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  1. This would be an interesting fight. Dark Claw's healing factor would give him a somewhat substantial advantage I would think though. His healing factor should help keep him in the fight longer even if he does get tagged by BP, which afterwareds he should be able to heal pretty easily. Also side thing, Pandora jungle at night with all the dangerous predators lurking around could give either one trouble if they're not careful.
  2. Here's what Sakurai said source: http://gamerant.com/not-all-characters-returning-super-smash-bros-wii-u-3ds/
  3. With all the countless different fighting styles Taskmaster has copied, including Wolverine's, along with his assortment of weapons and gadgets Taskmaster should take this.
  4. This could possibly also turn into a "dodge rock" competition, if neither one lets the other near him, where each of them tries to hit the other with asteroids by throwing, kicking, or punching asteroids towards the other. Hits could give a person the win if they connect with enough force considering there is no air resistance or gravity to affect the asteroid. Although I'm still not sure who would win.
  5. Here are my adds since my last post here. Gallery Images Added: S.H.I.E.L.D (2) Ultron The Lizard (2) The Dark Avengers The Nintendo Universe Mewtwo Avalanche The Amalgam Universe Green Lantern Corps (2) Thunderbolts (2) Disney Universe Doctor Strangefate Interdimensional Council of Reeds Batman The Ultimate Marvel Universe (3) War Machine Saphira
  6. Here are some more that could use a battle image change Basilisk (Harry Potter) War Machine
  7. I'm not sure Omega Red could win that easily with death spores because considering the deep depth at which they will most likely be fighting at, Black Panther would need a full air tight Diving suit so the pressure wouldn't crush him and since it would be an air tight one wouldn't he be safe from the death spores?
  8. The lack of gravity would inhibit both of them at least to the point where this wouldn't be a simple martial arts fight since there isn't there isn't any gravity to plant them firmly on a surface. A punch, even not that powerful a one, could send the other floating quickly away. They would then have to meet up again and repeat. If anything, this fight would take a while. Perhaps it will come down to whoever can use lack of gravity to their advantage the quickest however that may be. I'm sort of leaning towards Batman Richard Greyson atm.
  9. Yah, even though it might take a while to creat (although I'm not an expert so it might not take that long) this would be great addition to the database. People could just choose the character and its version. It would also help clean up the database some, especially in the comics section.
  10. Considering the battle location, the Animorph fighting could probably sneak up on Booker using whatever animal, with pretty good senses so that lack of visibility isn't a big problem, easier than some may think possibly
  11. Lol what a stroke of luck terrain wise for Sandman Sandman takes this pretty easily
  12. I wonder if there will be any small differences between the games since the WiiU can is a console and not a handheld. I really hope not though.
  13. I'm sure there will be more on the way or a lot of people will be ticked.
  14. I'll help out by proving some videos: Full Trailer Wii Fit Trainer joins the Brawl
  15. By "godly characters" do you mean like slot 6 type characters or cosmic level ones?
  16. Rampage could use a more up to date image: Electro could also use a better one
  17. How exactly will the team battles work? An all out brawl wouldn't really work considering the slots for this season.
  18. Got my team in for review. Had some trouble picking some, especially with characters being snatched up left and right.
  19. Today's the day people. Not sure when it will be up so we can draft our teams though.
  20. Concerning the tough/thick skin debate, I might have remembered wrong but wasn't Hagrid unaffected by some spells deatheaters were casting at one point in the books?
  21. One idea I've come up with is that for a future season all/most of the slots would have to be live-action characters. I figured that since live-action characters are usually weak in comparison to comic book or cartoon characters, etc.... that having a slot just for them would work and give people a chance to pick characters that would otherwise not stand a chance. We could have some slots descriptions similar to some of the ones in the 1st season, among new ones but all have to be live action characters. here are some possible choices hand-to-combat specialist: could be a live-action martial arts expert or a swordsman. Something along those linespurely melee: General melee or close range type charactermarksman, archer or other shooty weapon-based characterGeneral ranged energy, magic or technology type character
  22. Nova Corps confirmed for GotG. http://screenrant.com/guardians-of-the-galaxy-glenn-close-nova-corps/
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