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  1. I'm just getting frustated that people only reply to my matches to say "x stomps". I do make more even matches featuring evenly-matches contestants. And what happens? Nobody replies. I just wish to, for once, get a reply other than "x stomps".
  2. a-Squirrel Girl has the innate superpower to defeat every enemy she goes against, so her defeating Thanos and Doctor Doom are canon feats (unless you buy that whole "it was a clone of Thanos" thing), and there's no shame in losing to her. b-Doctor Doom regularly loses to the Fantastic Four, who aren't exactly in the Superboy-Prime/Black Adam level of powerful superhumans. c-The Hulk is one of the strongest AND fastest beings in the Marvel Universe, and his "World War Hulk" form is supposed to be his most powerful form, so again, there's so shame in losing to him. Especially when World War Hulk himself could take on several Asgardians and at least survive. d-Again, the Fantastic Four have also defeated Firelord, and the Fantastic Four aren't exactly cosmic beings. All of this has no comparison to someone who claims to be one of the most powerful psychics alive being unable to control the mind of a regular human with NO POWERS WHATSOEVER for an extended period of time. Especially considering that Matt Parkman, Madelyn Spaulding, the Purple Man AND (with the use of The Voice) Paul Atreides could each mentally make the Joker their bitch if they wanted to.
  3. TEAM DOCTOR -Doctor Manhattan -Doctor Doom -Doctor Polaris -Doctor Octopus -Doctor Strange -Doctor Psycho -Doctor No -Doctor Sivana -Doctor Mid-Nite (Peter Cross) -Doctor Spectrum -Doctor Dome -Doctor Animo -Doctor Blight -Doctor Mindbender VS TEAM CAPTAIN -Captain Universe (Peter Parker) -Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) -Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) -Captain America (Steve Rogers) -Captain Britain -Captain Everything -Captain Hero -Captain Commando -Captain Atom -Captain Metropolis -Captain Amazing -Captain Carrot -Captain Planet -Captain Deadbolt -Captain Liberty VS TEAM MISTER -Mister Mxyzptlk -Mister Sinister -Mister Immortal -Mister Freeze -Mister Glass -Mister Dark -Mister Blonde -Mister Mind -Mister Furious -Mister E (the DC character) -Mister Smith (from the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith") -Mister Hyde (the alternate persona of Henry Jekyll) -Mister Hyde (the Marvel character) -Mister Satan (AKA Hercule) Which team wins?
  4. I don't believe in that "PIS" thing. I count every feat as canon, and I believe every feat needs an explanation.
  5. So, again I have to ask: if the Martian Manhunter is so powerful, why couldn't he get a strong grip on the Joker's mind? If he truly is as powerful as you claim, getting ahold of the Joker's mind (for an extended period of time, not for the brief moment that it did) should be child's play for him. Yet, he was unable to do it. And again, the Joker, insane as he may be, is still a regular human.
  6. You guys are aware that the Martian Manhunter was unable to get a stable grip on the Joker's mind, right? We are not talking about a great psychic here, or a superhuman being with strong resistance to mind control, or a cosmic being or a god. We are talking about the Joker, a regular human with no powers whatsoever. If the Joker is too much for the Martian Manhunter, what makes you think he stands a chance against the other two teams? Also Matt Parkman has a vast array of mental powers, Madelyn Spaulding took control of half the town of Dakota with her power, the Purple Man has a good track record of taking control of other people, and Paul Atreides has the Voice, so don't sell them so short.
