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  1. Coming soon to CBUB (or http://electricferret.freeforums.net/ it depends)... Carrie White... Eric Northman... Lisbeth Salander... And Sherlock Holmes... THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN: 2013
  2. Thank you. http://electricferret.freeforums.net/ And you'll definitely be seeing more from me. Since that new forum site you directed me to will be sort of a successor to this website once this one closes down, I'll be starting on my new arc, one inspired by Dinsdale Piranha's idea for a modern League...
  3. It's over. Thank you all for your encouragement, everybody.
  4. The nuclear explosion lit up the heavens like the grand finale of the 4th of July. John Connor squinted his eyes and saw the fireball expanding, the shockwave bursting all the surrounding clouds. Nobody spoke as they waited for the heat to reach them. Waited for the blast wave to reduce them to ashes. But other than a gust of hot, dry air that caused the various soldiers and heroes to cover their eyes, nothing happened. Superman had saved them all. Connor fought back tears and shock as he rasped “We’ll... we’ll have to move quickly if we want to avoid the fallout. Wayne, Diana. Le
  5. Oh no, it's not THAT powerful. It's a hydrogen bomb.
  6. Superman burned through the superstructure underground, finally arriving at the source of the radiation he had sensed. Looking around at his surroundings, he saw that he was in the heart of the pyramid, a spherical device at the center of the room. This must be the bomb. But where's the Joker? Activating his x-ray vision, Superman peered around the eerie base, examining the bomb and trying to formulate a way to disarm it. "Trying to figure it out, are you?" Turning around sharply Superman saw a horrific sight. The Joker sat in a harness that looked like a gruesome cross between an electric c
  7. Well that's no problem. I started them as Word documents anyway!
  8. It's been a great time, guys. If I cannot finish my last Terminator/DC chapter in time before the site closes down, I might as well give some closure in a summary of the story's ending. Superman confronts the Joker while the Resistance and the superheroes manage to take down Joker's massive machine, but Tim Drake, Poison Ivy, Steel, and Raven all die in the battle with Cyborg and Green Arrow badly wounded. Joker triggers the detonation of the nuclear bomb, but Superman takes matters into his own hands by taking the bomb into the upper atmosphere. Joker clings on to him with a kryptonite
  9. I'm sorry, what? The website's closing? For good? That's not right. Btw, fairly good setup, and I'll have to give it to Liberty Prime.
  10. I got an idea! How about they adapt this? I kid, I kid.
  11. So from what I can gather, most people here would like to see something along the lines of Superman/Batman Public Enemies. And thus having Lex Luthor as the villain. Any other suggestions for how to handle Batman, like his suit/gadgets, or the actors for Luthor or Batman?
  12. I myself would go for somebody like Bomer (if he built some more muscle), Sam Witwer, or my current number one choice... MICHAEL MOTHER-F***ING FASSBENDER! Also, if they make Batman own Superman right after the latter's big comeback, I'll be pissed. Dark Knight Returns ruined Superman, so they should not follow that at all. But then again Zack Snyder did say that Superman is the first and greatest, so I still have hope he'll stay true.
  13. Hey guys, it's good to be back after a while. Well guys... Comic Con's announcement is everywhere by now. It's official. The Man of Steel sequel will have the God-d*** Batman! I myself found it to be a bit rushed after Man of Steel, hoping for at least one more Superman movie to establish him more. But if that's my only REAL complaint, then I'm psyched. So I created this little forum on which we can share our ideas for the Superman/Batman film. Should they fight at first? Who should be the villain? Who would you cast as Batman? And what DC movie would you want to follow this one?
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