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  1. Guys if you want to argue that someone won't protect you, you have to argue that some of these won't kill you.


    Terminator won't(depending on version) because I'm not a target.

    Predator won't, not armed.

    Batman won't, one rule.

    Wolverine won't, staying out of his way.

    Hellboy won't, not a monster.


    Now see, just disregard that and post according to the damn picture. Or at least if you insist on this line of thought, be consistent dammit.


    You're in a bad mood.


    The stips say one will protect you, the other eight will try to kill you. Since eight of them (any eight) will try to kill you it follows that they have some pressing reason that overrides their natural reluctance.


    What this does not say is that their normal personalities are switched off. They might be, but we don't know. We can make an assumption one way or the other.


    I choose to assume that their personalities are in force, so I have to postulate some 


    Terminator, apparently, has been programmed to kill me. He's working at full efficiency.

    Predator, apparently, is willing to forego his usual hunter's code. This may cause him to hesitate, slightly impairing his efficiency.

    Batman, Hellboy, Robocop and Wolverine have some reason that overrides their moral reservations (maybe killing me is the only way to save someone they love) but they will frantically be trying to think of some other way to beat the game. Their efficiency will be significantly impaired.

    Dredd probably believes I'm guilty of some capital offense. No impairment.

    Marv will kill me without hesitation but may feel a otuch of regret later.

    Vader will have no compunction about killing me.


    The protector will try to protect me, but his personality has a bearing on how well he can do that.

    The killers will try to kill me but their personalities will have a bearing on how effective they are.


    If SirMethos chooses to clarify that normal morals/personalities are not in effect, I'll revise my thinking. Until then fie on your assumptions.

  2. I don't think there's any one of those guys who could possibly stand up to the other eight but...


    Predator - No. He's not a protector by nature and his other agenda (collecting trophies) would interfere with his focus on protecting me.


    Vader - No. I'd worry a lot about his hidden agendae too.


    Marv - No. He's not powerful enough to protect me against some of these guys.


    Robocop - No. He's about catching the perps, and would not have the focus on protecting me.


    Dredd - No. Same objection.


    Wolverine - No. In theory, he'd be great, but the people he cares about have a dismal survival rate.


    Terminator - No. If he's programmed to protect me he'll do it to the bitter end and do a good job. Unfortunately, I don't think he's got the raw power to stand up to some of the others on the list.


    Batman - Yes. He'll give this problem the planning it deserves. You can't fault his moral sense on things like this. However, I don't know the circumstances. If this is the others searching for me, he could hide me effectively, but if we're all there in an arena, Batman will get slaughtered.




    Hellboy is my choice. He's got the power to take on anyone on the list and have a good chance to win. He's also got the kind of ethic that demands he protect an innocent, even at the cost of self sacrifice. Plus, he's bulletproof and I could hide behind him.

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  3. I'm not sure why but Apocalypse never really interested me as a villain. Neither of them seemed to have the charisma that Thanos or Darksied of Magneto or Doom or other great had.


    If I had to guess about why, I'd say it had to do with several things.


    * Writing - Apocalypse was created as an X-Factor villain by Louise Simonson. I don't want to cast aspersions on her as she is a capable writer, but she wasn't the creative genius some of the other marvel writers of the time were.


    * Plotlines - Apocalypse appeared at a time when X-Books were multiplying all over the place. The result was some of the most convoluted and over the top plotting in Marvel history.


    * Power - Apocalypse is very powerful, so much so that he seemed capable of defeating his X-foes without much trouble. They were effectively used to put him over as a great villain. Unfortunately, without a compelling story or personality, he wasn't worth putting over. For me it was like watching a sloppy wrestler beat all comers because of his connections.


    That's just me, of course, but he's one of a number of villains I'd just as soon never see again.

  4. It depends a lottle on what version of Frankenstein, Dracula and Wolf-man. Assuming these are the classic movie versions I'd say they win.


    Wolf-man vs. Michael is the easiest. Talbot is faster than Meyers and Michael can't really hurt him without a silver weapon.


    Frankenstein vs. Jason is harder because they're similar, strong, close to indestructible and slow. The fight could last forever. Though, if this is Frankenstein from the novel, he'd much faster and smarter than Jason and should win.


    Dracula vs. Jason is also hard to decide. Dracula has demonstrated a powerful form of mind control in the Universal movies as well as invulnerability to gunfire, much greater than human strength, and shape-changing into a bat. He's powerful but it's hard to know how this works against Freddie in the dream world. The min d control is his best bet. Again, if it's the Dracula from the novel his chances go way up. Even before he was a vampire, novel Dracula was a sorcerer, having studied the dark arts at the infamous Scolomance.

