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  1. Dark Phoenix with the win - Life-Force Control: The Phoenix Force can control and manipulate life and death itself. (Marvel Wiki) Concussive Force Blasts: It can wield this energy to project beams of immense concussive force powerful enough to destroy whole planetary bodies. Quantum Singularity: It can transmigrate throughout time and space by folding its energy back into itself, causing it to collapse akin to a black hole. It then reforms itself upon reaching its destination. Energy Absorption: It can directly absorb, manipulate, and fully control any type of energy such as Cyclops' ruby-red-colored optic blasts or the entire energy of a star, black hole, or even a whole galaxy. Odin has skills/abilities/powers, but I think she/it has it.
  2. Hi all, Let see if this is better.... ------------------------------ Time: 20 minutes into the future Place: Washington, DC, USA Earth OSI Offices "Ah, Steve. Please have a seat." Steve nodded at his old friend Oscar, wondering why Oscar would wake him up at 3 in the morning. Must be something really big. The lights went down and Oscar clicked a switch, protecting a real time image from a defense satellite. The enhanced image clearly showed a saucer shaped object, similar to every UFO report/sighting that occured throughout the 1950's and 60's. "Ok, I'll bite. Where in the south was this reported?" Oscar held up his hand. "Snide comments aside, this is an image of a vessel that shows a distinct heat signature and what maybe what could be considered life forms." "I've fought Bigfoot, now I'm gonna visit E.T?" Oscar smiled. "To an extent, yes. But you will not be going alone, I've asked STAR labs to contact someone that has extraterristrial experience. Your partner will be Victor Stone, son of - " Steve finished. " Victor works with some sort of group, correct?" There was a knock at the door, and Oscar crossed the floor. Opening it, he looked at the tall, metallic, organic man and with a wave, asked him to join them inside. "Correct Colonel Austin. I work with the Titans, formerly the Teen Titans. I'd like to apologize for overhearing the conversation, but you can call me Cyborg." Steve rose from the chair, sizing up the younger man. "This isn't first gen bionics.." Cyborg gave Steve a big grin. "Oh no sir, I'm fourth gen, or I was at the time of my accident. I've been upgraded, augmented so many times." "Can you tell us what you know about the vessel?" Cyborg looked at the screen, letting his glowing eye become a pointer, showing them different places on the vessel. "I've spoken to UNIT, and the Brigadier, and they've uploaed their data to me. The vessel is a Dalek ship. nasty little mutants inside their own little rolling, flying death machines. And the vessel holds thousands of them. If they don't outright kill you, they'll attempt to turn you into a 'puppet', under their control. Oscar's secretary opened the door to the office. "I'm so sorry for intruding Mr. Goldman, please watch the city video feed." "What is it now?" He grumbled. Snapping the image to that of a local CCTV feed, Oscar, Steve, and Cyborg all watched as battleship grey humanoid looking figures started to appear at random all over the street, all saying "You will be upgraded, or you will be deleted. Comply." "Can I go back to bed now?" Steve quipped. "It's too early for an alien invasion." "Cy', what do you have in that bag of tricks you call a body?" Cyborg merely turned away from the monitor, and his head swiveled, allowing his eye to cast a blood-red glow in the darkened office. "Hey, Cy', you wanna arm wrestle when all this is over?" _______________________________________________ All Daleks are the 'new' Daleks, as they appear in the WW2 Churchill episode "Victory of the Daleks". Cybermen are from the alternate universe/parallel episodes "Rise of the Cybermen", and "The Age of Steel". Cyborg is from nuDC52 Six Million Dollar Man is post series with upgrades to keep up with tech, not quite as up to date as Cyborg. __________________________________ I hope this is better, even though its a rumble.
  3. Sorry about the double post, I'm trying to get the hang of the quote function, and I messed up.
  4. I'll have to check out the hall of Past Glory. Question..? How far back do matches go, in order to see if they have been done before? Damaging, Marx - thx for the comments/remarks. I'll try to do better as I make these.
  5. This is my 1st match, I tried to see if it had been done, couldn't find it. Sorry if I missed it.
  6. "Hey guys, I'm gonna go for a 'burger, anyone want anything?" Barton asked as he slipped his coat on, looking for his keys. Avengers Mansion was unusually quiet this early at night... Not hearing anything, he grunted an 'oh well', and closed the door behind him. Walking to his car, he had a funny feeling about going out unarmed and dismissed it, that is until a bright blue glow came over him, and he saw his car shimmer out of existence, or was it him? **** Oliver was enjoying one of his rare moments of not being on monitor duty at the Watchtower, so he was in a sporting goods store, browsing through the archery equipment, picking items up at random, looking for ease of use, carrying weight, etc., when a blue glow surrounded him just as he let go of a shiny new bow. *It's a survivor-type contest where the two are dropped sight unseen onto an island, where the two will be under the watchful eye of CCTV at all times. The island is self-sufficient, and each archer will be able to fend for themselves. (The signal from these 'encounters' will be sent via satellite to other interested parties bored with 'Reality TV. This is SUPER Reality TV.)* Each archer will be able to construct their bows and either standard, or 'trick' arrows, using parts they might find from old airplane and ship wrecks dotting the island shores. Question is: Which character can make it out alive? This isn't some vote-'em-off kinda show. It's kill or be killed.
