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  1. Because Lobo's healing factor won't be an issue there. (You should be reading this sarcastically.)
  2. Finn is just going to bring N.E.P.T.R. to this fight and its game over for Madea
  3. It is so amazing o.o
  4. So since it comes out tomorrow, is anyone even remotely excited for the release of the Last of Us?
  5. From a distance I thought this said Asian vs Gandalf Looks like its time to see the eye doctor..
  6. What if MC landed a headshot? Game Over for IM
  7. Korra would need to go for the kill shot right away using the water in the mist to her advantage. But the over shield would probably absorb most if not all the damage anyways. Unless Korra knew how to blood bend, and the little I know of her I'm pretty sure she can't.
  8. Curious question, lets say for example that Dante (From DMC) is put into the melee category. Does that mean that he only has his melee weapons, or would he still be carrying his guns? Because there's a lot of characters that could fit into both ranged and melee.
  9. I do find it funny that when you use Doomsday's special on the watchtower it still goes through the animation of him pounding you through earth lol
  10. Only person I'm not all that excited for is Zod, I'm hoping they come up with a way to make him feel like a different character than superman, but it atleast looks like batgirl plays differently than batman so props to them for that
  11. This is amazing, and may be the spark of inspiration I needed to get writing. I stopped watching Star Trek just to read this bad boy!
  12. Yeah, I need to get Artificial Reaper up too, though he's going to need to basically be completely remade with all of the new changes lol
  13. And I don't see how releasing a virus makes you intelligent in the first place. I mean I could go tell someone i'm going to cut them open as a dissection and call it a science project, that doesn't make me intelligent.
  14. Mace Windu has had more training and experience than Luke, not only in light saber combat but in the use of the force.
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