  7. TEAM GOLDEN AGE -Superman (30s/40s version) -Batman (30s/40s version) -Sandman (30s/40s version of Wesley Dodds) -The Atom (40s version of Al Pratt) -Doctor Mid-Nite (40s version of Charles McNider) -The Flash (40s version of Jay Garrick) -The Gay Ghost (40s version) -Green Lantern (40s version of Alan Scott) -Hawkman (40s version of Carter Hall) -Mister Terrific (40s version of Terry Sloane) -Sargon the Sorcerer (40s version of John Sargent) -Wildcat (40s version of Ted Grant) -Wonder Woman (40s version) -Red Tornado (40s version of Ma Hunkel) -Captain America (40s version of Steve Rogers) -The Angel (30s/40s version of Simon Holloway) -Black Marvel (40s version of Daniel Lyons) -Black Widow (40s version of Claire Voyant) -Blue Blade (40s version) -Blazing Skull (40s version) -Captain Wonder (40s version) -The Challenger (40s version) -The Destroyer (40s version of Kevin Marlowe) VS TEAM SILVER AGE -The Flash (50s/60s version of Barry Allen) -Green Lantern (50s/60s version of Hal Jordan) -Batwoman (50s/60s version) -Batgirl (60s version of Bette Kane) -Supergirl (50s/60s version of Kara) -Captain Atom (60s version of Allen Adam) -The Question (60s version of Vic Sage) -Peacemaker (60s version of Christopher Smith) -Judomaster (60s version of Rip Jagger) -Blue Beetle (60s version of Ted Kord) -Spider-Man (60s version of Peter Parker) -Daredevil (60s version of Matt Murdock) -Reed Richards (60s version) -Johnny Storm (60s version) -Susan Storm (60s version) -Ben Grimm (60s version) -Hulk (60s version of the Green Hulk) -Cyclops (60s version) -Iceman (60s version) -Angel (60s version of Warren Worthington III) VS TEAM BRONZE AGE -Shade the Changing Man (70s version) -Firestorm (70s version of Ronnie Raymond) -Green Lantern (70s version of John Stewart) -Lilith Clay (70s version) -Thorn (70s version of Rhosyn Forrest) -Guardian (70s version of Mal Duncan) -Silver Sorceress (70s version) -Blue Jay (70s version) -Captain Speed (70s version) -Swamp Thing (70s version) -Izaya Highfather (70s version) -Shang Chi (70s version) -Captain Britain (70s version) -Ghost Rider (70s version of Johnny Blaze) -Storm (70s version) -Wolverine (70s version) -Metron (70s version) -Iron Fist (70s version of Danny Rand) -Nightcrawler (70s version) -Thunderbird (70s version of John Proudstar) VS TEAM DARK AGE -Michelangelo (80s Mirage version) -Donatello ( 80s Mirage version) -Leonardo (80s Mirage version) -Raphael (80s Mirage version) -Roschach -Nite Owl (Dan Dreiberg) -Ozymandias (the DC character) -Silk Spectre (Laurie Jupiter) -Phantom Lady (80s version of Dee Tyler) -Supergirl (80s version of Linda Danvers) -Elektra Natchios (80s version) -Shadowcat (80s version) -Rogue (80s version) -Psylocke (80s version) -Longshot (80s version) -Dazzler (80s version) -Forge (80s version) -Death of the Endless -Dream of the Endless -Wolfsbane (80s version) -Danielle Moonstar (80s version) VS TEAM MODERN AGE -Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) -Impulse (Barry Allen) -Superboy (Connor Kent) -Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) -Witchblade (Sara Pezzini) -Static -Icon -Caitlin Fairchild -Midnighter -Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch) -Mister Majestic -Deadpool -Cable -X-23 -Apollo (from the Authority) -Stature -Speed -Patriot (Eli Bradley) -Dust -Spider-Girl (May "Mayday" Parker) Which team wins?
  8. "Hello, this is Lori Prince, with the latest news. After several unsucessful attempts, the manhunt is still on for the serial killer known as 'Jigsaw'. All that is known about JIgsaw is that he kills people by putting them in death traps, and that he has named himself such because he feels that, by putting people in death traps, he provides them with the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is their lives. To signify that, he craves a piece of flesh in the shape of a jigsaw puzzle piece out of the corpses of his victims. What makes this cases this case especially complicated is that Jigsaw has several accomplices, which he calls his 'apprentices'. Unfortunately, neither he nor his apprentices have been sucessfully caught thus far. What's worse is that his activities seem to have spread beyond the United States, and he ans his apprentices are also operating in Japan and England. As a last resort, each ogoverment has called a team of their two best detectives to solve this case: -the Japanese goerment has called in Detective Conan Edogawa and the detective simply known as 'L'. -the English goverment has called Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson -and the American goverment has called in Adrien Monk and the famous police consultant simply known as 'John Doe'. Since there's a large cash reward for whoever brings in JIgsaw and his apprentices alive, these team will not be working together, but will be competing to see who can catch Jigsaw and his apprentices first. In other news, the new Pope-" These are the Benedict Cumberbatch version of Sherlock Holmes and the Martin Freeman version of Watson from the BBC TV series "Sherlock". So, which team catches Jigsaw and all of his apprentices first?
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5W7wuvViQw FROM THE JOURNAL OF HANSEL AND GRETEL, WITCH HUNTERS: "Today, Gretel and I are gonna hunt down Mirage and the Weird Sisters. The Weird Sisters are Luna, Phoebe and Seline. They are the daughters of Oberon, the king of the fairies. They come from a magical realm called Avalon. When the Gargoyles were just eggs, the Weird Sisters tried to turn the guardians of the Gargoyles into barn owls, but thankfuly a good wizard known as the Magus repelled that spell. Then, they allied themselves with an evil wizard known as the Archmage. They helped Demona and Lady Macbeth conquer Avalon. They are responsable for the death of King Duncan and for Demona to regain their youth. They still thrive to this day, spreading their evil across the world. Which is why Gretel and I have to find them and kill them before they ruin any more lives. Mirage is a catlady witch. She is one of the most evil witches in the world. She has tried to conquer Agrabah, and the world, on several occasions. She unleashed her fire cats on a village just for growing food, and she caused a civil war to prevent two countries from reaching peace. In addition to her magical powers, Mirage controls a race of beings called El Katib as her army. Mirage, true to her name, is a master of illusion. But Gretel and I are too experienced to fall for her trickery. These evil witches are pretty ancient, older than either of us. But we have fought many evil witches in our lifetime, so nothing they have to offer surprises us."
