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  1. Coming soon to CBUB (or http://electricferret.freeforums.net/ it depends)... Carrie White... Eric Northman... Lisbeth Salander... And Sherlock Holmes... THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN: 2013
  2. Thank you. http://electricferret.freeforums.net/ And you'll definitely be seeing more from me. Since that new forum site you directed me to will be sort of a successor to this website once this one closes down, I'll be starting on my new arc, one inspired by Dinsdale Piranha's idea for a modern League...
  3. It's over. Thank you all for your encouragement, everybody.
  4. The nuclear explosion lit up the heavens like the grand finale of the 4th of July. John Connor squinted his eyes and saw the fireball expanding, the shockwave bursting all the surrounding clouds. Nobody spoke as they waited for the heat to reach them. Waited for the blast wave to reduce them to ashes. But other than a gust of hot, dry air that caused the various soldiers and heroes to cover their eyes, nothing happened. Superman had saved them all. Connor fought back tears and shock as he rasped “We’ll... we’ll have to move quickly if we want to avoid the fallout. Wayne, Diana. Let’s keep moving.†As they filed away, still at a loss for words, Bruce kept looking up at the fading aftermath of Superman’s sacrifice. Clark... there had to be another way. It didn’t have to end like this. But almost as if answering him, a small dark shape caught his attention. Peering at it through his binoculars, he saw the shape soaring towards the east. **** Clark, did you see the recent nuclear test by Pokolistan? Yeah, Lois? What about it? I don’t know. If it weren’t for what those things do, all the destruction they cause... I’d think they were beautiful. Just the sight of something so powerful, so awe-inspiring. Reminds me of a certain someone. Clark opened his eyes. Where... The bomb. Joker! Sitting up, he found himself on a riverbank. His suit was in tatters, the circuitry fried and his cape nearly gone. Looking around him Clark stood up shakily, trying to find his bearings. Before he had blacked out the last thing Clark remembered was fighting Joker with a kryptonite dagger lodged in his hand. The Joker had lost all of his composure, and the explosion had elicited nothing but laughter from him. It seemed fitting that in the face of death Joker just found it amusing. Clark turned to his hand, and saw the wound just finishing the healing process. But after closing, it left behind a scar. Of course this is the second or third nuclear explosion I’ve lived through. Between that and the kryptonite, I may never have my full power ever again. Closing his fist and looking down. Maybe it was for the best. With all the death and destruction he had seen, maybe it was time for... “Clark!†Turning around sharply he saw Bruce. Walking over to him it slowly dawned on Clark that he might have succeeded. “Bruce, is everyone all ri-†KRAK. His head turned sharply as Bruce punched him in the face, but it was clear that it hurt his old friend more than it hurt him. Bruce swore under his breath and clutched his hand in pain. “You idiot. You had us all scared... Everybody thinks your dead.†Clark chuckled awkwardly. “You? Scared?†But his smile faded as he saw Bruce with a look of pain on his face, and not just from his hand. “Do you have any idea what your survival meant to all of us? I don’t know about you, but none of us are ready for another funeral Clark.†For a moment they were both silent, Clark shocked at Bruce Wayne of all people nearly breaking down. Suddenly, for the first time in a long time Clark saw just how tired Bruce looked. And in turn how exhausted he felt. “Maybe... you were right the first time. Maybe Superman did die up there.†The look of frustration disappeared from Bruce’s face completely. “What?†Clark gestured at everything around them. “Look around us, Bruce. Sure, I saved the day. I stopped Joker from killing you and the rest, but I can’t solve all of this. Not as Superman. I’ll do what I can to help Connor rebuild what we’ve lost... but as Clark Kent. I’m tired of fighting, Bruce...†Bruce stared at him. But after a moment he sat down, Clark joining him. “I don't blame you, Clark. I doubt you’re alone in feeling that way. But before we get to sentimental, didn’t you stop to think about who dropped you here?†Clark frowned. “I don’t quite follow.†Bruce pointed west, “Some sort of plane carried you from the battle to here. I don’t have clue who was flying it, but look nearby and I think you might see something familiar.†Clark peered around and sure enough he saw a collapsed metal sign. A sign he passed every day of his childhood. WELCOME TO SMALLVILLE! **** “This is John Connor. We’ve been fighting a long time, but it gives me pride to say this to all of you; the war is over. In spite of everything Skynet threw at us, all the horrors we’ve faced, and all of the losses we’ve suffered, we won. And now that humanity is saved, we can finally start again.