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  1. I'm thinking Mysterio will win the fight but then Owen will come in an deck him so that it doesn't wreck whatever plans you have in your story.


    I'm betting you already have this fight written out anyway.


    By the way, are you going to continue this story on peypey's site?


    Nah, I don't write the fights till I know the outcome. And I usually try to roll with the outcome, whichever way it goes.


    I'm going to try to finish it here.

  2. I've got a backlog of matches that would be fun, but there won't be a chance to do. I thought others might have the same.


    I've thought about doing Prometihius vs. Taskmaster a few times. The characters have similar powers and it'd be interesting to see.


    I've also thought about doing a dog-fight with Bronx (from Gargoyles) vs one of the Vinz Clortho from Ghostbusters. I wouldn't be surprised if the GB Terror dogs were at least a partial inspiration for Bronx's appearance.


    Maybe Bronx could have teamed with Lockjaw against both Terror Dogs.

  3. What AVP said. The Doctor did what he did to prevent a greater tragedy, but what he did was horrible. If he didn't understand that and feel torn up with guilt about it, he'd be just one more killed with a self-serving rationale.

  4. Attic theory. The moves he "assimilates" (so to speak) take the form of memories, and his actual, proper, real life memories get forced out because there's just not enough space in his brain. This was an actual plot point in... Avengers Academy, I believe it was. His earliest memory is of fighting Elektra in a bar somewhere.


    It's not how memory works, but it's how the character works. Horrible, unnecessary aspect of his abilities in my opinion-- a shallow attempt at adding depth to a character who's already got plenty (as was explored properly in his solo miniseries during the early 2000s). But, well, that's Marvel for ya.



    Since that's the way the character's been established, I concede. Thank you for backing up your assertion.

  5. No your wrong and let me be clear. You said that's not how normal memory works. I said Taskmaster has superpowers to remind you we are talking about comics here not the real world. Taskmaster's powers allow him to keep the skills and moves he learns in his own mental memory.



    First, I know the difference between comic books and real life so cut the crap. I don't like being condescended to.


    Second, the point you are trying to make is self-contradictory. You're saying that his powers allow him to keep his skills... even when he has no powers. That makes no sense. His powers can't allow him to do anything when he can't use his powers.


    Third, you mean "you're," not "your." Because I can be condescending too, if that's the way you want to play it.

  6. Normal memory? Well Taskmaster has superpowers so that's why he is able to do so.  Evidence? Just go back and read comics with Taskmaster in it. 


    Right!  Taskmaster can do this because he has superpowers.


    Except in this set up nobody's superpowers are working.


    So, by your own statement, Taskmaster can't use his stored moves.

  7. It's funny, way back in the early days of Batman (40 or 41 IIRC) he mentioned that he was sending Joker off to a "famous brain specialist" to cure his madness. The only "brain specialist" I know of, real or fictional, who did this kind of work was Doc Savage.


    That would be a fun idea to explore if DC wanted to do a crossover story someday.


    Doc's system worked pretty well in his stories. The "graduates" of his College went on to be happy, productive citizens, which is a better future than most of them would have had if they'd been sent to prison. Of course the whole induced amnesia thing is pretty creepy. Their identities are wiped out and replaced with new ones, and their friends and family never see then again and never learn what happened to them.

  8. This is part of an arc; the last chapter is at Morbius vs. The Ventriloquist and Scarface.


    This is the wrap-up for Luke Cage and the Gargoyles vs. Team Luthor.




    "Hey!" Luke shouted. "These guys ain't monsters. Well… maybe they king of are, but they're the good guys."


    One of the armored figures fired a taser that caught Cage in the chest. The darts didn't pierce his flesh but did lodge in his shirt, producing a shock.


    "Hey!" he yelled.


    Hudson lunged and used his sword to slash the taser wires. The armored man responded by firing a laser but the old gargoyle used the mirror surface of the blade to reflect the beam at another of the attackers, shorting out his jet boots.


    "D'ye think we haven't had to face lasers before?" Hudson said.


    "Jones, restrain the civilian," the leader of the armored men said. "The rest of you, subdue the gargoyles hand to hand."


    "Who are these guys?" Brooklyn asked, leaping from the clock tower parapet and swooping between two of the assailants.


    "I'd have thought that was obvious, lad," Hudson said, also taking wing. "They're the big guys."


    "Stay out of this, sir," one of the armored men said, landing in front of Cage.


    "Yeah, I'll do that," Cage said. Then he slammed a powerful punch to the man's body that sent him flying backward.


    Bronx leaped on the man Hudson had downed, tearing at his armor with claws and teeth. Cage pursued his man and the two began to exchange super-strength punches.



    Corey Mills was learning that the gargoyles were harder to deal with than Luthor had led him to believe. His men's suits had a better flight speed but the gargoyles were more maneuverable. They easily avoided Team Luthor's hand to hand attacks and their claws--not to mention the older one's sword--were capable damaging their bulletproof armor.ble.


    "That dog-thing's eating Murphy," Ishiyama said over the com. "Launching grenades to help him."


    "No, wait!" Mills cried. "We're right on top od a police station!" But it was too late. His teammate had launched half a dozen grenades. The explosions blasted Bronx away from the downed man and caused extensive damage to the clock tower.


    "Bronx!" Hudson cried. He swooped down on Ishiyama, stabbing with his sword. The tip lodged in the energy port, shorting out the armor but the electrical backlash stunned the gargoyle and both combatants began to plummet.


    Brooklyn swooped down to catch Hudson but the Team Luthor man slammed into the pavement. Several uniformed officers--including Captain Chavez--emerged from the station to investigate.


    On the tower terrace, overlooking the street, Cage's opponent fired his black light lasers. The weapons cut through his shirt, leaving it in tatters and traced painful red lines on his skin.


    "Sweet Christmas!" Cage said. "That really hurts!"


    He grabbed the Team Luthor man and hurled him at the clock face. The armored man smashed through the façade, dislodging the minute hand, and found himself lodged in the massive works. The minute hand came loose and plummeted toward the police standing below.


    "Aw, hell no!" Cage said. He lunged for the edge and caught the falling hand, but the act overbalanced him and he began to go over.


    Then something warm, wet and very strong clamped onto Cage's ankle. He felt himself dragged back onto the ledge and saw that Bronx had rescued him.


