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  1. What kind of collliseum do you mean? Sort of a roman Colosseum? If so are they able to to go into the stands? Depending on the answer to some of these questions there might not be too good of a spot for guys to snipe like in your guys' plans.
  2. Cool thread. I sort of already have an idea but who is "Gorgan (Tomi)."
  3. But people will do crazy things for love disregarding whether its evil or not.
  4. Oh cool, you used my idea My fame is growing as we speak
  5. If the goons are unarmed, which I'd assume they are, Hammerhead should be able to deal with them rather quickly. He do a running headbut into the group of goons and finish the rest of them easily in close combat. There's a reason he is the head of the Maggia and his own goons fear him. Penguin might give some trouble but I don't think Penguin will present much of a problem.
  6. I'll come up with a suggestion for which opponent might be good later but if Dormanu really wanted to (or if you wanted the story to go a certain way) Dormanu could easily finish Maul off or mind control him or something since Dormammu is like at the cosmic entity level or whatnot if not close to it
  7. Well here's a question for yah. It known that the maximum amount of punches a Machamp (Pokemon) can throw in a few seconds is approximately one thousand. How fast would a Machamp's fists have to be going, compared to a human, to accomplish this? I was reading this and wondering how much of a speed feat this actually was. You would have to of course factor in a Machamp having 4 arms. Also let's say a few seconds is equal to 3 or 4 seconds. At each 3 and 4 seconds how fast would Machamp's fists be going? Also what how much does the average mountain weigh (whether it be in comics or real life) because it is said in the pokedex or something that Machamp can move a mountain with one hand which I thought was impressive.
  8. I added one character: Underworld (Marvel) He's basically a guy that was injected with one of the many variants of the S.S.S. with a pair of advanced pistols capable of firing adamantium rounds, among other cool equipment.
  9. Here were my adds for the week: Images added Masters of the Universe (2 pictures added) Prometheus (DC Comics) The Amalgam Universe (2 pictures added) The Brothers (Amalgam) Graboids Hulk Celestials
  10. thanks for the help guys and I have another question if you don't mind. --------------------------------- "How was your food?" asked Bob. ------------------------------------------------ When you have a question in quotes like above do you put the question mark in the quotes right?
  11. This is the thread for posting random facts concerning stuff involving comic books that not many people know. Also, depending on what the fact is, try to post pics incase somebody doesn't believe you Anyway I'll get this thread started with a fact. Did you know...... that the only two people known to have beat Ra's Al Ghul in a chess game are Joker and Bane?
  12. Also concerning my previous comment if a quote is reallly long like this: "I believ..............." said Bob. ".................. d..................................... .........................................................................................." should I indent it or do something to make it look better? If you would rather i make a better example with actual words I can do so
  13. Ok well this was a question I had when I was working on my next match. Well first here's a random example of writing to show you what I'm not sure of writing concerned. This example isn't a part of my next match in case you were wondering . I just came up with it randomly. ----------------------------------------------------------------- "That book we read was weird" said Fred. "I agree" said Bob. "I hated the book. In fact, it was the worse book I ever read." "I totally agree" said Fred --------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyway, is there anything I did wrong concerning quoting and anything else? For example, is it okay to have two sentences in one quote? great tips. I find this very useful
  14. yay! Anyway for fourth level quoting and above you probably just alternate between double and single quotes. Although I'm sure there are exceptions as always in the English language Also Dinsdale if I have questions about writing do up you mind if I ask them here. Or do you want to make a separate thread for asking questions and have this thread just for posting writing tips ?
  15. Okay. Ummmmm how about this: "The gal was all over me, mon ami," bragged Gambit. "Next thing I know, she's askin' me 'So when do I get to try the... "Cajun express�'" Other than that I'm not sure without looking it up
  16. "The gal was all over me, mon ami," bragged Gambit. "Next thing I know, she's askin' me 'So when do I get to try the... Cajun express?' " I think it is just supposed to be like this ^
  17. What do you guys think about "The Middle†I think it's a pretty good show with plenty of laughs.
  18. Well this fight will most likely be determined by the "power houses" of each team as they could easily take out the weaker members (in comparison) of the rest of the opposing team. This is because the weaker memebers posses no special powers. Most of the weaker members are just plain humans that may be good fighters (like Tarzan) but couldn't stand up against some of the more powerful opponents (like metro man) The "power houses" of Disney would be – Mickey if we are taking about the Kingdom Hearts version. Otherwise he isn't much of a threat. – Hercules. With his god-like strength and sword and shield he will be a big factor – Wreck it Ralph. Sadly I don't know a lot about him but he seems to be of a fairly good strength, agility and intelligence level. Although not quite on the level of Strength of MetroMan for example. As far as I know I don't think he is that strong. – Yen Sid. He's a very powerful magician . Not much else I can say – Donald Duck only if it's Kingdom Hearts. But even then he isn't the most powerful of the "power houses" or powerful characters – Goofy. Same thing as Donald ^ – Stitch. With his strength an plasma guns (if he has them) he might be able to help turn the tide of battle Notes about Stitch: For his powers his creator has said he is bulletproof, fireproof, shockproof and can think faster than [a] super computer. He can see in the dark and can move objects 3,000 times his weight. Some feats of strength include throwing a Volkswagen Beetle and stoping an 18-wheeled tanker of gasoline dead in its tracks. Dreamworks "Power houses" – MetroMan he will be the biggest threat for the Disney team. He is basically a parody of Superman. His great speed will be be a big factor – Doctor Cockroach. His high intelligence and whatever tech he is carrying at the time will be a factor – Hiccup, only if he has his dragon Toothless. Otherwise he won't be a factor – Jack Frost. I don't know anything about him but his magic might help. Even though there isn't a lot of details (about versions and equipment and stuff) to go off I'm leaning more towards Disney. I think Yen Sid, stitch, and Hercules together will be able to defeat Metroman, who will pretty much be the only big threat. Peter Pan giving the power of flight to his fellow Disney people will also help. If Mickey, Donald, and Goofy are their kingdom hearts version I'm pretty sure Disney will win.
  19. http://s1354.beta.photobucket.com/user/incrediblehulk333/media/CampHcomic_zps02f5e244.png.html?sort=3&o=0
  20. http://s1354.beta.ph...html?sort=3&o=0 here this should work now. It's already 200x200.
  21. here is the original. ( http://www.odrakir.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/o_X6Ui5oWXaiK2rVC.jpg here is the link just in case) and here is it after i edited so it is 200 200 (hopefully it works and shows up)
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