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  1. Why are you setting up a fight which, by your own analysis, is a stomp? I don't see the point.
  2. So Marvel has retconned their Callisto as being a master of most martial arts, huh? That has become such a lame cliche they (and DC) pull out for every street level character. I liked it a lot better when she was a bad-ass street fighter with mutant enhanced senses and reflexes. Oh well... I like both characters and have used Callisto (Marvel) a lot in my big arc. Callisto (Xena) is (with Joxer) my favorite character from that series. When Lucy Lawless was injured and Hudson Leick took over as Xena's mind in Callisto's body, I thought she made a better Xena than Lucy ever did. Anyway, I think Callisto gives Callisto a good fight, but ultimately Callisto has this in the bag. Callisto (Marvel) is a very good fighter but she's far from Marvel's best. Storm was able to beat her in a hand to hand (or knife to knife) fight on Callisto's home turf in their first encounter. Storm is good. She's learned to be tough on the streets of Cairo and had the intensive hand to hand training all X-Men get. But Storm is no stronger or faster than an athletic woman of average size. Also, most of her X-Men training is in how to use her mutant powers most effectively. While she's certainly picked up a lot, that's never been enough of a focus to put her on the level of characters like Shang Chi, Black Widow, Batroc, etc. And if she can't fight at that level, neither can Callisto. Callisto (Xena) on the other hand is so good that she regular does things that defy the laws of physics. While Hercules/Xena are wildly inconsistent about their characters' levels of strength and skill, Herc, Xena, Callisto (and often Gabrielle) operated at clearly superhuman levels. Callisto wins!
  3. Four hours have passed! There can be no exceptions! Resistance is futile! Prepare to be assimilated/exterminated/scolded!
  4. So... how do we play? Can I just declare that my guys go through the obstacles with no problem?
  5. I'm gonna try to do this without any characters created for comic books. Batman - Doc Savage Nightwing - Nichoals Linnear (from the Ninja novels of Eric VanLustbader) Robin - Alex Ryder Batgirl - Modesty Blaise Oracle - The Doctor
  6. Robin vs. Gambit - I'd give Gambit the edge in agility because of his powers and Robin the advantage in fighting skill. Gambit the advantage of size and strength because this is a young, small version of Robin. Robin has lots of thrown weapons and is very good with them. Gambit has an unlimited number of explosive throwing weapons. Gambit is a sleazy jerk and in a just world he would never win a fight with anyone. Based on his powers, though, I think he has a slight edge on the pre-adult Robin but I don't see a decisive victory for wither of them right away. Raven vs. Mastermind - I don't remember anything about Mastermind's mental abilities form the cartoon, bt I don't think it's a good idea for him to messing around in Raven's mind. I think he's going to give her a rough time for a few minutes, then she's going to fry his brain. Starfire vs. Pyro - Pyro normally wouldn't stand a chance, but it looks like you're hinting that he can manipulate the fiery energy of Starfire's bolts, which makes this interesting. I see it as a good fight until Starfire realizes that she should stop using starbolts and overwhelms Pyro with her strength and flying powers. Cyborg vs. Colossus - I'm guessing that Colossus is a little stringer and quite a bit more durable. If Cyborg realizes this and uses his sonic blaster the fight's pretty even. Beast Boy vs. Sabretooth - Sabretooth in the cartoon was much stronger than a gorilla, and was able to thrust a car through the roof of a parking garage. Beast Boy is going to have to use a larger form like an elephant or a T Rex to overpower him. Fortunately, this version of ST doesn't have nearly as jacked up a healing factor. If BB uses his shape changing creatively, he can at least stalemate Creed. So, the boys are stalemated the first round but the girls win their battles. That allows some double teaming in round two and the Acolytes won't stand up to that. But then Magneto will step in to help his weakened team. The Titans will put up a good struggle, but he's too much for them. Unless... raven goes full power again. Since you said this might happen, I'll assume it does. Magneto will give him a hard time but someone who can over Trigon can defeat Magneto too. So, after a long and difficult battle, Titans win.
  7. I don't know everything about where the arc would have gone but I'll try to post some general ideas before Saturday.
  8. I'm probably underestimating Dwight because I haven't watched The Office very much. I was thinking that Sheldon could create something very marketable... like the I-phone app he and the others were working on. Now that you ask though, he would probably turn up his nose at anything that had a practical application. His design specs would also be impossibly stringent. And marketing would be hopeless (though he could do a commercial for it on "Fun with Flags.") No, you're right. Sheldon is much more self-defeating in this area than Dwight.
  9. Infinity Whack a Mole! The Next Thanos maxi series from Marvel.
  10. 1. I think Dwight has this. Boxing means actually touching your opponent. 2. Sheldon wins, especially if he gets to use the special pieces he created. 3. Sheldon 4. Sheldon. Dwight is much more likely to start a fight with the wrong person. 5. Sheldon.
  11. I agree, they all basically took a dive in that arc, as did did earth's entire superhero community. I think, if Starlin was writing it, Pip the Troll would solo on the Avengers.