†Dick Grayson and Kori’andr stood together on the edge of a balcony, holding each other as they watched the sunrise. **** “This world is broken. But in time, we will fix it together.†Victor Stone proceeded to work with the other engineers on blueprints for a contained garden. The first of it’s kind in years, with many others to follow. Nearby, a newly forged plaque read IN MEMORY OF THE TITANS **** “For the sake of all of those who sacrificed themselves, we must carry on what they fought and died for; creating a better world for ourselves and those who follow.†Damian and Barbara smiled at the people returning to settle down in New Gotham. A Gotham that would be at peace. A block away, Bruce Wayne set down a flower at the ground in a lonely alleyway. “I love you Mom. I love you Dad.†And with tears rolling down his face, he smiled. **** “This wasn’t achieved by one soldier, one hero, but by all of us. We are all heroes, having stood together and saved the world yet again.†Oliver Queen, Dinah Lance, and Mari McCabe pulled up the hologram of the crashed Watchtower. It wasn’t in the best shape, but it was better than nothing. The world still needed heroes to help it along, and they would be there. Always. **** “Know that as you move forward into this new day, you are never alone.†Diana set her armor and weapons down at the temple of Athena, finally having achieved her mission of bringing peace to man’s world. Standing up and looking around at the ruins of Themyscira one last time, Diana then flew back to the former Resistance headquarters. Mankind’s work was only beginning, and she would always be there to help them. **** “We have all been given a second chance to correct the mistakes of the past and provide a better future.†Lex Luthor beamed as the rebuilt Fortress of Solitude reflected the Northern Lights above them. Having mastered the technology inside, he would share it with the rest of the world, as he should have done years before. Luthor had finally become the hero he had always aspired to be. And as he stood there he realized the truth: This is how Superman felt every single day. It was time to live up to his example. **** “There will always be hope for humanity. Past, present, or future we will find a way. We always have, and we always will.†Clark Kent wandered around the ramshackle farm buildings where the Kent farm used to be. This hadn’t been here when he had last visited. Wondering who had found the time to build them, he opened the door to behold a small group of men, women, and children sitting down for breakfast together. But he only had eyes for the one woman sitting at the other end of the table, smiling as if she had been waiting for him. “Lois...†“This is John Connor. There is no fate but what we make.†** THE END
  5. Oh no, it's not THAT powerful. It's a hydrogen bomb.
  6. Superman burned through the superstructure underground, finally arriving at the source of the radiation he had sensed. Looking around at his surroundings, he saw that he was in the heart of the pyramid, a spherical device at the center of the room. This must be the bomb. But where's the Joker? Activating his x-ray vision, Superman peered around the eerie base, examining the bomb and trying to formulate a way to disarm it. "Trying to figure it out, are you?" Turning around sharply Superman saw a horrific sight. The Joker sat in a harness that looked like a gruesome cross between an electric chair and the hook-up devices in The Matrix. Joker was grinning sadistically as he directed the actions of his makeshift war machine, synched to it's actions by a series of plugs attached to his head. And to add to his surreal appearance a camera was propped in front of his grinning face. "Don't bother, boyscout. By the time you figure out how the bomb works, it'll blow. If you try to disconnect it, we both go up. If you attack me, I'll trigger it." Knowing that he couldn't trust anything Joker said, Superman continued to form a plan. If he is telling the truth, I have to find a way to stop the trigger. I can't disconnect it right away, and I can't wait. "Set 'Chuckles' to automatic pilot." Hearing motion behind him, he turned and jumped at the sight of Joker leaping towards him. The plugs had been disconnected and he was carried by a thin exoskeleton to heighten his speed and strength was carrying two knives made out of... "Kryptonite." **** "How many lives has this man, this monster ruined? If I don't stop him now, everything we've fought for will mean nothing. I can't stop now. But how many more have to die before this ends? Well, I know the answer, but I don't like it. Just. One. More." TERMINATOR: JUSTICE **** Her ears ringing, Black Canary ran for cover from another volley of plasma from the massive abomination piloted by the Joker. With haste, she tried to stop the bleeding on Green Arrow's leg. He had barely dodged the detonation of a T-X, but the plasma discharge from it's destruction had crippled him. Looking around at the battlefield, she saw that their forces were scattering. Poison Ivy had immobilized the machine by tying it to the ground with massive thorns, but it had quickly incinerated her. She had died shielding