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  1. I'm going to let my anger out by playing injustice
  2. Darn. Oh well. I guess thats it then. I was only on this website for the matchmaking on CBUB. Well see ya later DSkillz. Thanks for all the advice.
  3. wait, so is the CBUB done? I can't write on hear anymore?
  4. Logan couldn't sleep. He can never sleep but this night was different. He felt like there was a presence in the room. He started to wonder if he was just going crazy. He missed Jean so much, he couldn't tell right from wrong anymore. Believe it or not, he fell asleep after a while. His dream began with him in bed. He rolled over to see Jean in the bed with him. He smiled and reached out his arms to hug her but she melted onto the floor in a horrific fashion. Logan began to scream as the room around him began to turn into an abandoned factory of some sort. He ran down the catwalk to be greeted by a man with a striped sweater. Wolverine was unaware that it was a dream so he drew his claws and dashed toward the man named Freddy Krueger. Freddy vanished right before Wolverine made contact with him. "Whats your beef with me bub." said Wolverine looking for Freddy. Freddy appeared right in front of Logan and said "I could use a good challenge." He stabbed Logan right in the stomach and threw him against a wall. Wolvie immedietly healed and Freddy was confused. "What? How did you do that?" Wolvie smiled and sliced his head off. "I've got a few tricks up my sleeve." Krueger's body was lying on the floor for a few seconds but he grew his head back. "So do I. You're in my world. You can't win." Wolverine thought of a plan. "You can't win if you're in my world." said Wolvie. He grabs Freddy and stabs himself in the chest. He wakes up but Freddy came with him. "No! Now i'm not invulnerable!" iceeater24- Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed the match! I haven't been on in a while so i'm a little rusty but I still tried my best! Thanks for reading.
  5. Well if Link can get close enough then he takes this. Otherwise, Nate wins.
  6. Ghost Rider blazes through the town looking for demons as usual. He suddenly stops. He gets off his bike and looks around. It's more quiet tonight then most nights. He looks up and notices a man sitting on a roof top. The man jumps off the roof and lands only a couple of feet away from Ghost Rider. "What are you supposed to be?" says Lobo. Without saying anything, Johnny takes out his chain and wraps it around Lobo. Lobo smiles and finishes his cigar. "Alright chatterbox, lets get this show on the road" says Lobo. He tugs on the chain really hard which brings Blaze closer and knocks him back with a right uppercut. Lobo hops on his bike and quickly speeds toward Blaze. Blaze gets back on his bike also and does the same thing. After the collision, they both go flying back into seperte buildings. Ghost Rider fires a quick barrage of fireballs to keep Lobo back but it's not enough. Lobo enjoyed this challenge. He pulls out a shotgun and starts to fire at Blaze. They penetrate through his coat entering his flaming skeleton body but it's gonna take alot more then that to take him down. The rider summons Hell Fire and Lobo's body becomes coated in flames. Blaze runs at Lobo knowing this is the perfect moment to strike but Lobo grabs Johnny and leaps into a nearby lake. Blaze's flames quickly go out and sinks to the bottom. Lobo swims up and jumps out of the water landing on to the street. " Well that was somethi'n" says Lobo. Suddenly he see's that the lake is boiling. Out of nowhere The Ghost Rider explodes out of the water angrier then ever. "Your soul is mine!" yells Ghost Rider as he sprints at Lobo.
  7. i'd say juggernaut. He can basically smash through anything including iron mans armor.