    "Team Luthor, abort!" Mills broadcast. "This thing's gone south. Pick up the wounded and let's get out of here!"


    He pried his teammate out of the clock's gears and swooped low to pull Ishikawa out from the midst of the cops. Above, he saw that his one team member whose armor was still intact had picked up the man who Bronx had savaged. It looked like the gargoyle-beast has destroyed the armor without tearing into the man's flesh.


    "The boss is gonna love this," he muttered as the team beat a hasty retreat.




    "Monsters with wings and guys in Iron Man suits," Officer Morgan Morgan said. "What do you think this is all about, Captain?"


    Chavez shook her head.


    "The only thing I know is that that armor isn't Stark's," she said. "That's a LexCorp design they've been trying to sell to the department. I think Lex Luthor is going to have a lot of explaining to do."


    "Bronx, you're okay!" Brooklyn said as he and Hudson landed.


    "Yeah, I'm fine too," cage said. "Thanks for asking."


    "Who were those men?" Hudson asked.


    "Why ask me? I thought they were playmates of yours, maybe that Steel Clan you told me about."


    "Different armor," Brooklyn said. "Besides, the Steel Clan's robots. These were humans in armor."


    "All I got to say is your ugly mutt sure came through," Cage said, scratching Bronx's head. "With a grip like that you oughtta call him 'Lockjaw.'"


    "Ugly is he?" Hudson said. "Have ye looked in a mirror lately, Luke?"


    "Un, guys," Brooklyn said. "I hear the cops coming up. We'd better make ourselves scarce."


    "Aye," Hudson said, sadly. "Tis time to find a new home… again."




    "This is amazing!" Ten said.


    She and the rest of the rest of the newly formed Royal Flush gang were soaring around the warehouse on amazingly thin flying platforms made to resemble playing cards. Below them, Joker, Harley Quinn and Phineas Mason, the Tinkerer, watched in awe.


    "Gee, Mista' J. You ought ta get me one of those things."


    "The way you drive?"


    "Aw, shuckins!"


    "Don't worry, Boo, I've got something just for you." The Joker pulled a small test tube filled with green fluid."


    "Thanks,Puddin'!" Harley said. "What is it? Some kinda smoothie?"


    "That's right," Joker replied. "Drink it all down like a good girl."


    Harley drained the tube and made a face.


    "What's in that?" she asked. "Tastes like asparagus flavored mouthwash."


    "Don't worry," Joker said. "It may not be tasty, but it'll put hair on your chest."


    "What was that?" Tinkerer asked. "Big Man didn't tell me about any--"


    "Ah, yes, the famous big man. He does have his big hands in this, doesn't he? Well, there are some changes to the plan." Joker turned to the Royal Flush gang and held up his hands. "Come on down, kiddies! Uncle Joker's got to tell you about a change in plans."


    "Change?" Tinkerer asked. The little man shifted anxiously.


    "What is this?" King said as the team landed their flyers around Joker.


    "It's like this. The Big Man has been a big help, but his big ideas are getting old in a big way, so I think it's time for some big changes. I don't like putting together a gang just to get caught up in some big gang war. I think it's time he took his big nose out of our business."


    "You can't do that!" Tinkerer said.


    "Oh yeah? What are you going to do about it, baldy?"


    "Ace!" the Tinkerer cried.


    The Royal Flush Gang backed away as the big robot advanced but Joker never flinched.


    "Harley!" he said.


    "Are you kiddin'?"


    "Just pummel him!" Joker shouted.


    Harley swallowed hard then leaped at Ace, slamming into his massive chest with both feet and smashing him back through a wall.


    "Impossible!" Tinkerer said as Harley leaped through the hole after the robot.


    "Cowabunga!" she yelled.


    "Now, while they're having fun, let's talk?" Joker said, draping an arm around the Tinkerer's shoulders. "Phinney, old sock, could scare up a couple more of your playing gards… pretty please?"


    "Um… I have five back up units ready, in case something happens to one of these. They're not painted with the card motif yet but…"


    "Say no more," Joker said. "Wrap 'em up and put a bow on them."


    "The Big Man won't like this," Tinkerer said. "He'll kill you. He'll kill me if I let you take them."


    "Oh, Phinny, Phinny; you don't understand," the Joker said, taking hold of the smaller man's lapels. "The Big Man can't kill you."


    "He can't?" Tinkerer said.


    "Noooooooooooooooo! You're already dead!"


    A thick plume of gas jetted from the Joker's carnation lapel to envelope the Tinkerer's head. The little man backed out, coughing, then the cough became a laugh, then the laugh became a maniacal cackle, and finally there was silence as Tinker collapsed to the grown his dead features contorted in a horrible grin.


    "Ah, Phineas," Joker said, "I can see you're finally happy."


    He glanced around at the horrified members of the Royal Flush Gang.


    "Any questions?"




    Natasha recognized the man in the cave, all of them.


    The tall man in the long green cloak was Ra's al Ghul, the legendary leader of the League of Assassins, the Asian man at his side was Shen Kuei, a mercenary recently believed to have been drafter into the League and one of the deadliest martial artists on earth. The man they faced, and spoke to, was the Batman, and the conversation was remarkably civil… almost like two old friends.


    Their body language suggested that there was someone else in the cave, but Natasha couldn't see then from her vantage. She couldn't hear what the men were saying, either, so she took out a small directional microphone from her belt.


    "Then we have an understanding, Detective?" Ras said.


    "For now," Batman replied. "I'll do all I can."


    "Very well, I shall take my leave."


    Ra's and Shen Kuei turned and walked away and a moment later, Batman followed. Natasha watched him go with a sinking heart. The way he moved, the shape of his jaw, even his voice--though subtly altered--confirmed her worst suspicions.


    Bruce Wayne was Batman--and Batman was working for the League of Assassins.




    "What now, Master?" Shen Kuei asked as they drove away from Wayne Manor.


    "The detective will find my daughter," Ra's said. "this leaves us free to attend to other matters. Shen Kuei, you shall accompany me to speak with Mr. Luthor. He shall be most displeased to learn that I am severing all of the contracts he has with the League.


    "And me, Master?" Midnight asked.