a squadron of solders from the blast. Whether Superman stopped the Joker's nuke or not didn't seem to matter at this point. ** Steel was attempting to cripple the left arm that kept firing explosives at his allies, but he was having little success. The clown's face had disappeared from the monitor so that meant that Superman was doing his job. Now they had to do theirs. "DIANA! GET THE OTHERS OUT OF THE WAY, I'M GONNA TRY TO BLOW THESE BOMBS EARLY!" As if in response, the robot right arm came down to swat him off. Dodging to the right, Steel swung his hammer in an attempt to knock on of the bombs out of the arm. One fell out, and exploded; seven feet from him. ** Starfire saw the explosion from where she was, melting down the last of the Skynet ground forces. It didn't take a second glance to know what had happened to Steel. Fighting back a yell of anguish, she turned to see Raven walking up to the massive robot. "Raven! Come back!" The robot had raised it's arms to fire all of it's weapons, and if they didn't move none of them would make it far. "Raven!" The empath turned slightly for a moment, to glance back at her old friend. "Cyborg is wounded, but he can still function. Help him fly back to the base with our troops." She then turned back to the monster, facing upwards without blinking. "I will hold this machine off." Starfire tried to protest but Raven interrupted her. "GO." A hint of her demonic power vibrated through her voice. Starfire began to move towards her but she was sent flying back. ** Batman saw the last of the heroes and soldiers abandon the battlefield, but somehow he felt it wouldn't make much of a difference. "Kory? How's everything coming?" No response from his communicator. "Kory?" Looking out towards the Joker's massive robot, he squinted as he saw a bright flash. As the light cleared, he saw an orb of incandescent energy surrounding it. As he tried to get a better view he saw Starfire flying towards him. "What's wrong?" Tears were flowing down from her glowing green eyes. "We have to go." Looking back, his heart started to sink. "Where's Raven? Where's... Where's Tim?!" ** Raven and Red Robin stood in front of the robot, strangely emotionless. "Have you analyzed it's weak points, Tim?" The former sidekick to Batman pointed to a panel on the left side of the machine's plasma reactor. "Yeah. I guess all that's left is... Do you think there was any other way?" The half-demon sighed. "The blast will kill everyone if we don't contain it. Rather I die than see my only friends burn." Tim smiled grimly. "Then... this is it." As the monster raised it's damaged arm to crush them, Raven closed her eyes and raised her hands. "I'm coming, Gar." ** The explosion blew a gust of hot wind into everyone's faces. Bruce looked at the aftermath of the blast, an orb of energy dissipating over an area of scorched earth. "Tim..." Damian tore his mask off, looking at the scene with his naked eye instead of through his mask's lenses. The Joker's weapon lay in pieces, smoldering. And it had taken Rachel and Tim with it. "No... No. Tim, you st-stupid... son of a..." Bruce took his son and hugged him before he broke down completely. Fighting back tears of his own, he saw the other heroes staring in shock and sorrow. Kori'andr and Dick were crying into each other's shoulders; they were now the last of the Titans. Bruce cleared his throat. "Alright, what are you standing around for? We have to go." Diana looked at him with a look of resignation on her face. "Bruce... It's over. Joker will surely detonate the bomb now." Nearby, John Connor approached. "Are you sure about that?" The heroes turned to where he was pointing and saw Superman flying up into the sky, carrying the bomb. And Joker was with him. **** "ARE YOU INSANE?!" Joker had his remaining dagger dug into the Kryptonian's hand, but Superman only used that as leverage to carry Joker into the sky with him. "Maybe. Even if this bomb goes off, even if it kills us all, you won't be there to see it. For years we all fought you, we thought we could keep you locked up. We thought we could stop you. But now... Now it's time for it to end. You made the mistake of bluffing, and you forgot who you are talking to. Your heart skipped one beat when you said the bomb would go off if I disconnected it. You always were a compulsive liar." Joker grinned. "So? You'll die too. From the bomb, or from..." He immediately loosened the kryptonite dagger and grabbed Superman by the neck with his free hand. As he brought the knife down Superman blasted his hand with heat vision, halting it before it slashed his throat. "Yeah. I suppose I will." And with that, he threw the bomb further into the atmosphere, and grappled with Joker as the sky burned. **** (And it all comes down to this. It was hard choosing who lived and who died. Ivy, Raven, Red Robin, Steel, I salute you all. Now for the climax. This what will decide how my saga ends. The ending I described in the forums, or the end of the world for real? Could Superman get the bomb far away enough into the sky to save everyone? Can he survive the explosion?)