  5. This is part of an arc; the last chapter is at Dr. Octopus vs. the Golem.


    This is the wrap up for Lark, Jay and Raven and Penguin vs. Catwoman




    Catwoman has stolen the fabulous Coyote Diamond from David Xanatos, not realizing that the theft was part of one of Xanatos' byzantine schemes. She took the diamond back to Gotham and attempted to fence it with the Penguin. When Penguin revealed that he'd already been offered a hefty finder's fee by Xanatos, Catwoman realized she'd been used and decided to take the gem and go. Unfortunately for her, Penguin had his three henchwenches standing by. Now, in a secret office in the basement of the Iceberg lounge, Catwoman finds herself surrounded.


    The three woman circled closer to Selena, their escrima sticks ready while Penguin leaned back in his chair.


    "You might as well give up the diamond, my dear," he said. "It would be such a shame to bruise your lovely body."


    Selena glanced around. As traps went, the room was simple but effective. No windows, only one door, and that was a heavy steel affair that she had heard lock after the last of the henchwenches had entered. The room was dim, lit only by a single hanging lamp over the conference table.


    Selena smiled and hurled the diamond as hard as she could. It struck the lamp, shattering the bulb and plunging the room into darkness. As her foes stumbled around, Selena silently moved away from the table, pulling her night vision goggles from her purse as she went. She slipped them over her eyes and saw the three woman moving toward the table, searching for her, while Penguin groped on the floor for the diamond.


    First things first, Selena thought.


    Moving as quietly as her namesake, she stole up on one of the women, Raven. Before she knew what was happening, Catwoman had snatched the stick from her hand, and kicked her in the stomach. She went down and the other two, hearing the noise moved toward her. Catwoman darted in between them, dropping her captured stick. Lark and Jay turned toward the noise and each other then, sensing each other's presence, attacked. Each caught a couple of glancing blows efore they realized they were fighting each other.


    In the meanwhile, Selena was stalking Penguin, who had seized the diamond and scuttled to the back wall.


    "Silly little man," she said softly. "Cats can see in the dark; birds can't."


    "I thought you might try something like this," Penguin said. He grabbed a knife-switch set in the wall and pulled it down. Powerful floodlights came on, filling the room with intense light. Penguin and his aides were dazzled for a moment, but Selena, with her light amplification goggles was blinded by the glare. She pulled them off and blinked rapidly, trying to get her eyes to function again.


    A thrown stick caught Catwoman in the back of the head bad she went down. She rose only to have a blurry figure kick her in the face. she rolled and twisted, avoiding the worst of the rain of blows that followed as much through luck as agility. Then a kick caught her solidly in the solar plexus, robbing her of the ability to breathe. A stick smashed across her face and she lost consciousness for a moment.


    When she woke, Selena found she was being supported by Lark and Raven, who had twisted her arms behind her. Jay stood in front of her, smiling grimly and holding two of the sticks.


    "What now?" she asked.


    "I've always been find of you, Selena," Penguin replied, "but I'm afraid I have no choice in the matter. You tried to cross me and I cannot allow that. My ah… 'street cred' would be abysmal if I allowed you to go unpunished."


    "I crossed you? I came with a straight up business proposition and you sold me out to Xanatos."


    "That is one way of looking at it," he replied. "However, I'm afraid the people in our circles might not see it that way. No, I'm doing this for business reasons, nothing personal."


    "What are you going to do to me?"


    "Ladies, I leave the details up to you. I'd prefer you didn't permanently damage her, but this does need to be severe enough that she will not contemplate crossing me again. In fact, it should be severe enough that no one who sees her will ever contemplate crossing me."


    "You can't do this," Catwoman said, her tone a mix of anger and fear.


    "My dear, I must do this," he said. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I do deplore violence."


    The little man turned and waddled out the door. Then the beating began.




    "You wanted to see me, boss?" Sabretooth asked.


    The big man looked absurd in his tailored suit, but it was a concession he had to make, coming to visit Dominique Destine in her office in the Lexcorp Towers. As he regarded the beautiful redhead on the far side of the desk, he had to admit, she unnerved even him a little.


    "Mr. Creed, we have a need for more test subjects at the Zoo right away. The colony of homeless you found deep in the tunnels should do nicely."


    Sabertooth grinned. "Routing those rats out of their holes should be fun," he said.


    "Be careful," Dominique said. "My ally in Manhattan says he's lost a number of his best men in the tunnels. He clains there are some sort of inhuman monsters guarding the homeless."


    Creed's grin broadened. "Sounds like fun."


    "Take some help with you," she said.


    "Thanks, but there's no--"


    "That wasn't a suggestion, Mr. Creed."


