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  1. Christopher Belmont's picture is currently of Richter, can someone please change it to this one: This is actually Christopher.
  2. Alright peoples of CBUB and beyond, Today Ben of Screwattack announced that Death Battle is holding an open casting call for the next Death Battle: He-Man vs. Lion-O. The full information can be found here: http://www.screwattack.com/news/death-battle-casting-call-open-audition-he-man-vs-lion-o Just in case any one was interested that is all.
  3. I tried adding Serious Sam, but someone had just beaten me to it.
  4. let's see. Polar bears are about 10 ft in length (which turns into height when standing) can run like hell, and can take your head off with one paw swipe. Even with the shield and First degree Black belt (TKD) training, I'm pretty f**ked. Only way i see winning is if i could some how get behind it and by some miraculous feat break its stinking neck. Yeah, I'd probably fall prey to the 4 move win. Might last a tad longer but not much. Depends on Bob's build, training, and competence. I think i might have a chance with this one. (1st degree Black belt in TKD, but i am a little rusty.) HAHAHAHAHA. Tony wins. Surfer. I have never surfed in my life. Rancor dies. fried to a crisp and probably missing a limb or two. Bats would probably win this one. Even with Cheif's augmentations I don't know nearly enough about combat to best a guy who has been training most of his life. Heavy set of armor, 6 lb sword, pissed off male lions? I would survive for a bit, maybe even win, but it would depend on several key factors (starting dist, weather/ time of day, size of the lions.)
  5. Added Robotboy and trying to get Pulseman in, but i don't think i can find enough info/a good site for Pulseman. Pulseman is in!
  6. Here, have a Cubone totally rocking out.
  7. I agree that this was definitely half-assed, at least to some degree. I was tense as all get out first going into the game, then the xenos stopped appearing ( I haven't gone that far into the game) and i lost interest fast. Capcom's Alien vs Predator (arcade) had soldiers that you fought, but they knew when to stop with them and get back to the reason we were playing the game in the first place. One question I am left asking is why did everyone stop caring about the other most recent Alien's game so quickly? I think Aliens: Infestation is a wonderful little game with a brilliant premise (being that Metroid has taken a lot from the Aliens franchise, so they make a metroid styled Aliens game).
  8. Mets. I mean just look how many variants there are: and that isn't even all of them.
  9. bah, I couldn't actually find any of your introductions, that was off the top of my head.
  10. Here is the dlc fight between Asura and Ryu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUB6jidsS5A. If nothing else, the video proves that he can take one hell of a beating, and still be ready for more... huh, this kind of makes me want to see Asura vs He-man.. Ram Man vs E. Honda is going to come down to if the sumo can catch Ram Man in an Orochi Breaker. Who has the better Headbutt will become evident pretty fast, so E. Honda would switch tactics very fast.
  11. Okay, this seriously is awesome. A+ from me. As to the match, I'd go with Deathstroke. Ra's doesn't seem to have much in the way of armor.
  12. why do i constantly forget that? (oh i don't know, maybe star wars, aliens etc) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyways, welcome to the CBUB Godzilla54, we hope you enjoy your stay! As you may already know, this is the Rumbles board, where fights are generally held just to see who would win, no analysis needed (but it is nice when people do). The Battles board requires a setup, and the matchup should be relatively thought out (i.e. which version of the characters you are using)
  13. Pssssht. Hear that? That was wolverine burning up in the sun.
  14. probably would have been a fairer fight if it were the DOA version of Ryu.
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