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  1. Ok. I haven't had chance to repost yet though so I'll remember that
  2. Well Wookieepedia describes a lightsaber as the following: "The weapon consisted of a blade of pure plasma emitted from the hilt and suspended in a force containment field. The field contained the immense heat of the plasma, protecting the wielder, and allowed the blade to keep its shape." "A lightsaber blade was a mass-less form that neither radiated heat nor expended energy until it came into contact with something solid. The power of the energy blade was so great that it could cut through almost anything, although the speed through which it cut depended on the density of the subject." So yah.....
  3. Yah I know. I'll try posting the pic again or something. It seemed to work at first.... Oh well
  4. Wow I didn't think Maul would win by so much..... Anyway I wonder why someone gave you a C
  5. I could be wrong but wouldn't deadpool's healing factor prevent him from being killed?
  6. the "Masters of the universe" could use a new battle image. The current one is kinda outdated it seems. Here's a 200x200 pic for a character admin to use.
  7. you could use marvel zombies from the Marvel zombie universe if you want to stick more to the marvel universe
  8. sounds like a really cool arc. Would you mind posting links to the chapters/fights of it you already have done
  9. Yah my mistake. They're pretty much the same thing, just at different power levels. I have no clue what my reasoning was at the time.
  10. Force lightning isn't the same thing thing as lightning. It is an energy-based attack that channels force energy down the user's limbs, hurling arcing bolts of electricity from the wielder's fingertips or palms. It basically just like a high powered taser that makes a ton of electricity flow through the opponent
  11. I'll go ahead and give this a try I'll be Hulk/Banner
  12. Are you going to continue this thread Dinsdale? Hope you do cause its a pretty neat thread
  13. Also Maul's force grip wouldn't probably work very well either because Scorpion could just summon he'll fire underneath Maul to break free and cause some damage too. He will have focuse more on melee attacks
  14. Yah I'd assume it would it would have a similar effect and would stun him like you said a powerful enough tazer would. Yah I've never played MK before so i didn't know about that electric attack. I'm just looking off the MK wiki for information on Scorpion and whatever else. force lightning is actually an energy based attack that hurls bolts of electricity form the wielder's fingertips of palms so I don't think its really like natural lightning. I'm not saying it's a mental attack I was just saying it would cause pain, which is a mental feeling, and since the typical zombie lacks the ability to feel pain it would only be stunned and maybe have some charred flesh from the electricity running through it. It would however get up afterwards and continue its assault. This is assuming Scorpion doesn't feel pain like the typical zombie Also, Darth probably could use mind tricks but he hardly ever does. Mind tricks pretty much only work on the weak minded anyway so I don't think he will be able to affect Scorpion who I assume wouldn't be weak minded.
  15. I figured because the typical Zombie can't really feel pain so force lightning wouldn't really be able to affect the zombie through mental pain. The force lightning would probably be able to cause some burns but that wouldn't really halt a zombie because a zombie can just keep on coming despite its physical damage from the lightning which probably wouldn't cause too big of physical damage
  16. thanks for the advise and compliments I guess I'll have to work on more length for my next match
  17. This will be a tough fight. Since Scorpion is basically a zombie Maul's signature lightning and force choke powers will have no effect on Scorpion so Maul will have to focus on winning this by close combat which they are both experts at. Some things Darth Maul has going for him are the combination of the force premonition and the symbiote's spider sense that will make him hard to hit, and also greatly increased strength from the symbiote. I don't know a lot about moral kombat but from I have learned about Scorpion on the MK wiki I think his hellfire capabilities will give him a really good chance. With him being able to send out hellfire covered kunai spears, teleport, hellfire punch, fire breath, summon hellfire underneath opponents, and also create flames of hellfire all around his body which he can do to make sure the symbiote won't get too close to him he might win. Anyway great story and after a good fight I think Scorpion will take this. Edit: didn't see the two comment previous to this one yet when I typed this up
  18. Yah I tried to make it was at least some what of a good challenge for batman and not just a walk in the park
  19. Couple of things 1. Just out of curiosity how do you find all of the different feats and where do you find the pictures that go with them 2. I was wondering... Does Maestro have any feats worthy of posting. I know there probably wouldn't be many if there are any though
  20. For when March comes along we could possibly do one of these idea I've thought of: 1. Ides of March Like the title indicates, we could have it where you make a match where a some group or person is trying to take down an evil (or at least thought to be evil) ruler/government. 2. "March" of the armies We would have to make match involving an epic clash of two opposing armies with a possibility of having one leader character on each side to lead the army if you so choose or are able to do a 2vs2 match. Having a leader for each army wouldn't be neccessary though.
