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  1. Liu turns into a dragon and bites Tasky's head off.
  2. Batman entered the World Martial Arts tournament and makes to the finnals. Goku promises batman that he will not use his powers and powers down to the point where he is as strong as Bruce. This is to see who is the better martial artist, so no batarangs or such. Who wins!?
  3. IV HAD ENOUGH!!!! Flash Thomson lost control of the symbiote and turned into venoms true self and attacked the void mindlessly.
  4. Ghost rider wrapped his chain around the tendrills that enwrapped Blackbolt and lit it on hellfire.
  5. This is hell on earth said the rider
  6. Rider and venom quickly ran through the portal.
  7. Blaze went up to venoms cell and attempted to open it
  8. At that the rider ran and jumped on top of the beast neck got onto it's neck and said look into my eyes as he tried to do the penance stare.
  9. Dodging the fire, blaze wrapped his chain around satanish's neck and hellfire cMe from and in the other hand shot his hellfire shotgun at the beasts face.
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