    "You, M'nai, shall redeem the mission that Lady Shiva failed at. This is my gesture of goodwill to Mr/ Luthor that I shall keep one of his ill-conceived sanctions and remove his greatest rival.


    "You will kill Anthony Stark."





    Harley Quinn came back through the wall, making another hole as she did. She landed hard, then bounced to her feet like a rubber ball. Ace followed, smashing through wood and wallboard and sheetrock as he came.


    The Joker knelt by Tinkerer's body and began frantically going through his pockets as the big robot advanced on him. Then he held up a small remote control unit and pressed a button. Ace stopped dead in his tracks.


    "That's better," Joker said. "Now, is there anything I'm forgetting?"


    The members of the Royal Flush Gang all moved back a bit.


    "No, Joker," King said. "I wasn't really looking to working for the Big Man anyway. I'm happy to play the hand I've been dealt."


    "Good!" Joker said. "Now take off! I'll contact you soon with news of our first job."


    After the gang had gone, Joker looked up admiringly at Ace.


    "You like the robot, Mista' J?" Harley asked.


    "He reminds me of an old friend; Captain Clown. Ah I miss him."




    "Before your time, Harls."


    "Say, what was in that potion you gave me, Puddin'?" Harley asked. "I feel as strong as a truckload of gorillas."


    "Now there's an image," Joker replied. "That, Harley, is a gift from my new partner in crime. It's his own concoction; he calls it globulin green."




    "Are you alright, Alfred?" Batman asked as he untied the butler.


    "I shall recover, sir," Alfred said. "You should know, that there was someone else watching that conversation."


    "I saw the alarm too," Batman said. "I've got an ugly suspicion about who it must have been."




    Natasha Romanov stood on the balcony outside Bruce Wayne's empty bedroom and opened what looked like a cell but was actually a cutting edge SHIELD issue communicator.


    "Yes?" an electronically camouflaged voice said.


    "This is Widow," she said. "I… I have a report for Director Fury."




    The Black Widow hesitated. Her duty was clear, but she didn't want to do this.


    She never got the chance.


    From above and behind her, a small metal projectile cut the air, knocking the communicator out of her hand. She turned to see Batman on the eaves of the manor roof. Their eyes locked and both understood what was going to happen next.


    Then the Batman leaped.




    Black Widow is the version seen in Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. She is in costume and has all her usual gadgets and weapons. Her goal is to get away so she can report what she's learned to SHIELD.



    Batman is from The Animated Series. He has his usual gadgets and weapons as well. His goal is to keep Natasha from reporting to her superiors.



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  9. Actually.


    He retains it in his own mental memory. It's why he loses other memories when he adds the skills, technique, and moves from people he copies. So if this is current Taskmaster, removing his power won't remove his stored knowledge. :)


    Do you have any evidence backing this up? I ask because that's not the way normal memory works.


    Batman doesn't put people like the Joker, Scarecrow, etc., into prison?


    I guess I must have been seeing things then, 'cause I seem to remember seeing several occasions, where after taking various criminals down, he takes them directly to Arkham.


    If needs be, I can leaf through the comics and find a bunch of specific examples, but I shouldn't have to.


    You don't have to. I've seen scenes like that. My assumption has always been that Batman was returning escaped criminals to their place of confinement. This would be analogous to what a police officer does. I don't believe it means that Batman has the authority to confine people who have not been tried and sentenced by a court. If it does mean that, then the legal system is broken far worse in the DCU than I realized.


    How do I see him using his knowledge, influence, and resources, to imprison criminals without hope of escape(or at least minimal hope of escape)?




    Knowledge: He is a master of escapology(and prep), so any prison that gets designed, he can attempt to escape from. And when he manages to make a plan that enables him to escape, he closes those holes in the security.  He also has technological knowledge to ensure a level of security technology that is far beyond what is used in various prisons in the modern day DC universe.


    Influence: As Batman, he has connections to various people, such as Mister Terrific, Steel, Martian Manhunter, Superman, etc. who can help with increasing the level of security technology.  People such as Zatanna, Dr. Fate, Jason Blood, etc. who can help provide magic to increase security. And people such as Captain Atom, Johnny Thunder, etc. who have other powers that could easily be used to, again, increase security(changing the molecular structure of the walls, to be impenetrable, for example).  And as Bruce Wayne, he has the money and influence to get support for building a new prison for "super villains".


    Resources: He's got more money than god, he has access to Kryptonian, Martian, Apokoliptian, etc.  technology, and he has the phone numbers of pretty much every super hero in the DC universe, and enough respect to easily call in a few favors and have people help with the prison, especially when the end goal is that they don't have to keep fighting the same villains, over and over again, like a demented game of wack-a-mole. -.-


    I'll start with saying where I agree with you: the situation with escaping criminals in the DCU is absurd; Batman could do a lot to improve the security of prisons; I'll even agree that people who can make a difference should do so.


    That last statement, which was nicely paraphrased by Stan Lee as: "With great power comes great responsibility" is a sound ethical statement. It's a lot more complex as a legal statement. There are certain situations where it is used in the law, but in specific and limited ways. When a nation is at war, it can conscript soldiers, effectively saying that those deemed able to fight have a legal obligation to do so. In the US there are so-called "Good Samaritan" laws in some states. These require people with special skills (generally medical training) to use those skills if they encounter someone in immediate need (like the victim of an auto accident.) The most general way I see this principal applied is in taxation. Those with the ability to financially contribute to the government's ability to serve and protect the society are required to do so.


    But the idea that a private citizen who has the resources to improve prison security, must do so doesn't have any legal traction. If fails to meet any legal definition of either being an accessory or conspiracy. If it could ever come to court at all, it would be as a civil suit, not a criminal matter, and I can't imagine it succeeding.


    In America there's a growing trend of the government farming out imprisonment to private corporations. If Batman (or Bruce Wayne) got involved in this, built his own prison, and entered into a contract with the government where he carried out the sentences that the judiciary imposed, he would have a legal responsibility. If his prison didn't meet established guidelines that would fall on him. If there was a problem with escapes at his prison, he would be investigated and (depending on what they found) would be subject to civil lawsuits or even criminal prosecution.


    (The idea of Bruce Wayne buying Arkham Asylum and beefing up its security makes a lot of sense, I'm surprised no DC writer has ever come up with this.)