  12. This is part of an arc; the last chapter is at Catwoman, Wolf and Black Cat vs. Penguin, Jay Lark and raven, and Vulture. This is the wrap up for Fox and Moon Knight vs. Kai and Sora vs. Los Hermanos de la Luna and Kyle Abbott. ********************************************************************************************************** Moon Knight attacked the werewolves with silver throwing crescents and a grenade that filled the air with powdered silver. He landed among the stunned choking werewolves and began attacking them mercilessly with silver truncheon and silver spiked cestii. When the gargoyles swooped in, Moon Knight mistook them for more attackers, triggering a fierce three way battle. The gargoyles finished the weakened werewolves but before the fight between them and Moon Knight, Fox was able to let them know that they weren't enemies. She showed them the villains standing victorious over her protectors at the base of the cliff. Moon Knight and the Gargoyles decided to join forces against Whisper A'Daire, Kyodai Ken and the Silver Samurai. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Steel Clan arrived at the warehouse just in time to rip open the storm drain and rescue Owen Burnett, the Question and the Creeper. Xanatos let the heroes live but left them trapped in the drain while he took Owen home. They were able to escape a short time later and Question promised to help Creeper pick up the Chameleon's trail again. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question shared his information about Wayne Enterprises creating bat-themed weaponry with Thailog. The gargoyle decided to learn more about Bruce Wayne and told Chameleon to infiltrate the company again. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Luke Cage and the rest of the Manhattan clan joined Goliath and his group in Metropolis. A short time later, Max Loew and the Golem joined them as well. They discussed a plan to attack the Zoo, defeat Demona's forces, and free her prisoners. Max told them about a news bulletin he had heard on the way, about a hideous man-spider terrorizing the city. They found a television and saw the report. Lexington pointed out that the creature appeared to be wearing the tattered remains of a Spider-Man costume and they realized it must me him, possibly altered by Demona and Sevarius. ********************************************************************************************************* Christopher Chance was caught by half a dozen of Ra's al Ghul's assassins in a Metropolis alley. Wounded and unarmed, Chance was still putting up a good fight when his opponents suddenly began dropping under a barrage of plasma stun bolts. His rescuer was a motorcycle riding cowboy with a red bandanna. The two conferred and discovered they were both allies of the Batman. Vigilante took chance back to the old abandoned high school building the League of Assassins was using as a base. They saw that the Metropolis SCU (called by the Steel Serpent after betraying the League) had the place surrounded. Vigilante and Chance conferred with Maggie Sawyer and Dan Turpin. Chance said that a frontal assault would be suicide because of Merlyn. Maggie confirmed that the deadly archer had already started taking a toll on her men. The group came up with a plan; under cover of a smoke screen, Vigilante would get into the building and take out the archer, then the SCU would attack. Using his lariet, Vig ascends to a fourth story window and enters. Prowls the floor for several minutes, taking out two of the League's killers. Hearing a slight noise, Vigilante spins around and sees an arrow flying at him. He just manages to shoot it out of the air, then the fight is on. ****************************************************************************************************** Merlyn is the only assassin on this floor but he will use stealth, cover and every trick he knows to kill the hero. Vigilante is hte version seen in Justice League Unlimited. He is armed with his lariat and two pistole that resemble old west six-shooters but are actually plasma weapons that fire stun bolts.
  13. This is part of an arc; the last chapter is at Robin, Jana of the Jungle and Jonny Quest vs. Jade, Turquesa and Obsidiana. This is the wrap up for Kairi Tanaga, Colleen Wing and Misty Knight vs. Whisper A'Daire ********************************************************************************************************** Colleen and Misty are bodyguarding Fox Xanatos and have hooked up with Colleen's old friend, Kairi in Japan. When they are attacked they send Fox up a stair on a sheer cliff and position themselves to guard the bottom of the stairs. Misty fires her pistol but the bullet is deflected by the Silver Samurai's heavy armor. Whisper uses one of her energy lashes to disarm Misty. Colleen moves in on her and Kairi attacks Kyodai while Misty goes after the samurai. Misty gets a couple of good shots in before the Samurai cuts her bionic arm off. Colleen does well against Whisper but Ken quickly takes care of Kairi then blindsides colleen, knocking her out. ************************************************************************************************************** Azrael contacts Batman who gives him a rendezvous point in Manhattan. Midnight overhears this and plans to be there also. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Black Widow meets with Wildcat in Metropolis and the two begin investigating Talia's disappearance. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Greg Saunders is entering Metropolis when he hears a report on the police band about SCU moving in on a League of Assassins stronghold. He decides that his meeting with Wildcat and the Black Widow will need to wait while the Vigilante helps out the police. ******************************************************************************************************** Penguin is leaving the Iceberg Lounge at 2:00 am with his three bodyguards in tow when he is confronted in the bodyguard by Catwoman wanting "her diamond" back. "Selina," Penguin said. "Don't you remember what happened last time?" "Sure do," she replied. "That's why I cane with friends this time." She raised a hand and Black Cat and Wolf appeared out of the darkness." "I see," Penguin said. "Well, it's fortunate that I have friends also. Friends in high places, you might say." The Vulture swooped out of the night and the battle began.
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