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  1. the creeper eats to get body parts jason makes people eat him to take their body over so thats 2 times the urge to eat jason then jason takes his body over so he still wins
  2. is trunks burning attack really have all the power of the sun?

  3. the claws cant pentrate his skin theres only one kind of metal that can do that and its not adamantium so get some krytonite or some magic in there and you got a good chance but heat vision kills wolverine easily
  4. jason wins but even if the creeper did he would be *vulgarity*ed up and have to eat jason for parts and then jason takes over his body and then you have the worst possible killer the word has ever seen
  5. jean grey wins obvi beast boy and beast ?????? wolverine couldnt even hurt superboy cyclops and cyborg cyborg more abilities starfire beats iceman forsure gambit and nightwing are pretty much tied accept for nightwing has way more toys impules is too fast for storm or colossus to touch but storm loses and then kid flash takes a mighty bitch slap from colossus then he and impules just play the waiting game
  6. ok we have 2 of the most pwerful teens in the universe here one half kryptonian, half human and one half sayin, half human Superboy- Clone of superman the Man of Steel, powers include flight, invulnerability, superhuman speed strength and hearing, x-ray vision, heat vision, telescope vision, and super breath plus a short temper he gets all of his power from the yellow sun and his weakness is kryptonite Trunks- son of vegeta one of the most powerful sayins ever, superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, and energy waves. he has amazing fighting skill and has the power to go super sayin these two will fight on Earth because of its yellow sun.
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