    When we're talking about government owned and operated prisons and other facilities, the responsibility isn't on Batman in the same kind of way.


    You single out Batman because he could use Kryptonian, Martian, Apokalyptian technology and sorcery to improve prison security. Why him? Shouldn't that responsibility fall on Superman, Orion, Mattian Manhunter, Zatanna, Johnny Thunder, and the people who have more direct access to it. I can see saying the entire superhero community has a moral responsibility in this area, but I don't understand singling out Batman.


    I also think there is a greater responsibility on the community. Why hasn't the Mayor of Gotham, or the Warden of Blackgate, or some other community leader ever asked Batman to help improve prison security? If they asked and he refused, you'd have a much stronger case. The situation with imprisonment in the DCU is messed up, but there are a lot of people who bear much greater responsibility than Batman for that. 

  11. That would be a really interesting aspect for a miniseries to deal with. How does a system designed to deal with ordinary criminals deal with supervillains? What laws and sentencing guidelines need to change? We've seen a little of prisons being modified, though these tend to fail dramatically.

  12. This is part of an arc; the last chapter is at Silver Sable and Silvermane vs. Warhawk.


    Here is the wrap up for Cheetah vs. Tygrus.




    Eddie Brock sat up. His head still rang where Tygrus had struck him. Now he saw Barb--Cheetah, he corrected himself--slashing ferociously at the larger cat-creature.


    It didn't look like it should be much of a fight. For all her ferocity, Cheetah couldn't be more than a third the size of the big man-cat, making the fight look like a leopard taking on a male lion. But Cheetah had Tygrus on the ropes from the very first. She was faster, more aggressive, and Tygrus was caught off guard.


    Cheetah raked her claws across Tygrus' belly, drawing blood. He shielded his face from her next attack but it cost him in brutal scratches along his forearms. He took a swipe at her but she ducked and pounced. They landed hard with Cheetah on top. Her bared fangs missed his throat and buried them in his shoulder.


    With a roar of pain, Tygrus kicked Cheetah away. She landed on her feet and began stalking toward him on all fours. Unsheathing his claws, Tygrus growled and advanced on her.


    That's when Eddie jumped on the huge cat-man's back. He threw an arm around Tygrus' throat and clung to him.


    "Barb, get out of here!" he yelled.


    Then a clawed hand dug into his flesh as Tygrus reached up to pluck him off. The feline creature's strength was irresistible and Eddie found himself flying across the room. He crashed through a lab table shattering the equipment and specimen cases.


    "Eddie!" Cheetah yelled. "I'll kill you for that, Tygrus."


    "Stupid female! Whjen you are my mate you will learn respect."


    Tygrus sprang but Cheetah dodged past him and caught his tail. Using it, she swung him around and slammed him into a wall.


    Eddie shook off the impact to see Cheetah crouched over a stunned Tygrus, claws raised for the death blow.


    "Stop," a woman's voice said.


    The rage drained from Cheetah's face and she rose to face Dominique Destine.


    "No more fighting," Dominique said.


    "Yes, ma'am," Cheetah said, meekly.


    "Tygrus, go and have your father tend to your wounds," Destine said. "Cheetah, have Dr. Sevarius see to yours."


    Tygrus rose and the two felids obediently left the lab.


    "How did you--" Eddie said.


    "Is this your fault?" Dominique demanded, cutting him off. "I know you like her, did you provoke Tygrus."


    "I-I didn't," Eddie said. "He just went crazy."


    "I don't believe you," she said. "You humans are always…"


    She trailed off as her gaze came to rest on a broken glass beaker.


    "My symbiote!" she shouted. "Where is it?"


    "Symbiote?" Eddie said. "W-we don't know."




    "Mr. Luthor," Tsukuri said, holding out the cell.


    "Our mysterious caller again?" Luthor asked. When his aide nodded he took the phone.


    "This is Luthor."


    "Lex," the deep, confident voice said. "I want to thank you for your sorceress's services. The spells she cast have been more than satisfactory."


    "I trust this is more than a thank you call," Luthor said.


    "It is. I've made Tala an offer for a position in my organization and she's accepted."


    "WHAT? Now listen you--"


    "Lex, if you lose your temper, you won't get the information I had for you."


    "What information?" Luthor said, barely containing his temper.


    "About David Xanatos. I was going to give it to you as a compensation for stealing your employee."


    "I'm listening."


    "Xanatos is to blame for all your recent problems with Tony Stark. At one of your poker games not long ago, he used a set of nanotech playing cards to give you a phenomenal winning streak. Then, he let Stark and Wayne get hold of the cards. The nanotech was coded so that Stakr would suspect you, Wayne would suspect Stark, and so on."


    "I see," Luthor said, his tone becoming thoughtful. "And what did Xanatos hope to gain by this?"


    "Are you familiar with the old toast, 'confusion to the enemy'? Xanatos wanted the three of you suspicious and angry with each other so that he could profit by your infighting. Besides, he loves to play games with the lives of others."


    "But what--" Luthor stopped as the line went dead. He threw the phone at the wall and sat at his desk, brooding for some time.


    "Tsukuri," he finally said.


    "Yes, Mr. Luthor?"


    Get me Tony Stark on the phone. I have an idea that I believe will eliminate two of my problems in one stroke.




    Batman entered his cave to see Alfred sitting in a chair, bound and gagged. He drew several batarangs and moved forward, every sense alert.


    "That will not be necessary, Detective," a familiar voice said.


    Batman paused and a tall man in a green cloak stepped out of the shadows, a second man, Asian and who moved with the deadly grace of a cat flanked him.


    "Ra's al Ghul!" Batman said.


    "Who else knows your secrets well enough to confront you in your own lair," the immortal master of assassins said. "Do not be alarmed; I do not come as a foe."


    "Funny, you should say that, after putting Nightwing in the hospital, abducting Batgirl, threatening Commissioner Gordon's life."


    "These are contracts made with my League without my knowledge or permission," Ra's said.


    "You want me to believe that you'd give someone in your organization the authority to do that?"


    "I would give that to Talia."


    Batman's eyes widened in surprise, then narrowed.


    "I see you doubt that my daughter would accept a sanction on you," Ra's continued. "She found it necessary to maintain an assignment I had given her. I can assure you; she used only methods she deemed you would survive."


