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  1. I'm a little slow on the replies to these matches during the work week but I am loving all these mascot themed matches. Really out of the box kind of thought experiments. I would agree with Fox that attaching your IP to the Amazon Fire phone is the equivalent to stuffing your pockets with rocks before going for a swim. I can't imagine either making a serious dent in a world dominated by Google and Apple. If you had to pick one of the two, I would probably go with Burger King? Tony has the broadest reach (his internet infamy aside) with children who are not known for their ability to move high tech inventory. The Burger King at least has dabbled in selling videogames in the past and the chains themselves have done an excellent job marketing their impossible whoppers recently. I have to side with the King on this one, if only marginally.
  2. If I had paid money to watch this fight, the Vision phasing thing would be a real downer. But really, I think that's the only thing that Vision could really do that would align with what he's done previously.
  3. I was pretty sure Mach V would win this competition until I got down to the comments. I think it really depends on personal preference. The boatmobile does have a really cool ability, being invisible, but this seems like something everyone would appreciate simply because of the novelty of it. But is it a car feature? Like does it do anything for the vehicle itself? I would imagine car enthusiasts want to see motors, engines, gears, etc. Isn't that why most car shows have the hoods popped up? I think the Mach V would win on a car to car comparison, so it really just depends how impressive the invisible part is.
  4. First of all, an excellent set up as always. I didn't see who won the votes on the last match so I really thought maybe Joe was gonna take the win. It was a really well written fight. I am loving the dedication to stay true to each character's fighting styles. Now, as far as this match goes, I am a bit out of my element with the Fatal Fury gang, but I did just spend some time reading up on Andy (sources here and here for anyone else trying to learn some more) and watching some youtube clips (although these are impossible to use really since it all depends on the player, but they do make me want to start playing more fighting games). I would say the biggest obstacles against Donatello is most certainly the high level of energy and fire attacks that Andy has at his disposal. His fighting style is also described as "emphasis on targeting vulnerable parts of the body and breaking bones" which sounds rather painful but might actually be a net positive for Donatello since he has such a high natural endurance/durability. Now, the x factor really becomes the electro-shurikens and slime eggs. Joe was really undone by Ralph's creativeness but maybe since both fighters have seen two fights now, both of them will be prepared for the other's moves? It's a tough one. I am leaning towards Andy slightly, but I will probably wait and see what some of the other commenters have to say about it.
  5. For a second there I thought your son had gotten some easter themed toys recently. As far as this battle, I'm gonna needs some feats from the Easter Bunny. Rapunzel has proven to be quite deadly with a frying pan, at least the Disney version shown here, and switching that out with a mace seems like a considerable upgrade.
  6. Interesting fight. I was worried this was going to be filled with Wandavision spoilers (it's been a busy couple of weeks). I think I'd give the edge to the Vision simply based off experience and durability. But definitely a cool concept and I think would be a very visually pleasing fight.
  7. What lore does the giant have? I guess a blank canvas can have its benefits but I think you are more likely to sell games with a female secret agent. Wasn't Tomb Raider an iconic game before it was a movie? I'm giving the edge to Erin on this one. The giant is already penalized by association to vegetables, which have famously failed to win kids over for centuries.
  8. Yeah, I was definitely not expecting a landslide win for Mai. Maybe the new battle image pic is too powerful lol
  9. How fast is Smaug suppose to be? I never got around to watching the movies but in the book he wasn't really forced into a race with anything. As far as Storm goes, she's been able to keep up with some pretty fast characters herself, not to mention her top speeds. And that's without bringing in a good snowstorm for cover or anything like that.
  10. Oh I definitely agree. I guess I was more curious about her level of pyrokinesis. That was a bit hard to tell from the gameplay videos which seem a bit more artistic with the flames. It looks like she is pretty comfortable with her flames in combat though, which is really the biggest hurdle in my opinion. The pressure points are definitely out but it seems to me like Mai is skilled at both close range and at a distance. Michelangelo does have some pin point aim, but hitting a ninja is no easy feat. The mirage Turtles are very impressive, that's for sure. I will note that the last link definitely looks like malnourished Mikey got some help taking down that grunt down (although he was still very impressive after weeks of prison rations). But either way, this is a very close fight in my opinion. I think it all comes down to how well Michelangelo can use his surroundings and how many hits Mai can take before it wears her down.
  11. Yeah, I found an old Death Battle youtube video that kind of broke down Mai's abilities a bit more. Her level of control over fire seems a lot more advanced than I first thought and she seems to have a mastery over pressure points as well as close combat Judo? While I know the Mirage version of the Turtles is way more hardcore and they've dealt with more ninjas than you can shake a stick at, I am a bit worried about Michelangelo in this battle. He better camp out by that fountain. I think it will come down to his durability, he may just be able to outlast Mai over the course of the fight. I agree that the steel fans are probably the least of his problems. As far as being distracted, Mai is definitely a distracting figure, but you are very much correct that the later Turtle incarnations are probably haunting Mikey right now.
  12. Yeah, comic book storm is a lot faster than what the movies ever showed. I don't see Smaug keeping up and seeing how harsh the environment already is, I think I have to go with Storm on this one.
  13. It's kind of funny to see Overwatch characters in the database. Lot's of potential with those guys, especially with how lacking the lore is (if you can call it lore). But yeah, Winston FTW.
  14. Glad I caught this one in time this time. First of all, excellent write up as always. I docked you a fraction of a point cause of an extra word here and there but still definitely awesome work. The recap fight with Mikey was especially fun to read, I was as surprised by the shell moves as the Psycho Soldiers seemed to be. Now as far as this fight goes, I watched a youtube video of Mai's fighting in the older games as well as checked out her Wiki (which has a huge section on sex appeal which was pretty amusing to read) and I'm a bit stumped about how this might go. My first instinct was that Mikey would still find a way to win despite Mai's long distance fans and the ample distractions before him. Yet after reading some of the other comments, as well as those old fighting videos, it looks like Mai's long range arsenal extends way beyond just the fans. Those pyro attacks might be too much for Mikey to handle. I'll try to look up some more stuff about Mai later before I put my final vote in. Looking forward to the next part either way! Oh, and one more thing, I think the Mai links need to be updated beyond the wiki. This is most likely more of an admin thing but the official site as well as the KOF wiki links are dead pretty much.
  15. I'm just glad to see Tobey is in the CBUB database now. And I agree with the previous comments, NC take it pretty easily
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