  8. The events of this match take place after Officer Rick Grimes vs. Han Solo. Han Solo shoots a few blasts at Rick and knocks him off his feet. He lands on the ground next to Glen. There is burn marks on his shirt. Glen is bleeding out fast and needs medical attention. A white trailer rolls up and the rest of the group gets out. "We're back!" yells Laurie. Carl looks around and sees a couple of birds fly by. He wonders off into the bushes and sees a man feasting on a dead deer. "Ahh! Walker!" He runs in the opposite direction back to the group. The group is in a panic. "Wheres Rick?!" yells Andrea. Han, Leia, and Chewy hear the comosion. "Chewy, you handle this hilbillie. We'll take care of these people" says Han. Daryl shoots Chewbacca in the left knee. The arrow pins him to a tree. Daryl swaps his crossbow with Chewy's and goes to aid Glen and Rick. He ties a wash cloth to his shoulder. "Thats it?" says Glen. "Well I didn't exactly go to medical school kid. Just shake it off until we take care of these space guys. Chewbacca rips out the arrow and screams in aggony. He limps toward Daryl and bashes him over the head with a rock. He puts him over his shoulder and walks. "What are you doing with him" says Rick. He just keeps walking. After walking for a long time, he tosses him into a ditch. Chewy notices the walkers so he decides to leave Daryl for them to eat. Back at the group, Princess Leia holds up her gun. "Your other friends threatned us! We won't take that lightly!" Andrea and T-Dog pull out their guns and don't hesitate to fire. The Princess gets shot right in the head by Andrea. "NO!!!" Yells Han. He falls to his knees in sorrow. "Look at what you've done!!" He holds Leia in his arms as he bursts out in tears. It could be heard throughout the forest. Walkers start to move toward the sound of Hans crying. "Shut up you fool! Your drawing Walkers!" says Shane. Rick and Glen make it back to the group but in pain. Hershal grabs some supplies and brings them back to the house. "Wheres Daryl? asks Carol. Han justs looks at her in silence. "My partner probaly killed him." says Han. Shane kicks him in the face and points his pistol at his head. "Shane, put the gun down!" says Laurie. Before she finishes her sentence, Daryl arrives at camp with a dozen walkers trailing him. Chewbacca arrives almost immedietly after. He wonders how Daryl go there before him. Everybody starts taking down Walkers as the fight between Chewy and Daryl is about to start. "Nobody help me. This is my fight." Daryl picks up his crossbow and Chewy picks up his. The battle of the hunters is about to begin.
  9. if this was a match that doesn't already have a victor, I would vote Mario. Well it depends what version of Mario. If this is SSBB Mario then he wins, but if this is any other version of Mario, then he loses so bad.
  10. The Captain sits alone in his quarters. He decides to go on deck to get some fresh air. "Captain, are you ok?" asks one of the crew members. "Yes, i'm fine. Its just sometimes I feel like i'm a little to old for this. We are running low on crunch and my spirit is slowly fading away." He looks down in sorrow. "Please just give me a little space for a while." The crew member nods and walks away. The Captain looks over the side into the water. He notices that the water starts to turn brown. "What is this?" he mummers to himself. The water starts to smell different. Like chocolate. "No. It can't be. He's back?!" The Captain wobbles over to the crew quarters and yells "Man your battle stations! Are enemy is back!" Everyone quickly gets to their stations because they know how serious this is. "This thing almost destroyed are ship last time. We can't let that happen again!" screams the captain. Once everyone is in their position, there is a moment of silence. Then out of nowhere, a crazy looking creature bursts out of the water and lands on the ship. He starts running around at an incredible speed screeming "Cuckoo for cocoa puffs! I'm Cuckoo for cocoa puffs! He crashes through barrels like a tornado. The crew starts firing cannon balls of crunch at this insane bird but he's just too fast. The captain manages to grab him. He holds a blade to his throat and says "Your the one that destroyed half of are delicious crunch last time. Now i'm gonna make you pay!" Something catches the captian off guard. He looks up into the air and sees a giant man falling from the sky. He crashes into the ship without even feeling any pain. He stands up. Sonny and the Captain now recognize that this giant man was the Great Cereal God. "Stop this now!" There is only one way to settle this." says the Cereal God. He lifts his hand and and starts saying a chant. Then all of the sudden, a bunch of kids appear. The Cereal God explains that the children will be eating and judging both of their cereals. Whatever cereal they like best, wins. If Captain Crunch wins then Sonny would leave forever and never come back. If Sonny wins then He will become the captain of the ship. The two agree. The kids pour the cereal into a bowl. Then the milk. Finally, the spoon. They sit down at a table. The whole ship is in silence. They take a bite of each. The Captain has sweat running down his face. They here the kids swallow. Now for the decision.
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