    "That's heart-warming," Batman said. "I'm assuming you're leading up to some reason I shouldn't take you out now?"


    "Two reasons." Ra's nodded in Alfred's direction.


    Batman hadn't caught the noise or movement but there was now a hooded man, all in black wearing a hat and cloak standing behind the butler, holding a wire garrote around his neck.


    "The other is that my daughter has been abducted. I assume you still have enough feelings for her to care about that."


    Batman's eyes narrowed again.


    "Who did it?"


    "I do not know, that is why I have come to you, Detective."




    "Have you decided yet what you're going to do with me?" Talia asked.


    "If Amanda's 'friend' doesn't contact us, I suppose we'll have to let you go," Duncan MacLeod said.


    "And hopefully he won't blow my head off," Amanda said, fingering the torc that encircled her neck.


    "And if you do hear from him?"


    "Don't worry, Talia," Mac said. "I promised that we wouldn't let anything happen to you and I meant it."


    "Great," Amanda said.


    "I'm not going to let anything happen to you, either. Look, I'm going to go to LexCorp. Maybe my contacts there can turn up something on this Owen Burnett."




    "MacLeod's leaving the apartment," Elektra said into comm. unit. "Do you want me to intercept?"


    "Aye," the male voice came back. "I've got Destine isolated and I'm moving in. Do whatever it takes to keep her boyfriend from coming to the rescue."


    Electra drew her sai.






    MacDuff switched off his comm unit and watched the sleek limo moving along the country road outside Metropolis. He maneuvered his sky-sled to stay in the vehicle's blind spot and drew his blaster. His ancient enemy was alone in the car--not counting Luthor's chauffeur, that was--he could finally end both their lives without any interference.




    "My God," Michael Morbius said. "This man is delusional… isn't he?"


    Morbius were staring at images on Hugo Strange's mind-probe machine. The pictures were nightmarish images of monsters and horrible experiments performed on humans in a secret lab.


    "I wish," Elisa said. "I don't recognize all of the faces, but those two are very familiar."


    She pointed at a tall man and a striking red-haired woman as their image flickered past.


    "Who are they?"


    "Anton Sevarius and Dominique Destine!" Elisa said.


    "Sevarius?" Morbius asked. "The geneticist?"


    "More like 'mad scientist'," Elisa replied. "He turned my brother into a freak. And the woman he works for is a bigger monster than he is. According to Strange's memories, the two of them have a research compound outside Metropolis where they're performing these experiments."


    Another image flashed across the screen, a red-haired female gargoyle.


    "That's the creature!" Morbius exclaimed. "She's the one who abducted Dr. Langstrom and caused the accident that made me a living vampire!"


    "Demona!" Elisa said. "A lot of things are starting to make sense."


    "Is that so, Nancy Drew?" a voice said from the office door. Elisa and Morbius turned to see a bizarre sight. A scrawny, timid looking man stood there, flanked by two rough looking gangsters. He held a ventriloquist's dummy in his arms. The thing was also dressed as a gangster and holding an under-sized Tommy-gun.


    "The Destine broad is a friend of my new boss," the puppet said. "When she said somethin' was up at Doc Strange's place we hadda come all the way from the Big Apple to check it out. An whadda we find but a couple of wanna-be shamuses puttin' their noses where they don't belong."


    "I r-remember the woman, Scarface," the little man said. "Sh-she was in Arkham with me."


    "Shaddup, Dummy!" the dummy said. "Much as a hate to croak a nice-lookin' tomato, it's curtains for you, sister, and your pasty-faced friend too. Mugsy, Rhino, ice 'em!"




    Scarface and Ventriloquist are the versions seen on Batman, TAS. Scarface has his tommy-gun.



    Morbius is the standard Marvel Comics version



    Mugsy and Rhino are present and will help Scarface. Each of them is carrying a pistol. They are the versions seen in Batman, TAS.



    Elisa Maza will back up Morbius. She is carrying a pistol


  13. Congratulations, you completely missed the point.


    What makes it the worst act a hero has committed, is not that he puts them in jail.  It's that he does so knowing, with no uncertainty, that they are going to break out and kill several people, before he stops them again, rinse and repeat.


    And not just that, he does that "despite having the knowledge, influence, and resources, to(without killing them) ensure that they would not be able to escape."


    He could do more but fails to do more... so it's a 'sin of omission?'


    How do you see him using his knowledge, influence and resources to imprison them without hope of escape?


    Doc Savage was a similar kind of hero (a wealthy, peak human genius) who also struggled with this issue. Doc's solution was his secret "Crime College" in upstate New York. the criminals he captured were sent there (without the knowledge or consent of the authorities) and subjected to brain surgery. This cured the patients of criminal impulses and robbed them of long term memory. Doc's staff would then prepare new identities for the patients, train them in a useful skill and set them up in a new life.


    I've seen arguments on both sides about the morality of this.


    Again, inspired by a thread on CV:


    What is the worst act, that a hero has committed, while not being mind-controlled or otherwise influenced?




    My own answer:


    Batman - Over and over again, putting serial mass-murderers in prison, knowing, with no uncertainty, that they are going to break out and kill several innocent people before he can catch them again. Rinse and repeat. And doing this, despite having the knowledge, influence, and resources, to(without killing them) ensure that they would not be able to escape.


    It's called accessory to murder(and various other crimes), negligent homicide, or at worst, conspiracy to commit murder(and various other crimes)





    Batman doesn't put criminals in prison and more than a police officer does. He captures them and they go into the US criminal justice system where they are convicted. You can indict the legislature in the DCU for not having harsher sentencing guidelines, the DCU court system for the actual sentencing, or the DCU penal system for it's gross incompetence.


    While the criminal justice system in the DCU is criminally flawed on many levels but law enforcement (the part that Batman is formally connected with) works fairly well. He's not to blame for the parts that don't work any more than a policeman is responsible for the sentencing or imprisonment of the people he arrests.


    You could argue that someone like the Punisher is more effective in such a broken system. He usurps the role of the judicial and penal elements of the city which are the most badly broken. Batman usurps the role of law enforcement, which is also broken but not nearly so badly.


    But there's no cogent way to claim that he's a conspirator or an accessory to any crime. 

