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  1. I'm currently working on a match with graboids (Tremors movies) that I think you guys would enjoy
  2. Oh ok cool. Sorry about that. I'm not familiar with that principle, and like you said, not many people are. Looks like you've done your homework, lol anyway can't wait to see more
  3. couple of things If weight would be directionally proportional to weight and if at 6ft. high the monster would be about 300 pounds, then at 100 ft. the monster would be 2.5 tons, not the insane 875 tons you mentioned (you were on the right track, you just had your math wrong) With #1 said, i would think the giant would be heavier than that, considering characters in the marvel universe such as Beast (lifting capacity of 10 tons), Spider-Man (10 tons), or Ghost rider would be able to lift the skeleton giant if it was only 2.5 tons, and they wouldn't be able to lift a giant that big. Saying that, I don't think weight would be proportional/ related to weight in this case. anyway, I think He-Man strength level would be about the weight of the monster if not greater, whatever that may be, because when He-Man pushed or whatever against the monster's hand, the monster staggered back a couple steps anyway hoped I helped.
  4. Oh Cool you used my idea for a possible plot route that I suggested or maybe you had the idea before I suggested it. Either way still a really cool fight and fantastic story and writing as always Anyway, Darth Maul and Venom would be a deadly and scary combination. A couple things to think about/ consider – Itachi might not be at his best because he just recently fought against iron patriot but Itachi won't be like completely worn out. He will most likely be pretty much at full strength but just a thought. – Itachi's sword will be of really use to him in this battle (vs a lightsaber or the symbiote could easily defend against it and get rid of it) so he will have to rely on his jutsus or whatever to win this. Darth Venom with his force abilities should be able to put all them (force push/pull, lightning, and choke) to goods use and also doge the fire attacks that would be the symbiote's weakness. He could also doge them by web zipping to a different location. His force sense comine with the enhance spider sense, from the symbiote is a threating combination. The the alien costume can detect danger from every direction and conduct the wearer in plenty of time. It's a lot more efficient than Spider-Man’s spider-sense because it takes less time to sense the danger. This would make hitting Him quite difficult. Webbing Itachi then going for the kill might actually work if it connects. The symbiote can also camoflauge itself to its environment After a fierce fight, I think Darth Venom with the combined might of the force and the venom symbiote defeats Itachi
  5. funny, i've also started watching it on Netflix recently since they've added it. It's really good. I haven't watched every episode yet though lol yah and in the comics He-Man was able to exchange blows with the actual Pre-Crisis Superman without suffering any real damage which is pretty impressive
  6. Well let's hope none of these guys go insane *gulp* lol but anyway fantastic thread. give me a little bit to type out my big comment with my thoughts
  7. I would like to enter and hopefully all of these are good Calculator (DC comics) Blue Eyes White Dragon (Yu-gi-oh) Constrictor (Marvel Comics) Bi-Beast (Marvel) Hyena (Amalgam)
  8. Thanks for the tip : ) and yah I have thought incorporating Bane challenging Shredder somehow into my arc.
  9. But the flames would only burn the armor if they land on it after being on the shield so Osborne could possibly prevent the flames from burning through his armor by dodging the falling bits of fire.
  10. yah Bane has a good advantage with his intellect and boosts from the venom. With Hun, I think his martial arts skill and sword skills with help him but unless he can out maneuver bane and sever his connection to venom, bane will win after a good fight
  11. Yah I know, I meant I was just wondering if Osborne's force field would be able to stand up to Uchiha's black flame
  12. oh okay I didn't know that. I knew nothing about naruto and its characters so I just looked up Itachi Uchiha on the Naruto Wiki. Though, I wonder if Norman would be able to block it with his force field.
