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  1. More than likely savage Hulk wins by default as sooner or later he'll get so pissed off he just chucks the other two about 100 miles away.
  2. Well Solomon Grundy gives a hard time to Superman and Green Lantern but I think Thor will take it after a hard fight.
  3. So how does one truly determine a winner in crossover matches? Perhaps this would be a good topic for a disscussion? Although I geuss it's been done to death.
  4. Yes I have and the last time I check Crossbones could also kick some major tail in the h2h department. He routinely gives Captain America a hard time.
  5. I fully understand about red tape. I'm just using a what if scenario here.
  6. So if that project could be ressurected ? Which director would you like to see heading it up?
  7. This is a modern day retelling of classical Hercules' most famous fight. The place the Los Angeles convention center the event. A post Academy awards party hosting literally thousands of movie stars and other very important celebraties. Tony Stark who had been scheduled to be a presentor at the awards as well as being an escort for Paris Hilton comes down with stomach Flu at the last moment and has to find a substitute . Hercules who happens to be visiting the west coast Avengers headquarters at the time agrees to fill in for him. Herc wearing a rented tux s without his Mace or any communication devices to contact the Avengers with. He is enjoying the party drawing the attention of many of the single and even not so single women there. When suddenly the doors burst open and in rush over two hundred well armed HYDRA agents along with a dozen Drearnought battle robots.. Leading them is the supreme HYDRA one Baron Strucker himself. Yes I know HYDRA does not usually lower itself to such mundane crimes as holding hostages for ransom but after so many failed mega operations that have gone asunder they find their cash reserves starting to get a little short. The Baron "Ladies and Gentlemen we are your new entertainment for the night. and as each of your families or associates pays us the sum of one million dollars you will be released however if ransoms are not paid by the time the sun rises you will be eliminated," Herc screams. " Base villians. You have treatened innocent men and women. You have interupted my revelry and now you will cause me to damage this rented garment. Have at you." With that he launches himself towards the nearest Dreadnaught and the battle begins. Can Hercules overcome this modern day HYDRA and rescue the hostages? Or will they be able to do what their ancient namesake wasn't able to do, and kill the Demi God?
  8. Two Chivkens enter one Chicken leaves as an eight piece extra crispy meal. Robot Chicken FTW.
  9. Well she is hot in those fishnet stockings. But you also left out Doctor Druid on the Marvel side.
  10. I think Superman has an advantage in strength and speed nut there's still supe's vulnerability to magic. What happens if he gets hit by one of Thor's mystically derived lightening bolts?
  11. Everyone seems to be forgeting Luthor's in this fight too. This is a guy who routinely gives Superman a hard time.
  12. Except Doom could give lessons to Bane when it comes to prep. Unless they were plucked out of their seperate realities and just dumped in the desert and told to fight for the survival of their world.by some cosnic beung or something.
  13. So then Robocop has a lot better chance of walking away with the drand prize. Namely his life.
  14. The Joker 'Yo Mamma's so stupid. She thinks Batman is a batboy that grew up". Deadpool replied. "Oh yeah. Well yo Mamma's so ugly Lepers ;look at her and say. Oh you poor thing you".
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