  21. Hulk Darth Maul Doomsday Ben 10 Star Killer (force unleashed) Note: I might edit this list before the deadline if that is okay.
  22. I think the graboids have a better chance of winning than you think Some advantages they have : – Batman isn't even sure what he is going up against so he won't know what the graboids are at first, she will have learn any key information such as their strengths and weaknesses on his own without getting killed – because they are practical unhitable underground (at least by what Batman normally carries around) to kill them Batman will have to figure out how to make them surface or swallow explosives (if he thinks of this trick) which will be tough at first with no previous knowledge of the graboids but no way impossible. – they don't just run on instinct. They are actually pretty smart at times. They "are always on a learning curve." One way of killing a graboid will probably not work on the more than one more graboid depending on how fast they catch on – the graboids only need one kill so Batman will not have a second chance if he gets nailed. The graboid have an advantage of there being a group of them because they can possibly learn to avoid what killed a previous graboid I'm not saying they will win, I'm just saying they have a better chance than some may think
  23. Batman was studying something on the bat computer in the bat cave when his trusted butler Alfred walked in. "What is it Alfred?" muttered Batman "Master Bruce, have you managed to find the origin of the envelope left at the police station for Batman yet?" asked Alfred. "No Alfred" Batman said. "I have just finished analyzing it for any clue to who left it. Whoever left it, they were smart enough not to leave behind any trace." Batman stared at the piece of paper that was found inside and read it aloud. You better come quick to join all the fun Beware the creatures that lurk from below They are the sharks of a waterless ocean Be careful where you take a step This news won't be the anything to grab yah — Perfection, Nevada "Any idea about who sent it Master Bruce? Perhaps the Riddler wanting another go around as you Americans might say?" said Alfred. "No clue" grumbled Batman. "Something about this doesn't feel right Alfred." Batman studied it for a couple more seconds before speaking. "Alfred prepare the batplane. I'm going to this place called Perfection to find out who's behind this. Even if it is a trap, I need to figure out what this guy is planning before he does something stupid." **************************************************************************************************** Batman landed the batplane at the edge of town. Leaving the engine running, he got out of the plane. Whatever this wanna be villain was planning, It would probably be over relatively quickly Batman thought. They hardly ever present much of a challenge. When he got out of the batplane and started walking into town something felt off. According to local news, most of the townspeople had disappeared under unknown circumstances. People of nearby towns were too sacred to even to enter the valley. There also had been reports of strange tremors of unknown origin in the area so Batman brought a device along to track them and to possibly figure out their cause. There were currently 5 dots on its screen. Batman kept on high alert for anything out of the ordinary. As Batman waked towards the center of town, he glanced at the nearby buildings. Perfection was an okay town but it was quite small. Even though it was practically abandoned, the town appeared as if people had been living there right up until he got there. While he was walking, he heard a lurching noise. As he turned around, he saw the batplane sinking in to the ground within a cloud of dust as if something was pulling it down. Batman threw a couple explosive batarangs from the darkness of his cape at the base of the dust cloud as he ducked into a nearby store. They appeared to have done nothing, as the Batplane finally disappeared beneath the ground. "Apparently this will take longer than I thought" said Batman as he gave a smirk. Match Summary Batman Vs. 5 Graboids Batman has no previous knowledge of the Graboids. His only gear is that which he normally carries on his body. Batman has to survive and kill the graboids. He can not call for help.
  24. First off, love this thread. Anyway here a feat to add to your list. Also feel free to go ahead and repost it in your format how you do it. Thisis the webcite I got it from if you are interested in looking throught some feats of Hulk. I think you got everyone pretty much but i saw you didn't have this one (unless I missed it) so..... Durability Here one of Maestro's Dogs o'War that can crush adamantium in 7.3 seconds, battles the Hulk and with Hulk's head in its jaws can't pierce the Hulk's skin before being defeated (I'm assuming they are talking about crushing secondary adamantium but still a pretty good feat)
  25. Yah Wolverine wouldn't win but he could probably survive a battle with Superman unless superman went crazy and went all out to make sure Wolverine was dead for sure
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