, he comes to a very primitive planet compared to past planets he's conusumed. He figured his heralds should be able to prepare the planet alone with him nearly incapacitated. He then sends his heralds down to the planet to prepare his feast. If they don't succeed it will be the end of Glactus. So it's The World of Avatar not long after Aang beat the Firelord VS. The Avengers:EMH versions of Air-WalkerFirelordStardustTerrax For Planet Avatar to win, the 4 nations have to work together to destroy all 4 machines each herald will place. Each herald will place their device somewhere in their respective element kingdoms. Once a herald's device has been destroyed, Galactus can't rebuild it. The heralds win if they succfully feed the planet to Glactus of course. Notes: Stardust's device will be at the Northern Water tribeAir-Walker will be in the Southern Earth Kingdom since the Air Temples will are abandoned at this point in timeTerrax will be making his machine in the center of Ba Sing Se and will announce Galactus's arrival and what not like he did in the Avengers:EMH cartoon (if I remember correctly)
  17. Will Luke Cage Make an appearence in the upcoming show "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."? In the following snipit of the "Agents of Shield" TV spot, you can see "a hooded man leap from a building. Although it’s tough to see, he appears to be an African-American guy, so obviously the suggestion he is Luke Cage immediately surfaced. Although Luke Cage’s trademark yellow shirt seems absent, the fact the mysterious savoir is wearing yellow pants could make up for it." Take a look below: Note: It is at the very beginning of the episode you might have to do a couple freeze frames with the pause button to get a better look but this discovery is interesting. So, do you guys think this is Luke and if so what do you think of it?
  18. Here is where I'll be posting rumors, spoilers, possible spoilers, and confirmed rumors/spoilers all about the Movies and the the upcoming T.V. show that happen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and what not for discussion and maybe just for learning about purposes. You guys can also post rumors and spoilers also or just read and read ones that are posted. I made a separate thread for this because I figured there will be a ton of them over the next several years or so and one place for just them would be good way to organize them or whatnot. Anyway......... :!: WARNING ANY COMMENTS BELOW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS :!: You have been warned....... --------------------------
  19. "Naruto what are you doing?" asked Big Chill confused. "My freeze breath won't hurt them. It will only harmlessly freeze them in place for however long. Yes, though I'm sorry I jumped the gun but like Dark Star said if we don't fight or at least pretend to do so or something pretty quick this Arcade guy will kill us all himself."
  20. "That's a good of plan as any" said Ben. "....and I know the right guy for the job" said Ben as he hit his Omnitrix to transform. "BIG CHILLL" "Guys Duck" said Big Chill right before he blasted the circle of kids around them with a icy breath blast that encase each one of them in a thin layer of ice. "Hurry and knock them out" Ben then went invisible and intangible and as Big Chill flew over a kid holding a small stick, he blasted him with a ice breath that encase the kid in a huge hunk of ice. Ben then waited to see what he should do next. Hopefully he gave others a chance to get an easy drop on the other kids that he encased in a little bit of ice
  21. "Oh great," said Ben as he eyed the other kids surrounding them. "I assume we can't come to an agreement or something to team up against the guy in charge?" said Ben half-heartedly not expecting for this be that easy. Ben was meanwhile looking for an alien to transform into while he waited to see what they did.
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