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  1. Why are you setting up a fight which, by your own analysis, is a stomp? I don't see the point.
  2. So Marvel has retconned their Callisto as being a master of most martial arts, huh? That has become such a lame cliche they (and DC) pull out for every street level character. I liked it a lot better when she was a bad-ass street fighter with mutant enhanced senses and reflexes. Oh well... I like both characters and have used Callisto (Marvel) a lot in my big arc. Callisto (Xena) is (with Joxer) my favorite character from that series. When Lucy Lawless was injured and Hudson Leick took over as Xena's mind in Callisto's body, I thought she made a better Xena than Lucy ever did. Anyway, I
  3. Four hours have passed! There can be no exceptions! Resistance is futile! Prepare to be assimilated/exterminated/scolded!
  4. So... how do we play? Can I just declare that my guys go through the obstacles with no problem?
  5. I'm gonna try to do this without any characters created for comic books. Batman - Doc Savage Nightwing - Nichoals Linnear (from the Ninja novels of Eric VanLustbader) Robin - Alex Ryder Batgirl - Modesty Blaise Oracle - The Doctor
  6. Robin vs. Gambit - I'd give Gambit the edge in agility because of his powers and Robin the advantage in fighting skill. Gambit the advantage of size and strength because this is a young, small version of Robin. Robin has lots of thrown weapons and is very good with them. Gambit has an unlimited number of explosive throwing weapons. Gambit is a sleazy jerk and in a just world he would never win a fight with anyone. Based on his powers, though, I think he has a slight edge on the pre-adult Robin but I don't see a decisive victory for wither of them right away. Raven vs. Mastermind - I don't re
  7. I don't know everything about where the arc would have gone but I'll try to post some general ideas before Saturday.
  8. I'm probably underestimating Dwight because I haven't watched The Office very much. I was thinking that Sheldon could create something very marketable... like the I-phone app he and the others were working on. Now that you ask though, he would probably turn up his nose at anything that had a practical application. His design specs would also be impossibly stringent. And marketing would be hopeless (though he could do a commercial for it on "Fun with Flags.") No, you're right. Sheldon is much more self-defeating in this area than Dwight.
  9. Infinity Whack a Mole! The Next Thanos maxi series from Marvel.
  10. 1. I think Dwight has this. Boxing means actually touching your opponent. 2. Sheldon wins, especially if he gets to use the special pieces he created. 3. Sheldon 4. Sheldon. Dwight is much more likely to start a fight with the wrong person. 5. Sheldon.
  11. I agree, they all basically took a dive in that arc, as did did earth's entire superhero community. I think, if Starlin was writing it, Pip the Troll would solo on the Avengers.
  12. This is part of an arc; the last chapter is at Catwoman, Wolf and Black Cat vs. Penguin, Jay Lark and raven, and Vulture. This is the wrap up for Fox and Moon Knight vs. Kai and Sora vs. Los Hermanos de la Luna and Kyle Abbott. ********************************************************************************************************** Moon Knight attacked the werewolves with silver throwing crescents and a grenade that filled the air with powdered silver. He landed among the stunned choking werewolves and began attacking them mercilessly with silver truncheon and silver spiked cestii. When
  13. This is part of an arc; the last chapter is at Robin, Jana of the Jungle and Jonny Quest vs. Jade, Turquesa and Obsidiana. This is the wrap up for Kairi Tanaga, Colleen Wing and Misty Knight vs. Whisper A'Daire ********************************************************************************************************** Colleen and Misty are bodyguarding Fox Xanatos and have hooked up with Colleen's old friend, Kairi in Japan. When they are attacked they send Fox up a stair on a sheer cliff and position themselves to guard the bottom of the stairs. Misty fires her pistol but the bullet is
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