  7. For some reason I wrote the post and didnt think about the pics..I MEANT the heroes vs. the villians regardless of the pics. Is there a way to fix this?
  8. Hi all, As usual, there is a disagreement between two villian characters as who's better. A mysterious figure comes to both mercenaries - Deathstroke and Taskmaster and gives the two info on Batman and Moon Knight (powers, abilities, weaknesses/strengths, etc.) A small fortune will be given to the one to take out both heroes. Conditions: Since MK has had several different looks, weapons, and such, I'm basing it on the original character from Vol. 1. Moon Knight is kinda nuts, is said to have superhuman strength derived from the bite of a werewolf interacting with the silver in his armor. (Not sure.) He is said to be as strong as ten men under the full moon, though his strength is normal under a new moon or an eclipse. Moon Knight carries special weapons from the cult of Khonshu, including bolas, golden throwing crescent-darts shaped like scarabs, an ivory boomerang, throwing irons, and a golden club in the shape of an ankh that glowed in the presence of danger that can be used as a throwing weapon or bludgeon. (wiki entry) Batman: any time before his outfit became movie like in appearance. Post Crisis, before all the advanced materials and whatnot. (I happen to like the 70's solo Batman suit, and the 'Troika' batsuits.) Utlility belt: Keep it 'real' - No Bat-shark repellant or things like that. Scene: Traditional urban environment Can Batman and Moon Knight take out Deathstroke and Taskmaster?
  9. If they did, I never saw..that's why I asked, and I wanted to see what others thought, not just the folks at DC. I believe that Barry could beat Supes using all he's got, and Wally would do it by tapping into the Speed Force, and taking Supes' kinetic energy from him. Supes would run over Jay Garrick.
  10. I guess I'm noticing that Skadoosh, thanks for the reminder. I was trying to give in-universe reasons for fictional characters that can ultimately act however they are written, however I do believe that if one asked each of the creators, "Would X do that?" They might say that No, they wouldn't, but I'm enjoying readng a lot of the reasons why so and so doesn't work against this or that character anyway. "Let's get ready to rumble!"
  11. Hi all, I was trying to see if I could find this matchup..its not really a battle, unless a race is a battle. Which Flash has a better chance of beating Superman in a race? Just for completeness, think pre/post for each character. Ex. pre Crisis Supes versus pre Crisis Barry post Crisis Supes versus new 52 Barry, and so on.
  12. Wow, I thought that with TD being more of a gadget kind of guy could stop JT before it got nasty. He beat TD bad in the TT HQ, and I had the opinion he (Tim) would be ready the next time. I was thinking of the training he'd gotten from Lady Shiva....He has beaten Lady Shiva in sparring, Bruce, and his (TD's) own intelligence deducing weak points, and using his smarts and various tactics he'd learned. Comic book writer Fabian Nicieza commented: (Wiki) He is "the smart one" of the Bat-family, the thinker and planner. I mean, of course Bruce Wayne/Batman is what he is, and Tim isn’t quite there yet, but Tim at 17 has a more developed intellect than Bruce at 17 did. That’s not to say Dick Grayson or Barbara Gordon are dumb, of course they’re not, but Tim’s level of thinking is a bit... thicker... than theirs. For me, Dick is about superior reflexive thinking, Barbara about superior operational thinking and Tim is about superior comprehensive, or all-encompassing, thinking. What I love about Tim is that he shares some of the strongest traits of various Bat-family members. The intellect and detective skills of Bruce, the ability to lead others and be a friend to others like Dick has and even the ability to make cold, harsh decisions like Jason does.[30] I guess I've never liked JT and called that 900 number to kill him when the Joker had him beat down.
  13. IDK, I'm a big Bats fan, but something just makes me think that he'd still not kill, esp. based on the way he's been written to act. If Barbara Gordon being paralyzed still couldn't get Bats to kill Joker, than what will, a fight against someone physically superior and that has been doing it for way longer than Bats. I just don't see both characters fighting to the death, because it would go against their morals which you just can't throw away. Cap could incapacitate Bats and walk away, beacuse of the fact he could stay in the fight longer, leaving Bats bleeding on the ground. Oh, I could remember this is a battles board, and not philosophy 101. Fun board btw.
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