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  1. well can you blame him lol
  2. The fact that DD isn't in the right frame of mind gives cap just enough of an advantage to get the job done
  3. Hun is a good fighter no lie and has considerable skills but Bane's intelligence helps him edge out the win in a close fight
  4. i see some very funny exchanges happening between the two but in the long run it looks pretty good that Deadpools gonna win
  5. Spidey has better agility to make up for the difference in strength he can move around quick enough and use his smarts to get the win over ben
  6. If there was a guarantee that i wouldn't be killed or harmed in any way id like to have talk with the joker try to see why he does what he does or just to hear his laugh that's always fun
  7. With the proper prep time which he has i believe black panther can take this
  8. I like cap but he cant hang with the flash sad but true
  9. Black Widow is pretty talented and with the technology at her disposal i say she finds a way to win
  10. I think Trunks might be able to come up with a way to get the win though it wont be a simple task
  11. There all special in there own way its so tough to choose though i do like Black Flash
  12. Depending on which version of Grundy this is he could wipe the floor with kraven or it could be a close fight we'll have to wait and see
  13. i'm inclined to think that hercules could beat pit to a pulp if he ever got hold of him but not sure about this version of pit never played the game so ill reserve judgement till i hear more
  14. Iron Man's experience and knowledge help him get the win
  15. Nemos submarine is pretty impressive i think he can pull out the win though he will loose some men in the process
  16. i have to admit while im still a bigger fan of the old venom look the new suit is quite badazz
  17. i know people have already said it but come on it would have to be superman for all the reasons listed above and more
  18. While the other 3 are good there not Samurai Jack level good Jack wins period!!!!
  19. Gotta Give it to Diana she'll convince her someway or another
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