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  1. the show just makes me wanna slap myself
  2. thinking about kim possible gives me a headache
  3. the show suched and yeah doom would win
  4. but all he has is the power source and the power fades away after a certain amount of time they could stall him
  5. some peoploe have picked who will win but can they stop doom plese someone tell me can they beat doom
  6. good point but forgot to write that the power doom has will fade away if you use it to much
  7. together their tech could possibly stand a chance
  8. setting:new york gru:Where am I? megamind:what happend? news broadcaster:and 2 men have been transported here in new york city.By some sort of portal ...wait someone is coming out of the portal its dr doom and he is holding some sort of device. dr doom:I dr doom have teleported you here from your universes to do battle so entertain me. gru:Entertain this!Frezz ray! dr.Doom: you fool it will not work on me because i have the best technology and i can block alll you throw at me but i think you to should start battiling i will let the winner go the other will be my slave. who will win mega
  9. oh and how do you sign up for june challenge
  10. can one of the friends be under a spell or something
  11. just so you know the apperence of stark tower does not mean iron man will be in this match he will be in the follow up match iron man vs megatron
  12. thanks i'll work on it next time just in rush on match
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