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  1. Yah Zuko wins this pretty easily. He can easily melt anything that she throws at him.
  2. Oh no, this is Vilgax from the original series. You can see in the video I posted. Here is my reasoning behind it:
  3. What do you mean "Conqueror of 10 worlds" Vilgax?
  4. The reason I used the Cyborg version was because this was the purely melee spot. I probably could have put Vilgax in a different slot or with that version and I actually had good idea for a person to put in the melee spot after my team was set but oh well.
  5. I think Razorfist could win this. He may not be the best fighter in the Marvel Universe but I think he could keep Rogue at bay with his blades and hopefully wound her some in the process.
  6. Well I was talking about when Vilgax caught XLR8's hand but anyway XLR8's reflexes are better than you give him credit for. This video shows shows off some of his reflex abilities. I'll break it down to which ones in particular later. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=RVqLwU0do5k
  7. Not too much though. Hitting them when they're just trying dodge yah but when XLR8 went on the offensive Vilgax tagged him pretty easily. I'll debate for Villgax more later when I have more time and also after I do some research.
  8. Omega11 will have to answer that since Naruto is his charcter. Here is a video showing what Vilgax can do for those unfamiliar with him:
  9. True, but Zoom would still just be moving however many times faster than everybody else but in a different way than the typically because time is moving slower for him. He is still moving really fast but just by slowing down time instead of what the typical speedster. I could be thinking of it the wrong way, but I still think Thor would be able to see him because relative to Thor he still just simply going very very fast but in a different way than the typically speedster which in the end gets the same result as a speedster if I'm correct.
  10. I think Thor would be able to take Zoom down with some difficulty. Thor has tagged Quicksilver before; yah I know Quicksilver isn't nearly ask fast as Zoom but Thor said he had fought quicker foes than him which is something to take note to even though we only have Thor's word to go off of. I'm pretty sure Thor is able track objects traveling faster than light, which will help. I think Hulk can also help take Zoom down but I'll describe why later when I can provide some pictures for some points.
  11. Yah, I agree having more rounds and making matches a a little shorter would seem like the best option. The 3-4 day length range seems like a good length. I feel like 3.5 would be a good place to start. Since, the matchups will be somewhat simpler (in most cases) we won't won't need more than 4 days. 3.5 days seems like a good middle place to start
  12. OH man, we have 45 approved teams ............ That amounts to: 315 total characters involved 225 active characters 90 benched characters and about 45 characters per category (with 90 for melee since there were two same slots for melee). Although some of those characters will be benched wow.................
  13. Don't forget about Air-Walker is in the Southern Earth Kingdom. Also, I'll probably debate some of you points later, if nobody else does, if I dissagree with some of em, later when I have more time to respond
  14. Characters will only be fighting other characters that are in/fit the same category/slot as them.
  15. Thanks, and yah I'm not sure why nobody has even commented on this. Perhaps the judging a book by it's cover case and in turn not checking it out ? Who knows Anyway, each place starts out with the people that would normally be there at the time listed in the op since they have no knowledge of the heralds' coming. Also, benders and people are not bound to any one nation. They can move from nation to nation but remember communication and travel between nations isn't as quick or advanced as today's world so nations might not be able help quickly as they would hope
  16. Oooh neat. Also I see a bug on this person's team page: http://www.electricferret.com/cbub/cbubcats/showfantasyteam?ftid=30 Agent Venom is labled Mandarin instead of the actual name of the character which is "Venom (Flash Thompson)"
  17. Got my team submitted and accepted yesterday. Thought I might as well announce my involvement along with everybody else
  18. Wait, so our characters can only be from those 5 categories and we have to have a character for each of the slot descriptions? How do the categories come into play since we have 5 of them and we have 7 characters spots. Do five charcters (any slot) have to be so one of them is from each category and then the rest are from any of the 5 categories?
  19. I don't think Wonder Woman would be considered street level. Iron Man also depending on the armor. Especially Batman...... since he's Batman of course
  20. I wonder what Arrow's next big arc for Season 2 will be.
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