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  1. Well.. I did grow up poor so that does explain a lot.
  2. But water in the sand makes it easier to mold, plus natural disasters for your miniature sand civilization!
  3. I wouldn't mind making an AoM character, but my time is limited through the summer with my job pounding work on me. I've got a sheet or two in the works though. We also need to see that F.O.E fic concluded, I'm all antsy to see the conclusion.
  4. Because Lobo's healing factor won't be an issue there. (You should be reading this sarcastically.)
  5. Well, I got more votes than I thought I would....so there's that lol
  6. Finn is just going to bring N.E.P.T.R. to this fight and its game over for Madea
  7. Would it make a difference if I ALSO said I was also tirelessly working on one right now? Lol
  8. I might be able to bust out the character out by Friday but through Sunday I can guarantee, thanks Treach!! ^.^
  9. I could use through the weekend, between a hectic work schedule and what not. Either way I'll survive without participating though lol
  10. So since it comes out tomorrow, is anyone even remotely excited for the release of the Last of Us?
  11. From a distance I thought this said Asian vs Gandalf Looks like its time to see the eye doctor..
  12. Silas - An exorcist who cast out Mephisto before his demons could reap the souls of all living things. With the global threat extinguished he spends most of his time hanging out with his dead ghost friend and running his business as an exorcist for hire. An Idea for a soldier who goes on a special ops mission to save his brother. He ends up finding out more than he bargains for landing him a new position in The March. (Kind of a SHIELD division, defending mankind from the threat of supers. Heroes and Villains alike.) Frank Louis - May end up rewriting my first character. Still undecided. Another idea for a character for The Creed. A girl who recently acquires mental abilities, specifically emotion control. She goes to a party doing drugs and drinking. Returning home her parents confront her and she accidentally uses her powers on her parents who kill themselves. She is convicted of murder and the creed shows up to stop the humans from oppressing another metahuman (Correct me if this idea doesn't work for the Creed and I can adjust accordingly.) Work is really busy for me in the summertime so I'm trying to find the time to participate more actively, we'll see what happens now that I've got myself a brand spankin' new laptop.
  13. Force Warriors humor was further amplified by the fic created around them
  14. Edgar Allen Poe was one of my favorite writers so that must be why I like Old Roger haha, he really is one of the best FPL characters imo though.
  15. What if MC landed a headshot? Game Over for IM
  16. Korra would need to go for the kill shot right away using the water in the mist to her advantage. But the over shield would probably absorb most if not all the damage anyways. Unless Korra knew how to blood bend, and the little I know of her I'm pretty sure she can't.
  17. Curious question, lets say for example that Dante (From DMC) is put into the melee category. Does that mean that he only has his melee weapons, or would he still be carrying his guns? Because there's a lot of characters that could fit into both ranged and melee.
  18. I do find it funny that when you use Doomsday's special on the watchtower it still goes through the animation of him pounding you through earth lol
  19. Only person I'm not all that excited for is Zod, I'm hoping they come up with a way to make him feel like a different character than superman, but it atleast looks like batgirl plays differently than batman so props to them for that
  20. This is amazing, and may be the spark of inspiration I needed to get writing. I stopped watching Star Trek just to read this bad boy!
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