  15. This is part of an arc. The last chapter can be found at The Question vs. Mysterio.


    This is the wrap up for Dr. Octopus vs. the Golem of Prague.




    The police hunkered behind their cars, knowing that they offered little protection against the powerful arms of Dr. Octopus.


    "Oh, Crap," Stan Carter said, peeking over the hood of his unit.


    "What is it?" Detective Matt Bluestone asked.


    "Now we've got another monster to deal with."


    Matt took a look as a massive, stony man-like creature lumbered toward the supervillain. He smiled and ducked back down.


    "I think this may be a good thing," he said. "Pass the word not to fire."




    Otto Octavius grinned as the defeated officers stopped firing. Puny fools! As if they ever had a chance against his amazing arms. He commanded his limbs to carry him away, but one was stuck. Turning, Octavius saw that his arm was held in the grasp of what looked like a walking statue.


    "Let go of me!" he yelled and smashed at the creature with another limb. The blow struck the creature's head with a loud and vaguely musical "pok" but did no evident damage. It responded by using its grip on Octavius' metal arm to hurl him into a storefront across the street. His arms cushioned the impact but the indignity of it rankled.


    "You may be strong," he said, "but you can never match the inventive genius of Otto Octavius!"


    Doc Ock lashed out with all four mechanical arms, battering the Golem with a series of blows, any of which would have crushed a car. The creature made little attempt to parry them, but strode through the barrage inexorably, reaching for him. At the last moment, Octavius used his arms to climb out of the Golem's reach.


    "I see I've been too gentle," he said. A mental command set the blades at the ends of his arms spinning with enough force to cut through sheet metal like cardboard. His first stroke made a gash across the Golem's chest and his second cut deep into the head before grinding to a halt.


    Unperturbed, the Golem grabbed the trapped arm and pulled it in two directions, snapping it in a feat of impossible strength. Otto cried out in pain, as one of his real arms had been violently broken.


    As the Golem lurched at him again, Dr. Octopus recovered enough to order his arms to carry him away. As he did, he saw the wounds he'd made on the Golem seal themselves, as if an invisible thumbed has smoothed a blemish on a clay sculpture.


    "you're powerful, whatever you are," he said, "but power alone will not save you!"


    He lifted a parked car and hurled it at the golem, then another, then another. Within seconds the creature was buried beneath half a dozen automobiles. Octopus used his blades to slash open several gas tanks, then struck a spark. The pile of cars was transformed into a nightmarish inferno in seconds and Dr. Octopus backed away, grinning.


    A moment later the cars began to shift as they were forced apart by impossible strength. The Golem emerged, its body ablaze, striding through the flames and wreckage as if they were inconsequential.


    "Inconcievable!" Octavius said.


    He activated his blades again and struck with a berserk fury. This time the Golem caught an arm and used it like a rope to reel Octavius in. In desperation the little scientist began resisting, he grabbed a light post with one of his arms and a fire hydrant with the other, but these tore loose under the slow, steady pressure of the Golem's pull.


    "Please, don't do this," Octavius said, his earlier confidence gone from his voice. "Please don't kill me!"


    "The Golem continued its relentless pull and, when Octavius was in range, raised a stony fist to crush the life from him.


    "Golem, no!"


    Octavius sobbed as Max Loew stepped out of a nearby doorway and approached the Golem.


    "Don't kill," the young man said, and the Golem froze in position.


    "See that?" Max pointed at the round plate in the center of Octavius' harness. "That's the power source for his arms. Remove that and the police can handle him."


    The Golem put a huge hand to the plate and gently removed the experimental battery. Dr. Octopus' arms went limp and the little man collapsed into a sobbing, shaking mass.


    "Good job," Max said.




    Thailog rose from the bed and strode to the window to watch the rising sun. Behind him, Tala stirred. Gathering a bedsheet around her she moved to stand beside him and leaned against him.


    "I've never seen it before," Thailog said.


    "The sun?"


    "The condition I inherited from my 'father.' Stone by day, warrior by night. Now, thanks to you, the day is mine as well."


    "Carpe deum, darling," Tala said.


    Thailog chuckled.


    "So," Tala asked, "what gave you the idea of being human by day and gargoyle by night?"


    "Demona. You would know her as Dominique."


    "That little redhead who is always playing up to Lex?"


    "You sound jealous, my dear."


    "No more. I've had enough of that preening egotist." She stretched to loop her arms around Thailog's neck. "How do you like your human form?"


    "It is weaker than what I am used to, and more vulnerable, but by human standards it is…" he paused. "What would you say."




    Thailog chuckled again.


    "I have a second spell I'd like you to cast," he said. "An ally of mine called Coldstone who needs some… peace of mind."




    "No," Thailog said, scooping her up in his arms. "Later."




    Bruce Wayne woke knowing that something was wrong. He lay there for a moment analyzing everything his senses told him. he was keenly aware of the cool breeze through the window, the warmth of Natasha's body, the even rhythm of her breathing, the faint aroma of her perfume. There wasn't anything wrong that he could tell, but the sense of foreboding wouldn’t go away.


    Moving with practiced stealth, he slipped out of the bed without waking her and left the room. He went to his office first and checked the alarms in the manor. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. He rang for Alfred but the butler didn't answer.


    That never happened.


    He cast a regretful glance back at the bedroom. Something was happening that Batman had to handle. He only hoped he could discover what was wrong before Natasha woke up.




    Natasha Romanov woke knowing something was wrong. The bed was empty; she didn't understand how Bruce could have slipped away. She had been trained to wake at the slightest disturbance; it bothered to think she might be losing that edge. What they had discovered in their brief time together was magical, and she wondered if it was softening her.


    She rose and slipped on a robe, then took a cunningly concealed device from her compact. Using it she scanned the thermal trail Bruce Wayne's body heat had left. She followed the trail to his study where he had looked at a concealed panel. The panel was locked, something sophisticated that would take time to deal with. She made a mental note of the location and moved on.


    Bruce's tracks continued to an old style grandfather clock where the train abruptly ended. Natasha frowned. She was familiar with secret passageways, of course, but it troubled her to find one here. She had dared to hope that Fury and that Waller woman had been wrong about him having something to hide.


    Of course it made sense that he was. Her luck was never that good.