  10. TEAM DC -Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) -Miss America -The Wizard -Sandman (Wesley Dodds) -Tarantula (Catalina Flores) -Wing -Firebrand (Alex Sanchez) -Chameleon (from the post-Zero Hour, pre-Threeboot Legion) -Nighthawk -The Scarecrow -Spider-Girl (from the post-Zero Hour, pre-Threeboot Legion) -Mercury of the Metal Men -Archer -Catman VS TEAM MARVEL -Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) -Miss America -The Wizard -Sandman -Tarantula (Maria Vasquez) -Wing -Firebrand (Russ Broxtel) -Chameleon -Nighthawk of the Squadron Supreme -The Scarecrow -Spider-Girl (May "Mayday" Parker) -Mercury (Cessily Kincaid) -Archer -Catman (Towshend Horgan) Which team wins?
  11. Which one? Remember, Alice can grow to giant size after eating either the "Eat Me" bombons or the magic mushroom.
  12. TEAM DISNEY -Alice (from the animated version of "Alice in Wonderland") -Tiana (from "The Princess and the Frog") -Megara (from "Hercules") -Jasmine (from "Aladdin") -Princess Kida (from "Atlantis: The Lost Empire") -Miss Bianca (from "The Rescuers") -Nala (from "The Lion King") -Esmeralda (from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame") -Lilo Pelekai (from "Lilo and Stitch") -Vanellope Von Schweetz (from "Wreck-It Ralph") -Princess Eilonwy (from "The Black Cauldron") -Belle (from "Beauty and the Beast") -Captain Amelia (from "Treasure Planet") -Daisy Duck VS TEAM DREAMWORKS -Princess Bala (from "Antz") -Sephora (from "The Prince of Egypt") -Chell (from "The Road to Eldorado") -Princess Fiona (from the "Shrek" movies) -Marina (from "Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas") -Ginger (from "Chicken Run") -Rita (from "Flushed Away") -Lady Campanula Tottington (from "Wallace and Grommit: Curse of the Wererabbit") -Gloria the Hippo (from the "Madagascar" movies) -Stella (from "Over the Hedge") -Vanessa Bloome (from "Bee Movie") -Ginormica (from "Monsters VS Aliens") -Roxanne Ritchi (from "Megamind") -The Tooth Fairy (from "Rise of the Guardians") Which team wins?
  13. TEAM DISNEY -Jafar (from "Aladdin") -Ursula (from "The Little Mermaid") -The Horned King (from "The Black Cauldron") -Maleficent (from "Sleeping Beauty") -Hades (from "Hercules") -Percival C. McLeach (from "The Rescuers Down Under") -Clayton (from "Tarzan") -Shan Yu (from "Mulan") -Scar (from "The Lion King") -The Firebird (from "Fantasia 2000") -Gantu (from "Lilo and Stitch") -Doris the Bowler Hat (from "Meet the Robinsons") -The Witch Queen (from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs") -Gaston (from "Beauty and the Beast") -Cruella De Vil (from "One Hundred and One Dalmatians") -Madam Mim (from "The Sword in the Stone") VS TEAM DREAMWORKS -Ramses (from "The Prince of Egypt") -General Mandible (from "Antz") -Lord Farquaad (from "Shrek") -The Fairy Godmother (from "Shrek 2") -Prince Charming (from "Shrek 2" and "Shrek The Third") -Rumpeltiltskin (from "Shrek: The Final Chapter") -Humpty Dumpty (from "Puss in Boots") -Makunga (from "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa") -Tzekel-Kan (from "The Road to Eldorado") -Charlotte DuBois (from "Madagascar: Europe's Most Wanted") -Tai Lung (from "Kung Fu Panda") -Lord Shen (from "Kung Fu Panda 2") -The Dragon Queen (from "How To Train Your Dragon") -Eris (from "Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas") -Mrs. Tweedy (from "Chicken Run") -The Toad (from "Flushed Away") -Victor Quartermain (from "Wallace and Grommit: Curse of the Wererabbit") -Pitch (from "Rise of the Guardians") Which team wins?
  14. No, not McGee. Not allowed. All other versions are allowed, except that one.
  15. I mostly did webcomics I'm familiar with, and characters I'm familiar with. I never read or even heard of most of the webcomics you keep mentioning. Also, I didn't include anyone from "8 Bit Theater" because I see it as an inferior copy of "The Order of the Stick".
