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  1. All that metal gear on Deathstroke... http://www.endlessvideo.com/watch?v=YAnjfIMAl20&start=4m52s&end=6m24s (Song referring to Magneto)
  2. Damn it, I tried to balance it in the best way I could (Deathwatch is 40k Space Marines where as Death Watch are stealthy quite and generally one HELL of a lot more subtle)
  3. Deathwatch (Ordo Xenos) vs Deathwatch (the Mandolorian ones) Fight takes place on Mandolore both organizations are at their best (NO EXTERMINATUS...or destroying the planet in any way) Mandolorians get 6 months of prep time for an unknown enemy Deathwatch (40k) Death Watch (Clone Wars)
  4. I can't stand the new Static Shock, may be old news but...he went from awesome (Pre new 52) to well, an African American emo kinda glad they canned the series but then again I blame the writers, he had potential but it was squandered
  5. Vegata much as I hate him FTW (Aww what the hell am I sayin' hate for I'm one of those people that likes Superboy Prime,when he's well written)
  6. In Wilson's defence he DID take out an entire S.W.A.T team but this IS Dredd
  7. The Gun Kata (gun Jitsu explanation): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHJAuLmJgvA
  8. Cheif comes from the Halo Universe (a place where we're beaten conclusivley by aliens and the beruacracy can't pull it's head out of it's ass long enough to create a weapon we can't outshoot with it's modern day equivelent)
  9. Exactly unless it's the Bat-God of Earth Prime (I.E. "Batman is the God Damn Batman so he always wins")
  10. Thor has Mjolinir (sp?) and to quote Hat "Everyone knows Superman can't do magic" (Hat shoulda won that one but that's another story)
  11. *Loads a bolter* Heritic! We NEVER fail
  12. read these: http://forums.comicbookresources.com/showthread.php?412046-Power-Rangers-Respect-Thread http://forums.comicbookresources.com/showthread.php?200013-Ranger-Durability-Thread did my best to avoid this
  13. Prime looked up from his translucent prison, rage burning inside of him. The 2 lanterns guarding the bastard son of Krypton’s holding cell, tempered Sinestro Corps War veterans had long since given up speaking to the boy. “I’ll get out.†A pause. “I ALWAYS get out!†“I doubt it†the lantern mumbled his partner snickering. “Just you wait… I’ll enjoy shoving that ring right up your ass!†the temporally displaced Superboy said. “Yeah, that’ll be the day Prime†The Lantern’s voice containing enough sarcasm to drown all of Oa. “Go take that light of yours and let me stick it where it ain’t gonna shine! Come on Lightning bug!†With that final statement the Last Son of Earth-Prime punched his prison one last time before it all went black. “What the…where the hell is he?†The Lantern asked his partner knowing full well he wouldn’t know either. Superboy-Prime woke up in a stupor. Where the hell am I? He wondered. He looked up at a sign…Holographic and then how long have I been out? MEANWHILE AT TIME FORCE HQ “We see something on radar…something BIG. I think that the Time Force rangers are gonna wanna see this!†“Recall the Time Force Rangers†the commander of Time Force ordered after he saw it. “They’ll need reinforcements…all the help they can get†“On it sir!†ON THE OUTSKIRTS OF THE CITY Prime was just getting warmed up when he saw a small army of what appeared to be kids, a few aliens, a couple androids, and various other assembled oddities “Kal-El of Krypton†Anubis Cruger yelled “You are under arrest for the genocide of a thousand universes recreating the multiverse and mass slaughter come quietly or we shall be forced to bring you in…dead or alive!†“I’d love to see you try dog-boy!†Prime taunted “Very well…†Cruger was expecting as much “RANGERS SUIT UP!†There was a sudden flash, followed by: "It's Morphin’ Time!" "Dragonzord!" "Tigerzord!" "Mastodon!" "Pterodactyl" "Triceratops!" "Saber Tooth Tiger!" and "Tyrannosaurus!" "White Ranger Power!" "Black Ranger Power!" "Pink Ranger Power!" "Blue Ranger Power!" "Yellow Ranger Power!" "Red Ranger Power!" "White Aquitar Ranger Power!" "Black Aquitar Ranger Power!" "Blue Aqua Ranger Power!" "Yellow Aquitar Ranger Power!" "Red Aquitar Ranger Power!" "It's Morphin Time!" "Zeo Ranger 1, Pink" "Zeo Ranger 2, Yellow" "Zeo Ranger 3, Blue" "Zeo Ranger 4, Green" "Zeo Ranger 5, Red" "Gold Ranger Power." "Shift Into Turbo!" "Mountain Blaster Turbo Power!" "Desert Thunder Turbo Power!" "Dune Star Turbo Power!" "Wind Chaser Turbo Power!" "Red Lightning Turbo Power!" "Let's Rocket!" "Go Galactic!" “Magna Power!†"Lightspeed Rescue!" "Titanium Power!" "Time For Time Force!" "Quantum Power!" "Wild Access!" "Ninja Storm - Ranger Form!" "Thunder Storm - Ranger Form!" "Samurai Storm - Ranger Form!" "Dino Thunder Power Up!" "White Ranger Dino Power!" "S.P.D. Emergency!" "Magical Source Mystic Force!" "Overdrive Accerlate!" "Jungle Beast Spirit Unleashed!" "RPM - Get In Gear!" “Go go- Samurai†“Well, well, well it’s the color coded cavalry. I’m gonna enjoy this†Prime snickered as he cracked his knuckles. So the rangers were breifed on Prime during time travel to 3000 are prepared to kill. Prime didn't expect this
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