  7. Well that's no problem. I started them as Word documents anyway!
  8. It's been a great time, guys. If I cannot finish my last Terminator/DC chapter in time before the site closes down, I might as well give some closure in a summary of the story's ending. Superman confronts the Joker while the Resistance and the superheroes manage to take down Joker's massive machine, but Tim Drake, Poison Ivy, Steel, and Raven all die in the battle with Cyborg and Green Arrow badly wounded. Joker triggers the detonation of the nuclear bomb, but Superman takes matters into his own hands by taking the bomb into the upper atmosphere. Joker clings on to him with a kryptonite weapon to make one last attempt to kill him, but Superman loosens Joker and leaves him with the bomb as it detonates in the sky. At first Superman is out cold and is falling to his death, but a plane carries him to safety. Batman, Wonder Woman, and their allies find him unconscious and Batman tracks the plane's course. Superman is tired of fighting and when the world is done rebuilding iitself he vows to give up the mantle of Superman. Batman gives Superman the location of the plane, and he flies there. As Connor gives a final narration, the scene shifts back and forth between Superman discovering a hidden camp of refugees and the each hero finding their own closure. The last shot is a shocked Superman finding a smiling Lois, alive and well, waiting for him. THE END
  9. I'm sorry, what? The website's closing? For good? That's not right. Btw, fairly good setup, and I'll have to give it to Liberty Prime.
  10. I got an idea! How about they adapt this? I kid, I kid.
  11. So from what I can gather, most people here would like to see something along the lines of Superman/Batman Public Enemies. And thus having Lex Luthor as the villain. Any other suggestions for how to handle Batman, like his suit/gadgets, or the actors for Luthor or Batman?
  12. I myself would go for somebody like Bomer (if he built some more muscle), Sam Witwer, or my current number one choice... MICHAEL MOTHER-F***ING FASSBENDER! Also, if they make Batman own Superman right after the latter's big comeback, I'll be pissed. Dark Knight Returns ruined Superman, so they should not follow that at all. But then again Zack Snyder did say that Superman is the first and greatest, so I still have hope he'll stay true.
  13. Hey guys, it's good to be back after a while. Well guys... Comic Con's announcement is everywhere by now. It's official. The Man of Steel sequel will have the God-d*** Batman! I myself found it to be a bit rushed after Man of Steel, hoping for at least one more Superman movie to establish him more. But if that's my only REAL complaint, then I'm psyched. So I created this little forum on which we can share our ideas for the Superman/Batman film. Should they fight at first? Who should be the villain? Who would you cast as Batman? And what DC movie would you want to follow this one? Share below, and have fun!
  14. Bruce puts up a good fight, but he eventually loses to the Dick's superior stealth skills and experience with superhumans.
  15. Zod. Even though magic can affect Kryptonians, it doesn't exactly guarantee a victory for Loki. The blasts from him scepter could at the most stun Zod, but only for a brief moment. That's all the time Zod needs to come right up to Loki and smash him. Plus his armor could absorb some of the blast. And if he doesn't feel like smashing Loki, he could just fry him with his heat vision
  16. Superman wins. Death Battle. I thought we were done with this fight
  17. Yeah. I thought he was a really good choice, and he nailed the role as I hoped he would.
  18. Had a feeling you'd say that. It's going to be hard choosing who makes it and who doesn't. Unlike George R.R. Martin, I don't enjoy killing my characters off.