  13. First off great fight. I think it could go either way here is the Iron Patriot suit's capibilities The armor featured superhuman strength, enhanced durability, flight, magnetic impact blasts, heat seeking missiles, miniaturized lasers, flamethrowers, and a communications system housed in his helmet which allowed him to interface with any U.S.-controlled satellite or computer network. While the original Iron Man armor utilized repulsor technology, Osborn's design does not. The star shaped Uni Beam projector on his chest, because of its shape, also has a less powerful output than that of the original Iron Man model. Anyway this will be a tougth fight but I think the Iron Patriot might win this with a hard fight or if he loses, I think he will at least take out Itachi Uchiha first beacuse of his superior technology. His armor will probably protect him from anything Uchiha can throw at him as far as I know. However, Norman will really have to be careful of Maul lightsaber and possibly lightning. However I think Osborne might have a chance of taking Maul out with his magnetic impulse blasts(whatever those are), heat seeking missiles, mini lasers, flamethrower, or Uni Beam but then again maybe not. In end the end I think Osborne has a chance of winning but I'm not sure if he could defeat Maul. I however think Osborne will at least take Uchiha down if Osborne loses.
  14. Here is some quick info on Hun: Hun is a master of martial arts. When he was young, Hun was trained by Oroku Saki and became the Shredder's right hand man of the Foot and the Purple Dragons. Next to Shredder, Hun is the strongest character in the series due to his size. Hun also possesses incredible speed and brute strength - he's capable of handling all four turtles simultaneously and he can even handle the Triceraton Zog.
  15. Hey guys, I'm pretty much new to the cite and this is my first match I have made so any advise, tips or criticism would be greatly appreciated. Anyway, below is the scenario for the match. Hope you guys like it and that I followed all of the guidelines. I am planning on making an arc/continued story or whatever you call out of this. “You have failed me for the last time Hun†said Shredder. “Those wretched turtles have outwitted you one too many times.†“But master,†Hun declared, “it wasn't my...†“Enough! If you wish to redeem yourself and prove your skill you must fight against what you might say as your replacement†Shredder declared. “In this duel you shall each wield two katanas as tradition and you will fight to the death. The victor will be the head of my forces. Ninjas, bring in the man known as Bane†commanded Shredder. As the doors swung open, a huge bulking man with a weird looking wrestling mask walked in with determination and coolness at the same time. Even without knowing this guy would be his replacement, Hun didn't like the looks of this guy. He wasn't about to let some masked freak take everything away from him. Glancing at Bane, Hun saw tubes with a green liquid, attached hooked up to Bane. Figuring Bane must have been getting some boost from whatever Bane had hooked up to his body, Hun planned on taking it out as quickly as possible in their fight. The two adversaries, with eyes locked, faced each other at each end of the giant room. Each combatant gripped his two swords with intensity. Both were to kill the other and hold nothing back. “Bring it on†said Hun. “With pleasure†said Bane. “Let the battle begin!†said a ninja as the two combatants charged at each other, ready for anything. Match Summary: Hun (2003 TMNT tv series) VS. Bane Each fighter only has two katanas for weapons. The fight takes place in Shredder's Throne room , a giant rectangular room with columns lining the sides of the red carpet leading from the door to Shredder's throne.
  16. Also, I have a story line idea for you could think about/ use for inspiration. Anyway, the venom symbiote, when sensing it destruction, could leave Mac Gargan and try to bond with Maul or Itachi and it would control one of them or they would be able to resist the symbiote and control to become like Darth Venom or something.
  17. Yah you are right Bullseye has had strips of adamantium fused to his skeleton and spine, making his bones virtually indestructible. Great stories for the fights. First off, the Hammer agents will probably just be cannon fodder to the two assassins. Anyway, I know nothing about Uchiha Itachi but from what I researched I know he can shoot fireballs and one of the symbiote's weakness is heat/ fire which makes it extremely vulnerable to Itachi's fireballs. Maul might even be able to finish Venom off with enough heat from his force lightning if need be. Assuming Maul and Itachi know this weakness from the shield database (which I would be surprised if shield didn't know) they can finish venom relatively quickly. Then with Maul vs. Bullseye, I think Maul would be able to block pretty much all of Bulleye's attacks, either with his light saber or force powers. Even though Bullseye's bones are indestructible, I'm not sure how well he could fight after getting cut up by a light saber since he doesn't have a healing factor. If he did have one, that might make a different story . In the end, I think Maul and Itachi will emerge victorious.
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