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  1. The shadow realm is practically a whole another dimensional realm. Unless Mew can teleport across dimensions nobody will be getting out until there's a victor. He wouldn't challenge an animal duel. If anything, he would teleport them to the shadow realm so his monsters would be more than just holograms. That doesn't mean Mew will win automatically. Pegasus would summon his most powerful monsters, which would include Relinquished and Blue-Eyes White Dragon among other toons and monsters, and because of Mew's docile nature Pegasus would probably get the first attack. Even with putting up a shield, a blast from Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon, who is most likely roughly at the same power level of its normal counterpart, would at the very least weaken Mew and throw it off some so that Relinquished could possibly have a slight chance of absorbing Mew.
  2. Not sure what you (Peypey) mean by teleport but the only thing somewhat involving teleporting would be starting a shadow game and entering the shadow realm but they would both go and not leave until someone is defeated. Another thing though would be, with the Millennium Eye Pegasus does have the ability to seal his opponents' souls inside cards but I don't think he could do that with Mew.
  3. Fantasy Team Slot Suggestions This thread is where you can list slot descriptions ,that you have come up with, which may be used for future seasons if Fox decides to. Whether he does or not is entirely up to him though. Please try to post suggestions that would be both practical and useable in future seasons. I might add a list of the suggestions in this post, and update it when needed, so Fox can easily look at all the suggestions that will all be in one place.
  4. I don't quite understand what you mean by "self-contained (non-distributed). Also, what is the max power level/rating for this category?
  5. A single crossover (whatever gene the typical games of both are) game between the would be cool to have. Mario and Sonic have already met in 4 different video games but a adventure/action (or whatever game genre they both are) would be a great game
  6. At first yes, but by the end of the series you see her sandbending skills have improved a lot and are pretty much mastered, when she created an extremely detailed sand version of Ba Sing Se.
  7. Okay thanks After looking at those weapons If he could get one good shot off that connects with one of those weapons he would win but I'm not sure he would get a chance. He might get a sec to before Toph disarms him but other than that Toph will probably win.
  8. What ranged weapons or whatever does Teal'c usually have? I was wondering this because of the category he's in and because neither wiki really helped with this question.
  9. Actually, now that I think about it, Pegasus probably could do this by starting a shadow game and then summoning monsters from his deck that would actually be able to hurt Mew unlike holograms and he probably could also use traps and spells too. I'm sorta of leaning towards Pegasus atm but gonna wait to hear the other side.
  10. That is an understatement Anyway for those unfamiliar with Underworld here is a short description plus some of his equipment: He's a guy that was basically injected with one of many version of the S.S.S. so he has the basic stuff that follows with it EquipmentSpecial Sunglasses: - Underworld possesses a pair of sunglasses that are composed of an extremely durable, though unidentified, substance. The glasses enable him to see in the dark perfectly via infra-red imaging. Through some unexplained technology, the glasses are connected to the bullets that he fires from his gun. The glasses lock onto a target and once he fires the bullets, they'll follow a target no matter what the target does to get away, even if he/she runs around corners.Titanium Lined Coat: - Underworld almost always wears a long, calve length coat that's lined with titanium, rendering most of his body highly resistant to most forms of conventional physical attack. Weapons Pistols: Underworld carries a pair of advanced pistols capable of firing adamantium rounds. For a better and detailed version check the Marvel wiki here Sadly this fight isn't going to last longer than a minute at most
  11. I wonder if Pegasus would be able to somehow pull them into the shadow realm with his Millenium eye so Pegasus could summon/use the actaul monsters and spell from his deck which would be a lot more helpful than holograms. If he could I'd said he had a chance but if he can't I think mew has this.
  12. Here are my adds since my last post here: Gallery Images Added: Ben 10 (2) Thanagarians (3) Warriors Three Zs'Skayr Ares Lex Luthor (2) Green Lantern Corps The Nintendo Universe Superman Wonder Woman The Amalgam Universe Iron Man (2) The Maestro Hawkeye The Marvel Universe Hank Pym (Yellowjacket) Eternity Shocker HYDRA
  13. Ooh neato. Now we have a battle terrain generator. Anyway, I'm pretty sure Axel would win this. He would most likely start a forest fire which would spread very quickly on the dense forestry, intentional or not, with his fire attacks and since he has shown to be fire resistance or able to do something that gets the same result, when he lept through flame walls he made during his fight with Roxas. Meanwhile Starstlaker will have a hard time avoiding the forest fire while fending off Axel. Also, I don't Starstlaker has much defense against Axel's fire attacks from what I've gathered so one good hit should finish him.
  14. Now the following piece of information is quite interesting. As you probably already know, Joss Whedon confirmed Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch being in Avengers 2 but get this. Quicksilver has been casted for X-Men: Days of Future Past. So what will that mean for Quicksilver... Read this article for the scoop and some interesting theories and what not. http://screenrant.com/quicksilver-x-men-days-of-future-past-avengers-2-evan-peters/
  15. I'm wasn't trying to say he isn't a dead shot, I was just trying learn more about him ,since I never read the series, so I could I figure out which one would win.
  16. I think what was meant by "melee,†at least in my eyes, was pure physical, strong beat down sort of character. Although, I don't remember what the slot description said exactly for melee.... Either way, your mistake is understandable. He probably would have fit in the first slot, the specialist/close combat weapon or whatever the description was, category better. Not a big a deal though.
  17. Yah it will pretty much come down to whether or not Rolland is a good enough Marksman to hit Elektra before she closes the gap. For those who have read the series, does Rolland have any good shooting feats worth mentioning to help his case?
  18. I hate when good shows get cancelled and are without a proper end to the series.

    1. Kate Awesome Is Awesome
    2. C.T.


      Avengers: EMH!

    3. Incredible Hulk

      Incredible Hulk

      Yah those among others. It's get's annoying soemtimes

  19. I might as well get the ball rolling on this match. From what I've learned, Rolland doesn't seem like anything Eleketra can't handle. He seems like just an above average marskan compared to some of the other well known marksmen in fiction.
  20. or had to go to the restroom O.O I imagine doing any common daily activity would be hard
  21. Kirby will most likely end up swallowing Black Star and copying his abilities but once that happens I'm not really sure who will win since they pretty much have the exact same abilities and weapons. Although Black Star would probably sin since he's an expert with his own abilities while It will be the first time for Kirby even though he's a fast learner
  22. Well I had put Vilgax in the melee category so I probably shouldn't use that version. Yah I probably could have but it's not a big deal to me. It's too late to anyway.
  23. Just adding to this, here is some info from the Ben10 planet about XLR8 reflexes and speed Anyhow, I'm just wrap my debate up with listing some basic things Vilgax has going for him. Strength: One of his punches knocked Ben through several hi-rise buildings.one of his ground pounds pretty much destoryed one of the president's head on Mount Rushmorebroke through Stinkfly's goo blobDurability:Was unphased by Heatblast's fire attacksunphased by the intense heat of the melted asphalt of the road that Heatblast meltedDiamondhead's hands broke when he kept punching the unphased Vilgaxsurvived falling from a very distanceBefore having his cybernetic implants survives a Nuke, though it's made clear he was seriously injured and widely believed to be dead but still a pretty good feat nevertheless. check the beginning video. The flashback right before and after the beggining theme song bit.
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