  16. TEAM WONDERLAND -Alice -The Mad Hatter -The March Hare -The White Rabbit -Humpty Dumpty -The Doormouse -Bill the Lizard -The Dodo -The Gryphon -The Mock Turtle VS TEAM OZ -Dorothy Gale -The Scarecrow -The Cowardly Lion -The Tin Man -Oscar Diggs Zoroaster (The Wizard of Oz) -Glinda the Good Witch of the South -Tattypoo the Good Witch of the North -Princess Ozma -Jack Pumpkinhead -Tick-Tock VS TEAM NEVERLAND -Wendy Darling -Peter Pan -Tinkerbell -Tiger Lily -John Darling -Michael Darling -Tootles -Nibs -Slightly -Curly (AKA "Cubby") VS TEAM NARNIA -Lucy Pevensie -Edmund Pevensie -Eustace Scrubb -Jill Pole -Tumnus the Faun -Mister Beaver -Caspian X -Reepicheep -Trumpkin -Ramandu's Daughter Which team wins?
  17. TEAM DISNEY -Hercules -Tarzan -Stitch -Mickey Mouse -Donald Duck -Goofy -Wreck-It Ralph -Aladdin -Peter Pan -The Mad Hatter (from the animated movie "Alice in Wonderland") -General Li Shang (from "Mulan") -Pecos Bill (from "Melody Time") -Yensid (from "Fantasia") -Taran (from "The Black Cauldron") -Quasimodo (from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame") -Simba (from "The Lion King") -Mowgli (from "The Jungle Book") VS TEAM DREAMWORKS -Z (from "Antz") -Moses (from "The Prince of Egypt") -Shrek -Puss in Boots -Tulio and Miguel (from "Road to Eldorado") -Sinbad -Rocky the Rooster (from "Chicken Run") -Alex the Lion (from the "Madagascar" movies) -Barry the Bee (from "Bee Movie") -RJ (from "Over the Hedge") -Metro Man (from "Megamind") -Doctor Cockroach (from "Monsters VS Aliens") -Hiccup (from "How To Train Your Dragon") -Jack Frost (from "Rise of the Guardians") -Roddy (from "Flushed Away") Which team wins?
  18. Agatha Heterodyne (from "Girl Genius") VS Spinerette and Mecha Maid VS Tycho and Gabe (from "Penny Arcade") VS Leon and Aeris (from "VG Cats") VS Erin Winters (from "Scary Go Round"). after drinking the Get-Massive Formula VS Wonderella (from "The Non-Adventures of Wonderella") VS Antimony Carver (from "Gunnerkrig Court") VS Haley, Roy and Varsuuvius (from "The Order of the Stick") VS Doctor McNinja VS Ash (from "Misfile") Who wins?
  19. This is the Daniel Craig version of James Bond, and the TV show versions of Emma Peel and John Steed.
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5W7wuvViQw FROM THE JOURNAL OF HANSEL AND GRETEL, WITCH HUNTERS: "Today, Gretel and I are gonna hunt down Evil-Lyn and Madam Mim. Evil-Lyn is an evil witch from the Planet Eternia. She serves her master, Skeletor, in their quest to rule the entire universe. She has vast magical powers at her disposal, and she recently seen on Earth. Madam Mim is a powerful witch, and the sworn enemy of the good wizard Merlin. She is a powerful shapeshifter, able to assume any shape of form. However, Gretel and I have fought shapeshifting witches before, so we know what to expect. These are the kind of evil witches that we used to hunt when he first started. It feels nice to be hunting these kind of evil witches again. It feels like slipping on a pair of really comfortable shoes that you haven't worn in a while."
  21. After many years, after the 80s are over... ...the World Crime League is back Sixteen of the most dangerous criminal masterminds banded together with one objective: world domination. With that end, they have found the long-lost Manara Device, a mind-control weapon that could bring the world to their knees. Since neither Buckaroo Banzai nor Jack Burton could be conctated, the British goverment and the American goverment each sends a team with three of their best agents. The British goverment sent James Bond, Emma Peel and John Steed. The American goverment sent Ethan Hunt, Xander Cage and Sydney Bristow. Due to how the world of secret agents work, neithert team trusts the other team, so each team will try to bring down the World Crime League on their own. The World Crime League are: 1-Ra's Al Ghul 2-Doctor Doom 3-David Xanatos 4-The Kingpin 5-Lex Luthor 6-James "Jimmy" Moriarty (from the BBC TV show "Sherlock") 7-The Shredder (Mirage version) 8-Slade Wilson 9-Shego 10-Baron Zemo 11-Red Skull 12-Bane (no Venom) 13-Lord Havelock Vetinari 14-Norman Osborn 15-M. Bison 16-Jeremy Briggs So, which team stops the World crime League?
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