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    reading, writing, playing guitar, comics

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    Wonder Woman
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  1. The new 52...very addicting!

  2. High School sucks...

    1. rat
    2. Pinkelly1


      Waking up at 6AM, standing outside in the cold waiting for my bus, etc. Besides my school is very bad: drugs, gangs all that stuff.

  3. Dubstep makes life ten times better!

  4. Dubstep makes life ten times better!

  5. Pinkelly1

    writing a comic book.

    yeah i play songs. it took forever for me to find a lefty guitar, but the wait was worth it:)
  6. Pinkelly1

    writing a comic book.

    so, do you play guitar? I'm learning
  7. not to familiar with akuma, but i think supes and raid can take them. it's be a close match
  8. why are they fighting anyway. they're all felines. Hurray
  9. He-man? If a person is a he than he's obviously a man!
  10. No, no, I didn't lose my mind. I sold it on Ebay;D

  11. yeah, star sapphire's violet ring can imprison members of lantern corp.
  12. Got 2 add more to album...

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