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  1. enough about me lets get back on the topic or there will be an argument
  2. it's a good team up, Especially since their both from hell
  3. DSkillz you make a good point and thanks for Answering my question oh and hey potterpuppetpals i can't help it, samus has the perfect everything, perfect legs, perfect face, perfect hair, perfect ass but yeah i just happen to not like marvel, i used to like it but anymore but back to the topic yes bruce lee can kick the old mans ass.
  4. is there a website that lets us vote who we think the most powerful character is?, i can't check because this is a school laptop i'm using
  5. i'm not a fan of marvel, i'm not into superhero crap like spiderman,batman,superman they kinda bore me to death marvel stuff are mostly for children and no i am not ####ing trolling alright now can you please stop being so rude to someone ya don't even know there are lots of people who don't like marvel stuff anyway but yes i am 100% sure that bruce lee can win oh one question please,do i have a picture of alex mercer?,because on my screen there is a picture of zero suit samus, hmm must be a computer glitch
  6. who is the most powerful videogame character anyway?
  7. Rinzler (Tron) would definitely win this one
  8. i just read the story of her and i must say, not very impressive plus jason can't die right? never seen the movie or played the game
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