  19. By the time the Resistance reached the compound, the platoon of T-800’s had nearly breached its lower levels. But Wonder Woman and Steel made quick work of them. Steel walked over to the last functioning T-800 outside, kneeling down to observe it. The morbid smiles painted on each machine with blood were just first of a few surprises with these machines had packed. Each was equipped with a self-destruct mechanism, designed to go off as soon as the machine could no longer fight. In addition each T-800 had a compartment of pressurized acid in their chassis, a plasma rifle welded to each arm, and disorienting lights that would flash in the face of their target. Despite Diana’s invulnerability and John’s armor, they had a share of scrapes and bruises from the previous battle and this one. “Let’s head inside. If we’re lucky we can still save whoever Skynet targeted.†As Diana and John opened the door, a whirring sound forced her to push him out of the way. A shock coursed through Diana’s body as a taser latched itself onto her. As she grunted in pain she pulled on the taser and held her fist up to the person holding it. “DIANA, WAIT!†Looking up she saw Batman, his armor smoking and torn. The hallway was littered with more T-800’s and the remains of two three automatic turrets. Turrets with the Wayne Enterprises logo on them. Looking down Diana gazed at the wounded old man with his arm in a cast, coughing and glaring at her in exasperation. “Still punching first and asking questions later... Did you really think one of those things would use a taser?†Stunned, Wonder Woman pulled Bruce Wayne up gently and kept staring. “Clark’s not going to believe this...†**** “It is all starting to come to an end. We can all feel it. Clark, Bruce and I faced down any challenge the world, the galaxy, the universe could throw at us, but this is different. Everything we have ever known has changed forever. Bruce can no longer fight as Batman, Clark lost the place he could call his true home, and now I too am the last of my kind. It’s all coming to an end.†TERMINATOR: APOCALYPSE HENRY CAVILL: CLARK KENT/SUPERMAN GINA CARANO: DIANA/WONDER WOMAN JIM CAVIEZEL: BRUCE WAYNE CHRISTIAN BALE: JOHN CONNOR DULE HILL: VICTOR STONE/CYBORG ANDREW SCOTT: THE JOKER **** June 2029 Superman, Wonder Woman, Bruce Wayne, and John Connor sat down in the Resistance headquarters, overlooking a globe listing the names of all superheroes and their forces still operating Justice League- Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Steel, Vixen Titans- Cyborg, Raven, Starfire Batman Inc- Batman, Oracle, Nightwing Resistance Command- John Connor, Superman, Bruce Wayne Bruce had helped set up a surveillance network to search for any other surviving heroes across the globe. But so far only the League, the Bat-family, the three last Titans, and Superman had been found along with Vixen, a former JLA member. She had set up residence in Africa, guarding whatever wildlife remained. Now she worked with Poison Ivy to guard the recovering ecologies of the world while keeping Skynet contained to their urban centers. Superman looked at the Batman Inc. profile with puzzlement. “Nightwing?†Chuckling as he opened the map for their next campaign Bruce said, “Damian recently figured he was too old to be Robin anymore. Dick was happy to give the Nightwing mantle to him.†The map of Los Angeles appeared before them, with markers indicating where they would meet the most conflict. “This is it. Kyle told my mother stories of the war reaching its peak in Los Angeles this year. But since you are all here now, the war can end that much quicker.†Diana quickly reminded him of the T-850’s words to him on Judgment Day. “The Terminator who saved you and Katherine said that the war ended two years from now, and that he killed you. What can we do to keep the timeline from changing further?†Connor sighed. “We lie. We capture a T-850, and send him back with that same story so I’ll be prepared.†Diana was mortified at first, but then realized Connor was right. When he learned that the Terminator had killed him wearing the face of his childhood savior, he was hardened to make sure he was not fooled when the time came. In 2018 he succeeded. “So this is it. You sent Kyle back not too long ago, and now it’s all coming full circle.†And for the first time during the meeting Clark spoke, his eyes glimmering red with years of suppressed rage. “Then let’s end it. Here... Now.