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  1. Excellent set up as always Rakai. I definitely echo what everyone else has said about your writing consistency, it's great to see, as well as the humor in this one. I also want to add that I'm definitely learning a bit more about turtle anatomy from these set ups. As far as this match goes, I will side with those more experienced with Jhun and give the win to Leo, although I am definitely looking forward to seeing you write this kick/leg focused match up against Leo's ninjaken. My only concern is really the energy specific moves but at this point, I can't imagine anything would su
  2. Excellent set up Rakai, I've been a bit busy so I honestly forgot what the final vote was for Raphael's match. I think it was a very tense match and it definitely felt like Terry was one special move away from causing some serious damage to the turtle, but in the end, I think Raphael played it perfectly. As far as this match goes, I am once again faced with an opponent I have no experience with. I did some basic research on Chang, but as always, it seems like his skills are really subjective beyond his strength and endurance. I mean, this wiki I found lists him as FTL because he w
  3. I don't see how the Jedi don't just blitz everyone right away. You could make the case that Batman with some prep could come up with something but even then, how much are the Jones' really bringing to the party.
  4. There's really a lot of questions here. The Superman vs Thor debate is as old as time and even it probably pales to the Batman vs Captain America debate as far as how much time could be spent analyzing it. I think everyone here is really sleeping on these Panty and Stocking characters who seem as hilarious as their name implies. I checked out their wiki page just now and I would really love to see what might have brought all these fighters in the same room. Uh, I think Han and Chewy are definitely the odd men out from just surveying the field, although how much help are Bebop and
  5. I agree with the consensus. Winston's weapon and the environment really leads to a victory for the genius ape. If you have a fast/mobile opponent, I can't imagine a better foil than Winston's electric zapper gun.
  6. These corporate matches are rather interesting. I think TMYMCSL is probably funnier and appeals to children a bit more in that sense, but something more comforting like a doll would probably do better with a spokesperson like Flo. She is just so much more versatile creatively as you can spin her into all sorts of scenarios while TMTMCSL is one of those corporate meme types that has his shtick. Might have to go with Flo on this one.
  7. Another excellent write up Rakai. Whenever I get a chance to read your recaps I feel like I really slip into whatever's going on. Excellent read. Now, I missed seeing what the vote tally was on the last match so I thought you had just caused the match to be a draw for dramatic effect. I can't believe it ended in a tie. I actually thought Donatello was in trouble when his staff was broken. Anyway, great set up. Now, to this match itself. I will thank Pizzaguy for saving me some legwork in looking up some comparisons, especially for Terry. Since there was some debate on the KOF 99 en
  8. I'm a little slow on the replies to these matches during the work week but I am loving all these mascot themed matches. Really out of the box kind of thought experiments. I would agree with Fox that attaching your IP to the Amazon Fire phone is the equivalent to stuffing your pockets with rocks before going for a swim. I can't imagine either making a serious dent in a world dominated by Google and Apple. If you had to pick one of the two, I would probably go with Burger King? Tony has the broadest reach (his internet infamy aside) with children who are not known for their ability t
  9. If I had paid money to watch this fight, the Vision phasing thing would be a real downer. But really, I think that's the only thing that Vision could really do that would align with what he's done previously.
  10. I was pretty sure Mach V would win this competition until I got down to the comments. I think it really depends on personal preference. The boatmobile does have a really cool ability, being invisible, but this seems like something everyone would appreciate simply because of the novelty of it. But is it a car feature? Like does it do anything for the vehicle itself? I would imagine car enthusiasts want to see motors, engines, gears, etc. Isn't that why most car shows have the hoods popped up? I think the Mach V would win on a car to car comparison, so it really just depends how impr
  11. First of all, an excellent set up as always. I didn't see who won the votes on the last match so I really thought maybe Joe was gonna take the win. It was a really well written fight. I am loving the dedication to stay true to each character's fighting styles. Now, as far as this match goes, I am a bit out of my element with the Fatal Fury gang, but I did just spend some time reading up on Andy (sources here and here for anyone else trying to learn some more) and watching some youtube clips (although these are impossible to use really since it all depends on the player, but they do
  12. For a second there I thought your son had gotten some easter themed toys recently. As far as this battle, I'm gonna needs some feats from the Easter Bunny. Rapunzel has proven to be quite deadly with a frying pan, at least the Disney version shown here, and switching that out with a mace seems like a considerable upgrade.
  13. Interesting fight. I was worried this was going to be filled with Wandavision spoilers (it's been a busy couple of weeks). I think I'd give the edge to the Vision simply based off experience and durability. But definitely a cool concept and I think would be a very visually pleasing fight.
  14. What lore does the giant have? I guess a blank canvas can have its benefits but I think you are more likely to sell games with a female secret agent. Wasn't Tomb Raider an iconic game before it was a movie? I'm giving the edge to Erin on this one. The giant is already penalized by association to vegetables, which have famously failed to win kids over for centuries.
  15. Yeah, I was definitely not expecting a landslide win for Mai. Maybe the new battle image pic is too powerful lol
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