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  1. What's up with all this new stuff?? Anyways, Dr. Strange just destroys Mewtwo, although it should be an interesting encounter. Especially if they enter the astral plane or something along those lines.
  2. Happy Birthday Man of Marvel.

  3. Well, somebody's gotta be first... Happy B'day, Marvel Man! Come on back and grace us with your presence-- and maybe a match or two-- if you get the chance!

  4. Zom could destroy Hulk, Superman, Galactus, Santa Clause, AND the ghost of Ronald Reagan, but it wouldn't change anything. How can anyone vote for him when he looks like this???? Shaking my head. Is he wearing his yellow duck slippers? Come on people.
  5. Marvel Man


    Explaining stuff = Overrated.
  6. Marvel Man


    I can't believe someone else in the world would say what Speed just said. Yes. Star Wars is indeed overrated. I'm not the only one who thinks that. My god.
  7. Marvel Man


    Just now got around to see Expendables 2. Holy crap does the story suck. But hey, didn't go to see a moving story. I went in hoping to see all the awesome action stars from the 80s/90s. And, in that regard, the movie more than delivered. I mean, you had Arnold, Willis, AND Stallone fighting da Muscle from da Brussels? Awesome. MARVANOTE: Also, I get that you're all old! I don't need to be reminded every couple minutes.
  8. Anyone else see Alabama completely annihilate Michigan? MARVANOTE: But seriously, College Football, where is the playoff system???
  9. Anybody ever read Ultimate Spider Man? Man, I dislike Bendis, but the book is a pretty solid spider man book.
  10. Yep. I agree with Echo. Movie was boring as well.
  11. Marvel Man


    The comics had Peter take gym class and fail at lifting weights. I don't think any movie adaptation could ever make him look THAT geeky.
  12. Yo, EF forum. Borderlands 2 has been reserved by yours truly. It's gonna be AWESOME.
  13. Marvel Man


    Watched the new Bourne film (finally). Wasn't that bad. Pretty basic action film, but I liked the actors. I didn't mind the ending just sort of ending.
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