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  1. After Anti-Monitor destroyed the positive matter Multiverse He was indestructible, absolutely lethal, and utterly unstoppable. But Then he saw Yog-Sothoth as a Multiverse maybe he can become more powerful if he absorb Yog-Sothoth! But Yog Is not going to let that happen so then he summons the Avatars of Yog-Sothoth to help him out. Then Anti-Monitor summons a massive horde of shadow demons To Help Him Out Too. Anti-Monitor And his shadow demons vs Yog-Sothoth and his Avatars Who Will Win? Who will die?
  2. As Goku And Superman Keep Falling To The Toon's. They Can't Beat Them Since They Have Lot Goku's And Superman's But...There Last Thing To Stop The Toon's From Taking Over Is Calling all of there Help From There Universe! And then The Valiant Universe Help Goku And Superman. Stop The Toon's Once All For All! -------------------------- -Team 1 Don't Have Any cosmics or reality warpers -Everyone Is Bloodlust Who Will Win? Who Will Die?
  3. Heh what's next? Dragon Ball Universe vs. Booster Gold and Blue Beetle?
  4. Why Backing Up Vegito and Gladiator? If they going to get f******?
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