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  1. Here is the Masters of the Universe pic that the current battle image should be changed to. I finally figured out how to post it so it shows. It's already the right size
  2. Well when you have practically an countless/endless number of character to choose from with each person having their personal favorites and only so big a site you can't really expect too much more than 22 characters in what is supposed to a top 100. There were about 40 posts with peoples' top five characters which is a lot for this site but isn't a big enough sample size for a top 100 considering they are countless different characters in pop culture now a days. Also Treacherous, I think your math might adding up wrong for some reason. The top 23 characters make up a total of 65 votes. When you add that to the 66 votes from the 66 characters who only got one vote you get a total of 131 votes. I counted about 40 posts with top 5 favorites on the thread you made. If you times 40 by 5 you get 200 votes and 131 isn't even close to 200 so I'm not sure what happened there.....
  3. I forget to do this last week so here are my adds for the last two weeks New Images Added Marvel Universe (4) The DC Universe (3) Masters of Evil The Ultimate Marvel Universe Thanos (2) Spider-Man (6) Juggernaut Attuma The Grey Gargoyle Absorbing Man The Thing The Phoenix Force Ronin the Accusor Cyclops Iron-Fist Colossus (2) Pepper Potts Iron Man (7) Ant Man (Hank Pym) Spider Man 2099 Wolverine Red Hulk (2) Winter Soldier Quicksilver S.H.I.E.L.D. Nova War Machine The Hulk (2) Grim Reaper (Marvel) Taskmaster (2)
  4. Today the Ides of March are upon us. March 15
  5. Sorry for asking this but what do you mean by CIS?
  6. Yah they have a planned release date of June 13 2014. I just hope it turns out to be a good one.
  7. On the the CBUB homepage there is a link that brings you to a place with 26 pages the most recently added picture in alphabetical order. Is there anyway to see the recently added pictures in order of of date/time added?
  8. Yah I know. I guess what I'm trying to say is that even though he knows that he has to kill May, it won't be easy for him (emotionally/mentally) to do what needs to be done. He won't be able to focus as much and get it over as quickly as if it was just a regular bad guy or "go all out" like Bergy Berg said.
  9. Did you guys hear they're making a Jurassic Park 4?
  10. He wouldn't be dead set on ending it with death. Of course he would kill her if it seemed like he had no other choice, but he wouldn't be dead set on doing something that would be very sad and emotional butt had to be done. He'd wish there was some other way and probably hesitate upon doing it. Yes he would know it would have to be done, but that doesn't mean he would do it without hesitating.
  11. Iron Fist has been able to land a hit on Night Crawler before. If I remember correctly he like figured out a trick to it. I'll post a pic later. I can't at the moment.
  12. I was just wondering something about Mjolnir. Say if someone, besides Thor, worthy like Captain America picked it up would they be able to use any of its magical abilities like weather control, energy absorption and redirection, invisibility and intangibility, etc.... (ths lists plenty more abilities, but of course some of them only Thor would be able to do.) Of course they would have to know what the hammer is capable of but if someone like Captain America wielded Mjolnir would he be able to anything with it besides use it as a melee weapon?
  13. I bet Batman's Batmobile and Batplane could handle the army especially if he preps them with the right equipment. Batman could also possible extend his prep time past the hour he gets before the marvel team comes by hiding out in his Batcave. The heroes would be busy searching the city to figure out where Batman is and would have to find the Batcave which wouldn't be easy. Anyway for dealing with the heroes he could probably improvise if he had to he could at least use some of the stuff he designed to take out members of the justice league if they ever went rouge (which I'm pretty sure he would at least have the stuf f to take out the rouge Justice league already somewhere in his Batcave handy).
  14. Except for the grammar errors pretty good story I think Mary-Jane/Venom will win because Peter will be holding back his punches big time and be distraught. He will also have been weary from the fight with woman spider (getting headbutted and hitting the ground hard) . He will probably try and reason with her at first but eventually Peter might find sense (although he might be too weary to) and just stop trying to reason with Mary Jane so he can go and get something like a sonic device or something so he can just get venom off of her. Meanwhile woman spider will probably not be interested in the fight and only attack if provoked or attacked or something.