    Jean DeWolfe sat in the darkened tunnel with only a thick candle to give her light. She didn’t hear the bestial man's approach until he was right on top of her. With an oath she drew her service automatic and pointed it at his face. The man didn't react except to tilt his head to the side quizzically.


    Jean drew a shuddering breath as she recognized Vincent.


    "Did I frighten you?" the beast man asked.


    "I thought you were Sabertooth for a moment."


    "I suppose there is some resemblance in the shadows."


    "No," Jean said. "There really isn't. I've just been on edge. You weren't there when Red Wolf and I fought that monster. We hit him with everything we had and he just kept coming, he killed my partner and I thought he'd killed Red Wolf too. I still have nightmares about that."


    "You care for him."


    "Red Wolf?" Jean forced a laugh. "He's a good guy, I suppose; as crazy superhero types go anyway. I really think the costumed crowd should just let the police take care of the bad guys."


    "Like Sabretooth?" Vincent asked.


    "Yes! I mean…" Jean hesitated, uncertain of how to continue. "You know what I mean."


    "I think so," Vincent said, sitting next to her. "You don't want to see any more harm come to the people you care about. You want to protect them."


    "Yeah," she replied. "I guess that's why I became a cop."


    "I understand," Vincent said. "I have the same need to protect my friends. So, I think, does Red Wolf."


    "Yeah," Jean said. "I just don't want to see him get hurt."


    "You do care for him."


    Jean glared at Vincent, then looked down.


    "Lotta good it'd do me if I did. He's bound to end up with Greer in the end."


    "Your friend?" Vincent asked. "I have not seen anything like that between them."


    "Maybe, but she's the type who always gets the good guys. She's tall and sweet and model-pretty. I'm just…"


    "Your beauty is different from hers, but no less real. And, as you said, you and Red Wolf are very similar in some ways."




    "Let us not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments," Vincent said.


    "You mean you really think…" Jean trailed off as she realized the beast-man was staring intently into the darkness.


    "Vincent?" she said.


    "Intruders," he replied. "Make your way back to Father and the others. He and Callisto must get them to safety."


    "What about you?"


    But Vincent had already vanished into the darkness.




    "I don't like this," Silvio Manfredi said. He and his daughter Sable were sitting in one of the large rooms of his Long Island estate.



    "What, papa?" Sable asked.



    "The hit's a bust, Marko's in the hospital, Connie ran like a little girl, and there's no sign of Warhawk. I'm getting' my head handed to me by that mook, Lincoln, in this war."


    "Don't let it get to you," Sable said. "You're ten times the man he is and the tide has to turn soon."


    "Silvermane?" came a voice from Manfredi's intercom.


    "What is it?" he asked, pressing the button.


    "Warhawk's here and asking to see you."


    "Warhawk?" Silvermane said softly.


    "Don't let him in the gate," Sable said, reaching past her father to press the button. "I'll come out to see him."


    "But, he's already at the house," the guard said. "I don't--"


    The voice was cut off in a burst of gunfire and a scream followed by the sound of a door smashing.


    "What the hell?" Silvermane said.


    "It's some kind of trick," Sable said, drawing her pistol. "Hide, papa. The boys and I will deal with this."


    "I didn't get to be head of the biggest Maggia family on the East Coast by running form a fight," Silvermane said. "Besides, with my new armor, I'm more than a match for anything Lonnie Lincoln can throw at me."


    He pressed a button and silver armor folded out to cover his suit.


    Then Warhawk burst through the door, a smoking machine-pistol in each hand and a glassy look in his eyes.




    Warhawk is the version who appeared in Iron Fist. He is as invulnerable as Luke Cage originally was (bullets bruise but do not penetrate his flesh) and not quite as strong (lifts about 2.5 tons.) He is a skilled martial arts expert and former special forces sniper. He has an M-16 assault rifle slung over his ack, two MAC-10 pistols, and two hand grenades. He is under Calipso's voodoo spell and is capable of only fairly simple thinking.


    Silvermane is the version seen in Spectacular Spider-man. He is wearing his cybernetic battle armor (which, in this arc was provided by LexCorp) which let him hang with Tombstone and Dr. Octopus.



    Silver Sable is also in the room and will act to protect her father, Silvermane. She is the version seen in Spectacular Spider-man but is not outfitted for combat. She is wearing civilian clothes and has a pistol.


  16. This is part of an arc. The last chapter is at Cheetah vs. Tygrus.


    This is the wrap up for Christopher Chance vs. Ubu.


    Disguised as the Bronze Tiger, Christopher Chance has infiltrated the League of Assassins. He was trying to glean what the League was up to. Unfortunately, something has happened to shatter his cover. Steel Serpent resented being replaced on his assignment and demanded a trial by combat. Ra's al Ghul allowed this and pit him against Midnight and Shen Kuei, who proved to be too much for even this deadly warrior. When the Tiger lost, Ra's ordered his execution. Chance couldn't allow this and knocked Merlyn, Ra's executioner, unconscious. Now, Chase has to escape the League's Metropolis base.




    Chance was holding the arrow to Ra's al Ghul's throat when a massive hand closed around his wrist. Ra's slipped away and Ubu tightened his grip until the arrow fell from Chance's hand.


    "I shall crush you, dog" Ubu said.


    "Not today, meathead," Chance said. He ducked beneath Ubu's arm, twisting the giant's arm behind him as he did. He struggled to hold it but Ubu, by sheer brute strength, started to power out of the hammerlock.


    Chance let him go and backed up. Below, he could hear footsteps on the stairs. That would be Ra's men, including Midnight and Shen Kuei. He knew he'd never escape once they'd reach him.


    Ubu swung a powerful blow. Ducking beneath it, Chance drove a right cross into the giant's belly. Ubu grunted and Chase followed with an uppercut that rocked him and Ubu went to his knees. Chance sprang to the balcony railing. It was a long drop and there was the chance of breaking a leg, but it was a chance he had to take.


    But Ubu wasn't finished. A huge arm encircled Chance's neck and he was lifted from his feet. He tried to elbow and kick his way free but with his feet dangling in mid-air couldn't generate enough power. As his vision began to go black, he put both feet on the balcony rail and thrust back. The move forced Ubu back a step and threw him off balance. It didn't break the chokehold, but it got Chance's feet back on the ground. Grasping the choking arm, chance did a sacrifice throw that sent him and his assailant over the railing and to the gym floor thirty feet below. They hit hard with Ubu on the bottom.


