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  1. Master/Crazy Hand as a playable character. Steve (minecraft) (super mode could be Herobrine) Squirrel Girl
  2. Accio Muggle. Avadacadvra. Win for Voldemort.
  3. heh, let me say that again. I said 'he's a panda' as a response to magnmax's post where it is said he knows all the types of martial arts known to MAN. As for the previous post Po is alot about redirection too, just in a different way. And he could always just switch to a different style in the middle of the fight. Also, is Morpheus even strong enough outside the matrix to hurt Po?
  4. Po is a panda. His attacks are going to bounce back at him.
  5. Booker not getting close to hellboy, he can always use undertow to throw him away or into the volcano.
  6. Booker is not going to get close to him and will repeatedly use his guns/vigors. Whatever shots hellboy fires booker can return with the vigor 'Return to Sender' or simply tank it with 'shield'. The terrain may favor Hellboy, but Booker will not voluntarily come close to the lava. Hellboy may be tough, but eventually he will go down.
  7. speed, possibly. skill, not even close. Just because Po is clumsy doesn't mean he doesn't have skill. His favored style relies on that kind of thing. In the tv series Po has also done a hadoken-style fireball.
  8. If Marvin actually tried, he would easily win the elections. He's got the biggest 'brain' in the universe and could easily make squirrel girl look like an actual squirrel in the debates. Thing is, he never tries.
  9. Well, he does need to fit in the category, so that settles that. Sandman wins.
  10. the most powerful version of Po is the Po in the tv series. He knows a lot more special movey type things and is easily powerful enough for Morpheus. For example he can a spinning lightning kick that sent a rhino flying. He has also invented new styles for different opponents, like the legendary 'princess style' for opponents bigger than him.
  11. Yeah, she can't transform into anything that passes the boundaries.
  12. He could create the perfect system. But wold tell so depressingly everyone would vote for squirrel girl. Though beware of those witty comebacks in the debates, Squirrel Girl.
  13. 4.he can tank rpgs without much flinching, he'll hit just fine 5.with posession he could make her turn into something else, then shoot her 6.see 5 7.see 6 also he's not defenseless melee-wise, he has a rotating hook arm. if the animorph had some ranged capability, it would help her, but the thing is she needs to get fairly close to hit booker, and at that point he can just posses her/ use some othe vigor
  14. 3.if booker has 30 secs - 1 min break (can't remember exactly) break between lunges, he recharges 4.but the animorph will need to melee. pretty easy to hit things from that range 5.examples? 6.so rachel probably gets the first blow, then booker shoves a fireball in her mouth 7.also, if all else fails, booker can use possesion and make her stand there whie he blows her up
  15. @jesus 1. there is only one of the animorphs fighting booker 2.at his most powerful he has all of the vigors and the maximum amount of shield, health, and salts 3. shield recharges extremely qiuckly and is powerful enough to tank a few rpgs 4.yerks are horrible shots, booker isn't 5.rpg/machine gun takes any animal thrown at him 6.it takes time to concentrate to transform into an animal, doesn't take much time to pull a trigger
  16. Could. But most of the time wouldn't. Hippos aren't resistant to an rpg in the face.
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