†**** 2 days later, 5:30 PM The initial bombardments were not very successful. Various T-1000’s quickly regenerated themselves while H-K and T-X squadrons held the Resistance soldiers at bay. But as the League, the Titans, and Batman Inc. joined the battle the tide turned in their favor. Superman led the charge, helping direct Connor’s troops while Bruce provided constant updates and even stayed with Connor at the base, surveying the battle. As Superman crashed through another massive Harvester, he was suddenly sent flying by a blast from an Aerial H-K. His back stinging he quickly dispatched it with a well-timed blast of heat vision. Leaping into the Skynet base he quickly blew up a T-X, crushing its plasma reactor and knocking the building down. But as Superman walked out of the rubble, a sudden pinging noise caught his attention. Scanning the area, he looked through the foundation to locate the source of the noise. And as he found it, he froze. Underground was a massive pyramid structure with the Skynet symbol on it. “Diana, can you hear me?†Superman touched the communicator attached to his ear as he started to burn a path to the pyramid through the foundations. “Yes, Clark.†“Tell Bruce and Connor that Skynet has a massive complex underground, and that it’s armed with a nuclear weapon. I have to get in there so I can dispose of it safely. Have them evacuate the troops now. Don’t worry about me, just keep everyone safe Understand?†Even though she wasn’t there, Diana’s alarm was crystal clear. “Clark, don’t! Help us get the troops out, don’t risk yourself needlessly.†Increasing the intensity of his heat vision, Clark shouted, “I don’t have time to argue! Just get out of here! NOW!†** Diana barely had time to protest as the link between the communicators was severed, most likely by Clark himself. Cursing under her breath she flew back to the bunker where the Resistance command was stationed. “Superman told me that there is a nuclear bomb hidden under us. We have to retreat!†Connor shot back, “No, we can’t. We’ve come too far to turn back now.†Bruce interrupted both of them. “I don’t think we have much of a choice.†Looking over to where he was staring, Diana and Connor both gasped at the sight of another army of machines headed their way. At the head was a massive abomination which resembled a Harvester in shape, but seemed to be powered by a massive plasma fusion reactor judging by the lights at it’s core. The body appeared to be an endoskeleton with mimetic polyalloy managing its movements as muscles aided a person’s. But the worst part was the head. A massive monitor with the grinning face of the Joker leered out at the battle before it. “Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s entertainment: A live performance of humanity’s destruction!†Looking at the leaders he continued. “Brucie, it’s so good to see you! Looking gorgeous as always, Wonder Woman! And Connor is it? Hmmm... Haven’t I seen your face somewhere?†Looking between Bruce and John for a moment, Joker quickly rolled his eyes and continued. “In a matter of minutes my little present will go off, and you'll all get your wish. The war will be over. Until then, LET’S HAVE SOME FUN!†Upon finishing his rants, the massive machine fired a massive cluster of bombs out at the Resistance, killing many and sending the rest running for cover. Realization dawned on Diana; Skynet didn't exist anymore. It was just the Joker, wreaking as much havoc as possible before the conflict finally ended. Soldiers and heroes alike readied to face this monstrosity, desperate to end the war or die trying. As Diana readied herself for battle again, she prayed to the Gods one last time. Please. Help Clark. Help us all. **** (Alright. The board is set, the pieces are moving. The Justice League, Batman Inc. and the Titans have to survive the new machine created by the Joker, who has taken control of the machines. He is trying to kill as many of them as he can, while his nuke is set to blow any time. The Resistance and their heroes have to try to survive as long as they can, while Superman tries to disable the nuke. Can they make it? The match isn't about whether Superman can stop the bomb, but rather if the Joker's machine can be evaded by our heroes long enough. Depending on the outcome of this match, I will find a way to conclude this saga once and for all. It's been a hell of a run, you guys. Next installment- Terminator: Justice)
  20. For dark comedy value alone I'm giving this an A The straight forward approach just makes it so darn funny. As for who wins, I say that Slender Man assimilates Ginosaji. The guy already looks a tiny bit like Slendy anyway, so imagine how fun it would be to have two!
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