    "Sure," Sabretooth said. "Might as well have an audience."




    "I think this may be it!" Curt Connors said holding up a vial of clear liquid.


    "You're gene cure?" Rufus carter asked.


    "We hope so," Benton Quest said. "In fact, this may be superior to the original version. All that remains is to test it."


    "I'm injecting this lab mouse with a low dose of the original serum--"


    "Hold on," Race Bannon interrupted. "You mean the formula that turned you into a lizard-man?"


    "Yes, Race," Quest said. "It was necessary to reproduce the original serum to be certain the antidote would work."


    "We've set up the chemical synthesizer unit to create enough of both serums for us to begin testing on mice," Quest said, "but that won't be for several days. While we're waiting, I think we need a break."


    "A couple of days of sleeping in and catching up on some reading sounds good," Curt said.


    Race chuckled.


    "You don't know Dr. Quest very well if you think that's what he means," he said.


    "Actually, I was thinking of going off to investigate the Mayan ruins," Quest said.


    "I'm afraid that doesn't sound like my idea of relaxation," Connors said. "You go on, I'm sure Billy will want to go along. I think Martha and I will be better off relaxing here."


    "Well… I don't like splitting up the party, but I think that should work," Quest replied. "Race and Carter will stay here to give you security."


    "Leave me behind?" Race said. "Un-uh, Doc. My job is to keep you and the boys safe, remember?"


    "At the moment, Dr. Connors and his family take precedence," Quest replied. "They're the ones this League of Assassins is after. Besides, there's no place in the world we'll be safer than deep in the rain forest. An assassin could look for a hundred years and never find us."


    "I don't know," Race said.


    "Don't worry," Quest said. "We'll take Burt along. Jana's offered to guide us and her friend, Montaro looks like he can handle himself too. We'll be fine."


    After Dr. Quest had gone to pack, Carter looked over at Race with a wry smile.


    "That dude ever not get what he wants?"


    "I think it's a family thing," Race replied. "Jonny pulls that on me all the time too."




    Christopher Chance held the point of the arrow to Ra's al Ghul's throat until the doors had closed behind the departing Steel Serpent.


    "Have you lost your mind, Bronze Tiger?" Ra's asked, his voice inhumanly calm for a man in his situation.


    "I suppose so," Chance said.


    "No…" Ra's said, his eyes narrowing. "The real Bronze Tiger's conditioning was too thorough, he could not have broken it. You are an imposter."


    "Maybe, but you're a dead man unless you do exactly--"


    Chance's words were cut off as Ra's shot a hand up and trapped his wrist. He struggled to break the grip but that moment was all Ubu needed. the giant bodyguard grabed Chance's shoulders and flung him back against the terrace wall."


    "Take him, Ubu!" the master of assassins cried. "Only leave him alive, for I have many questions I would ask of him."




    Chance is the comic book version of the character. For him winning means escaping from the League's base quickly. That makes things tough because Shen Kuei, Midnight and a whole bunch of assassins are heading up the stairs. Whether he beats Ubu in a fight or not, he has to get past him before the others reach them.


    Ubu is the version seen in Batman: TAS. He's just smart enough to know that he can't let Chase get past him. He would love the glory of defeating him by himself, but will do anything he needs to stop him.


    Ra's al Ghul is the version seen in Batman: TAS. Though he is a skilled fighter, he will not fight unless Chance attacks him directly.


    Merlyn the Archer is in the terrace too, but he's unconscious just now and will not be participating in the fight.

  6. There are some animated versions of Cheetah that are up at that level of power: Batman: the Brave and the Bold, Wonder Woman and especially Justice League: Doom come to mind (Claudia Black's voice was perfect.) The clip I've attached shows just how powerful she is there; much more than Tygrus.


    But those are all appearances in different continuities. In Justice League continuity she seems roughly equal to Copperhead and gives Batman a really hard time. The only time I can find where she fights Wonder Woman is in the early moments of the JLU episode "Kid Stuff." made an impressive showing in Wonder Woman, and was able to hurt Superman in Batman: the Brave and the Bold but those are different universes. 


    The only place in the Justice League continuity where I can find her fighting Wonder Woman is in the JL episode "Kid Stuff." Cheetah charges WW with a series of claw strikes. WW deflects them all with her bracelets. Cheetah tries a spinning heel kick and WW catches it with one hand. WW smiles smugly, Cheetah's eyes widen in an "uh-oh" expression and then WW gives her a one-handed toss across the room. Cheetah hits a column, doing some damage to it and collapses, unconscious. The fight takes about 5 seconds.


    Sadly, I can't find that video on YouThbe, but here's a little of Cheetah and the Injustice Gang from "Injustice for All."

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