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  1. This stroy happends in the New 52 and Before AVX Happends. San Francisco Utopia.The X-men where in the main hall haveing a meeting about how they should deal with all the other meta-humens. Then Cyclops speaks. Cyclops: Welcome X-men have a sit and look at the screen above you. Emma: Who are they and what do they want ? Cyclops: They call them self The Jusitce League and has you see they work for the Goverment since they save the world form this DarkSied person which means they might come for us mutats next so we attack before they do so they dont get the heads up one us whats say you all ? Emma: i say yeah how about you Strom ? Strom: i Agree Magento: yay ! Colossus and Magik: Yay ! Cyclops: i take it you agree as well Namor ? Namor nods yes Cyclops: good i need Danger. Danger: im here. Cyclops: bring up the files on The Justice League please. Images pop of the JL Superman file come up frist Cyclops: This is this there leader Superman says his an alien for, the planet called Kryton. Name Clark Kent/ Kal-El he works at a news papers compeny called The Daily Planet.Powers, Super Strength, Super Speed, Flight, Invulnerability and Inhandets Senses his is very dangerous. Colossus: he dose not look so though Cyclop:Dont underusment him my friend he is the strongest one on the team. Next we Batman a humen with no powers but yet is very uesful and very skilled. He has a Genius- level intellect,Master Martail Arts, Acorbat,detective, strategist, tactician, and escapologist He also has Use of high tech equipment, weapons, & gadgets and other means as well. Cyclops: This one man is The Flash He clames he is the fastest man alive we will see. Then this one is called Aquaman he has some of the same powers as you Namor. Namor: Ha is man is nothing like me ! Cyclops: the last three are called Wonderwomen, Green Lantern and Cyborg. Strom: Who is this Wonderwomen ? Cyclops: I dont have time to explane everone so read up on them befor attack Meanwhile in space at the Justice Legue HQ The League came back form saving the world from evil. Superman: good job team a other day saved by us. Wonderwomen: that be ture Clark who well join me for a meal ? The league looks at her with tired eye. Wonderwomen: no one ok then. Then BOOM a big hole is blasted throw the siad of builting then Cyborg seals up the hole form a computer. Batman turn to ask him whats happing ? Batman; whats happing Stone who attacking us ? Cyborg: I dont who they are Batman but they have guts to attack us hear ! Green Lantern: Well lets go say hello shall we ? So The JL rush to see who there attackers are. Superman: Who are you and What do you want us The Justice League ? Cyclops: Im Cyclops learder of the X-men and are loger going to hide from the govament or you, Xmen Attack !!! So the fights begings Superman vs Cyclops and Emma Frost Wonderwomen Vs Strom Batman vs Psylock Cyborg and Auqaman vs Danger and Colossus Green Lantern and Flash vs Magneto and Magik Who well win well you'll have to see next time !!!
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