  15. For those who said the Flash of team 1 will be a big factor don't forget team 2 also has its own Flash Wally West which is known as the fastest flash so he could probably keep Allen busy and eventually beat him as far as I know.
  16. Here's my Character sheet: Name: Jimmy East Eastern Occupation: Carpenter Skills: mastery of carpentry/woodworking, average hunting ability, expert marksman Bio: "I've been in the carpenter business ever since the town carpenter took me under his wing after my parents died. I was really young at the time but he turned into the good man I am today. I learned how fend for myself. I had a ton of free time so I learned several useful skills when I had nothing else to do. It may not have been the best life but it made me stronger in mind, body, and soul. After my apprenticeship was complete, I became the the new town carpenter and my master retired. At first I thought I'd stay avoid the hustle and bustle of the gold rush but I've been feeling like I'm in a rut lately. I hoping to live a new meaningful life in Oregon. I'm hoping to catch one of the last wagon trains going there." Let's say my character lives in Ohio. Equipment: knapsack (or whatever they used to carry stuff), reliable multipurpose knife (for hunting, woodworking etc...), a few basic woodworking tools, the average pistol and rifle they carried backed then, ammo, custom carved wooden staff, hatchet, canteen, hammer Note: I might edit this but this Is pretty much it
  17. It doesn't have to be a government, as said in Ruinus' previous comment in this thread: It's still kinda early in the competition so some people might still be working. Well that's what I'm doing at least.
  18. I'm interested. I'll work on a character sheet.
  19. Great story and setup. I don't think two weeks of prep in a different location would give him quite the edge as it would if he was preparing in the batcave that has all of his usual stuff. I don't think it would too big of a difference though, if there is a difference, considering he's probably made the safe house just as good as the batcave. I still think Batman's team would probably win though.
  20. Initial thought is that one adavtange Bulleye would have is that he will almost always have a ranged weapon since he can throw any projectile with great unerring accuracy and deadliness bordering on the uncanny and there will be lots of metal scraps among plenty of other things that he could use as a weapon. His best bet might be to sit tight until his enemies run out of ammo. Also what all tech (such as helmet and other tech listed in the DC wiki) does Prometheus carry?
  21. I'm not sure he knows you edited your original post with the strategy and stuff so it just has X–23 instead of Psylocke. I didn't catch that at first so maybe he didn't see it at the moment.
  22. My team: Close combat: – DareDevil (who better to fight gorgon than someone who already fights with their eyes closed on a daily basis ) – Colonel (Marvel Ultimate Universe) Support: – Shroud (Marvel) – Deadpool Ranged: – Underworld (Marvel) Note: you may want to read up in the powers, abilities, and gear of my picks before you read my strategy if you are unfamiliar with one of my picks so you understand my strategy completely. Basic Strategy: Deadpool will teleport Shroud and Underworld to relatively safe positions, sort of near each other, in order to put them in good places for their jobs. Shroud will start enveloping the coliseum in darkness and create "shadow" decoys for distractions as he can until he shrouds the coliseum. While shroud is doing this, Daredevil and Colonel will temporarily JUST distract/occupy Lady Charis. Underworld will help them by provindng coverfire from above and picking off poeple and I pretty sure he will make quite a few hits with his Adamantium bullets since the glasses "lock onto a target and once he fires the bullets, they'll follow a target no matter what the target does to get away, even if he/she runs around corners." Deadpool will then teleport to Maverick's location an possible teleport him somewhere on the main field or something. As long as he occupies/distracts maverick he will be doing his job. Once the Coleesum is in darkness, Daredevil will engage Gorgon. Underworld will continue shooting since his glasses enale him to see in the dark perfectly via infra-red imaging. While the arena is shrouded in darkness, Deadpool and Colonel will just sit tight and wait since they can't see in the dark and don't have a compsensation for that.
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