    Chance rose shakily to his feet; Ubu wasn't moving. He couldn't tell if the giant was dead or alive, but there was no time to check. He staggered toward the exit with as much speed as he could manage.




    Shen Kuei and Midnight came out onto the balcony. As one they moved to the rail, ready to pursue.


    "Stop!" Ra's al Ghul said.


    "Master?" Midnight asked.


    "Send four men to pursue the Tiger," Ra's said. "I have been delayed too long. I am going to see the detective and the two of you will accompany me.




    Steel Serpent staggered into an alley. His fight with Midnight and Shen Kuei had left him badly battered and unsteady on his feet. He heard a noise and looked up to see two of Ra's al Ghul's ninja blocking the end of the narrow passage. A quick glance back confirmed that two more blocked the entrance.


    "Does the Master have so little respect for me that he sends such dogs?" he asked.


    "Die, infidel!" the lead ninja said. Drawing weapons, the four converged on the Steel Serpent.


    Ninety seconds later the warrior from K'un Lun emerged from the alley, leaving four lifeless corpses behind him. He had escaped pursuit, for now, but he felt much too conspicuous in his fighting garb. He prowled the streets until he saw a man about his size. A quick nerve pinch and the man fell unconscious. Davos left him alive but took his clothing and cell phone.


    There was only one more matter to deal with. Bronze Tiger had saved his life and that gave him a debt of honor to repay. No doubt the Tiger was already dead, and Davos had more immediate business to deal with, but he could do something to inconvenience his former master in the meantime. Taking the man's cell, he dialed a number.


    "SCU, Captain Sawyer's office," a female voice replied.


    "I must speak to the Captain," Davos said. "I have information she will want, about the League of Assassins."




    "What do I need all these goons for?" Sabretooth said, gesturing at the gand of black-clad security men.


    "I'm certain you can take care of any opposition yourself," Dominique Destine replied, "but you can hardly carry back several dozen homeless people by yourself. You deal with any guardians the people in this underground world may have and my men will tranquilize and abduct all the test subjects I need."


    "Sure," Creed said. "Whatever."


    He turned to the men.


    "What are you standin' around for? Manhattan's a two hour drive. Load up and let's roll out!"




    Question looked down on the lifeless body for a moment. His reverie was interrupted by Owen Brnett's voice coming through the PA system.


    "Don't be fooled by the body," Burnett said. "It's a fake. The real Chameleon is making his way to the rear entrance."


    Question took a last look. If this was a dummy it was amazingly lifelike, but that was to be expected of his foe and his allies. He raced to the rear of the warehouse in time to see Chameleon struggling with the door.


    "I took the liberty of locking it," Burnett's calm voice said. "They have a very nice control center here."


    Question launched himself and Chameleon turned just in time to see the kick that sent him to unconsciousness.




    "Ah, Dr. Sevarius," Thailog said rising from his desk. "And who is this?"


    Sevarius grinned and put his arm around the young man's shoulders.


    "This is the lad I told you about, sir, the one with the rather remarkable abilities."


    "Peter Parker," the youth said, extending a hand. "I'm glad to meet you."


    "I'm impressed," Thailog said. "I'd never have guessed he was a clone. You haven't shared this with Demona, of course."


    "Of course not, sir," Sevarius said with a grin. "She still thinks I'm working exclusively for her. And I've managed to refine the… ah, prime directive programming since we cloned the gargoyles."


    "I'm glad to hear that," Thailog said, settling back in his chair. "Tell me Peter, what is your greatest goal in life?"


    "Obey Thailog," the young man said with a grin.




    Question stepped into the warehouse office that Chameleon has been using for his headquarters. It didn't surprise him to see that Owen Bennett was no longer bound, but was sitting at a bank of monitors working, one-handed, on the keyboard.


    "Why did you help me?" Question asked. "Chameleon was your employee."


    "A free-lancer, and an unreliable one at that," Owen said.


    "You'll regret this, Burnett!" the Chameleon said. "I have a lot of dirt on you and Xanatos."


    "I doubt our faceless friend will find that very relevant," Burnett said, pointing to a monitor. On the screen an image of the Creeper could be seen, lashed to a metal grate in a storm drain which was rapidly filling with water.


    "Where is he?" Question demanded.


    "Fool!" Chameleon said. "That laughing hyena has harassed me for too long. Why do you think I'd help you save him?"


    "That is the question," the Question said, his voice grim.


    "That won't be necessary." Owen said. "The opening to the drain is downstairs in his associate's workroom."


    The three went downstairs to the Tinkerer's workshop Owen indicated a metal plate in the floor.


    "Open it," Question said.


    Grudgingly, Chameleon nodded to a lever and Owen threw it. The plate opened, revealing a set of stone stairs led down to the chamber where the bound Creeper could be seen.


    "Well, well, a rescue attempt," a voice said.


    Looking up the three saw the bizarre form of Mysterio on a windowsill overlooking the workroom.


    "Mysterio, kill th--" the Chameleon said. He was cut off as Owen crashed a stone fist into his head and his unconscious body went tumbling down the stairs.


    "Fools!" Mysterio shouted. "You shall rue the day you dared to cross the malefic mystical might of Mysterio!"




    Question is the version seen in Justice League Unlimited.



    Mysterio is the version seen in Spectacular Spider-man. This is his HQ so he's got lots of nifty stuff, but has had no prep time for this fight and has not replaced his homunculi.



    Owen is from Gargoyles and will be helping Question in this fight. He will not be reverting to his Puck form for this fight or using any overt spells, however he is wise to the ways of illusion, which may help. He also has a left fist made of stone.


  17. No offense to this, but I don't know how much I like another site callig itself the Electric Ferret if it is not the Electric Ferret. Especially porting all the topics verbatim. It's a little slap in the face to me. I'm cool with spin offs, (Tarvius and I are creating a spin off site) but Electric Ferret has history and I don't know what's going to go down on your site and I'm not sure I like seeing Electric Ferret tied to it.


    That's just me, but I really don't like the direct port approach. Borderline offensive.


    You could call it Natural Gas Vole?

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