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  1. Train Car Three "Mmm, that's pretty long." Viper responded, returning her hand to the arm rest before breaking into a smirkish half-smile. "Well, to hell what 'they' say. Doesn't matter, sweetheart." Of course, she knew co-worker relationships weren't the most successful. You get sick of each other, then once you break up, shit just gets awkward. ATTENTION ALL PASSENGERS. WE ARE APPROACHING THE ENTRANCE TO REACH CITY AND WILL ARRIVE MOMENTARILY, THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE. Looking up, the brunette raised her eyebrows in interest. "Guess we're almost there then." She had to admit, this was sort of exciting. And climactic. Viper glanced out the window to view the approaching landscape of Reach City.
  2. Train Car Three "Well, I know what that's like." Viper responded with a little smile of amusement as she slipped her headphones back away into her bag before peering back over the seat at the photo. He wasn't bad looking... Not at all. Looked sort of intelligent, sort of geeky, and judging by that phone he had on him probably had some cash too. Miss April here had something good going on. Tapping the picture with her index finger, she stated, "Don't you two make a cute couple. How long have you guys been together?"
  3. Train Car Three "Not a problem, sweetie. I've found that men usually leave their phones off... So stupid." Viper emptily assured, resting an elbow on the arm of her seat. At least this one didn't appear to be completely insane. Oh, thank God. Her eyes drifted to the wallet momentarily before she smiled again. "Pleased to meet you. Just go ahead and call me Viper; People seem to do that more and more these days."
  4. Nothing like an anxiety attack to brighten your Tuesday night!

  5. Train Car Three Tilting her head, Viper shrugs. "Sorry hun, I guess I don't know." She twisted her body around in her seat to face this girl. "To be honest, I've actually been sleeping most of the time. What's your beau look like? Coulda seen him when I first got on." Of course, helping people wasn't exactly her... forte, but she was tired and stuck on a train with people who's sanity was seriously questionable. Now was not the time to be catty. (( OOC: Wow, you guys post rapidly. ))
  6. Train Car Three Viper had completely spaced out until she heard the word "hi" being spoken, fairly certain it was meant for her. Crossing one leg over the other and peering around, she found the source of the voice. It was a girl. Just some random girl. She offered her a facade of a smile. "Hey." The young woman spoke, voice somewhat drab "You need something, sweetheart?"
  7. Train Car Three Viper swung back into realization the second the tune of "Make a Man Out of You" leaked past her silent headphones, coming from one of the guys on the train. Man, how long had her music not been playing? And why the hell did it smell like pizza? That's the last time she falls asleep on a train full of these freaks... no matter how much beauty sleep was sorely needed. Sitting up a little straighter, the young woman cracked her neck and moved her messenger bag up on her lap as a light hand tap slid her headphones around her neck. Taking a look around, her eyes flitted from person to person. How strange everyone was! Though, a literal venom spitting girl really shouldn't be judging anyone. Whatever. Viper curled her legs up on the seat and pressed her head against the side of the train car. While it would be awesome to know when she could get off and go along her merry way, she didn't really feel like getting up and asking, because that would usually lead small talk. Bleh. Playing guessing games would have to do.
  8. Code name: The Viper Alter ego: Opal Hart Origin: Being the daughter of a poison-wielding villain and his lover, she was born with the ability to produce poisons within her body. Apparently, that little science experiment daddy tried out on himself got implanted into the good ol’ genes. Since her father wasn’t exactly... well, father material, Opal was raised by a single mother who never really let her forget she was a mistake baby by going out all the time with her current flings under the excuse that she “never really got a chance to liveâ€. Some excuse. Opal lived under the assumption that she was probably the result of a one-night-stand until she nearly killed her younger half-brother at thirteen when a strange transparent gold liquid started to seep from her hands and absorbed into his skin while she was holding him. Yikes. Her mom had to tell her about her father then. He’s mostly the reason why she’s here. Being told about him sort of triggered her into a sort of father complex. She aspires to be like him... in her own special way, of course. Affiliation: Villain Public status: Really, sort of an Anti-Villain. While she does get herself into trouble for the hell of it, the base of how she uses her powers has a lot to do with the desire to make her father proud somehow. Appearance: Opal’s got that bombshell look; Curvaceous body, pretty face, tanned skin and cascading locks... You get the picture. She has a nice, heart-shaped face with full lips and hazy-green eyes, while she’s also got a good head of wavy chocolate brown hair. Despite her, erm, feminine figure, she is quite fit, with most of her muscle being in her core and legs. Costume: A dark green jumpsuit that covers Opal from her neck to her ankles. Although it’s skin tight, it allows for easy movement and can be zipped at the neck, wrists, and ankles. However, she usually only unzips the neck a bit. As for footwear, she wears sturdy black boots that lace up to her knees that are garnished with a strip of gold at the top of each boot. And no, they do not have stiletto heels stuck to ‘em. To top it all off, she carries a thick black belt at her waist to hold her throwing knives. It’s sturdy, to the point it could probably take a bullet and be just fine. Also, it’s water/poison/blood proof and oh, so stylish. How nifty! Primary power: Why, poison secretion of course! It comes from three main places in the highest concentrations: Her salivary glands (so pretty much her mouth), her hands (but fingers in particular), and chest, however she uses the first two much more often than the last. If Opal were to want to hit a target a bit further away, she would likely opt to spit out poison. It tends to get some good distance, but doesn’t send out as much at one time. But, let’s say she was in close-range combat and wanted to do some damage. Poison spray from the skin on her hands could probably reach about six feet at a maximum, but sends out a fairly good dose of it. Therefore, it would be the smarter choice. Since her body creates the poison, Opal is almost completely immune to it. Almost. Prolonged creation of the stuff can have some nasty side effects, like blackouts or a fierce burning sensation, so she wouldn’t be set with her poison if it was a long battle. The way her poison works is simple: It enters the victim’s body through their pores and then wreaks havoc. At her current level, all it can do is cause some pretty excruciating pain (feels like a fierce burn... pretty much hurts like hell), nausea, and can occasionally knock a person out in large amounts. It isn’t fully lethal yet. Secondary power: Super strength. It’s current level, she could probably lift a grown male and throw a pretty decent punch. Bones will most likely be broken. Her strength mostly comes in strikes, not heavy lifting. Equipment: Poison and seduction. Both of which can get you quite far. Armor: Light armor is built into her jumpsuit, mostly at the torso, elbows and knees, but it’s not going to do much if she was going to get stabbed or shot at or something. Weapons: She keeps a set of six or so throwing knives at each side of her belt at all times, each blade lovingly coated in her poison. It comes in handy if her body can’t handle any more secretion of toxins Other: While Opal’s a bit of a bitch, she’s a master at pulling out the seduction and charm when need be. Point Sheet --Strength: 3 --Dexterity: 1 --Vitality: 2 --Intelligence: 2 --Speed: 1 --Stamina: 2 (Weapon part of it) --Strike(Short): 2 --Projection(Mid): 1 --Launch(Long): -1 --Accuracy: 2
  9. I'm holding out for an RP 'til the end of the night~

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