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  1. In short: Society sucks, and idiots who instead of correcting and help fix bugs people, insult them and still want to improve without any guide, thank you.
  2. sirmethos And I just wrote a text and I was treated like an idiot ... you were born crying, nor why his mother slapped you right? your arguments are invalid
  3. My god, how kind you are to give welcome to newcomers like me ¬¬
  4. Come on! Hurry, do not want to waste time facing xenomorphs, xenomorphs are altered in laboratories and are very strong, which your arsenal? -Hauka
  5. (I'm using my Hauka (the Yautja / Predator and this is my first map =)) Come on, wake up! We need to go! We're into the Xenomorph Hive! Do not be frightened by my face, now they are going after us! And here is a copy of a map I did! Use it! -Hauka Map link: file:///C:/Users/AmbushBR/Documents/Mapas%20para%20o%20FPL/Hive%20island%201/Hive%20Island%201%20%28%20indicator%20%29.png
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