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  1. "That should do it." Henry said swiftly as he added for the benefit of the rest. "Much as I'd love for him to share out of the goodness of his heart, this should help immensely." He then took the cash and split it up, taking $3000 from the pile as he spoke. "This should be enough considering what we want. Not that we're gonna offer all of it at once, but a little negotiation should go a long way. If you need anything else, nows the time."
  2. Corvo landed. With a wave, he dried and cleaned the bardic dark Elve as he spoke aloud. "Glad someone else made it. As to where we are, your guess is as good as mine."
  3. Inwardly, Henry sighed. Give a kid powers and they think the solution is to punch everything away. There was a reason there were more metahuman gangs then there were people who could actually make a lasting solution-Henry hoped to change that. Thankless as it was and less glamorous than some first page spread, punching some villain out on the newspaper it would only ever be a symptom. Violence just begat more violence and it was always, inevitably the lowest on the totem pole who'd pay for it. Desperation and frustration made criminals and powers gave them the ability t
  4. The storm washed over and all that Corvo could think of was gratitude. Gratitude that his group was safe below, save for the one who helped him with the ship because these were terrifying conditions. And then all too soon it seemed, they were flipped upside down. The water was oppressive, his lungs burned for air. He was still bound to the wheel. Easily dealt with by teleporting out, but the moment he went up for air, once more he went down. The sea was callous and his wings and jacket felt like weights, dragging him to the depths. Jessamine transformed then, wrapping
  5. Henry had no idea what he was talking about. But he felt it deserved some response as he said calmly. "We get one shot at this, not just for hunting a rat but also setting the standard for how we're going to be perceived. Now we could go in, full costume and just kidnap him. Between your speed and Voyds portals we actually stand a great chance. But then what?" He turned to face him as he kept going, weaving the tale as he kept on. "How much do you think he'd look on any of us with any sort of fondness, more so if we decided torture was the best way to make him talk? Even if we didn't
  6. "I'm down for half and half." Henry decided immediately, considering it was his first suggestion. "Plainsclothes would mean we could talk without the mark being spooked, with costumed backup buying us time to switch if we need an escape. Though who will be who is the question. Personally speaking, I'd prefer to be backup-no one generally sees me unless I want them and it's a skill I've worked hard on....But I also have experience with this sort of meeting. So I'll volunteer for plainsclothes if we go that route."
  7. "Well whoever wants to join? Feel free or go below!" And taking rope, Corvo lashed himself to the wheel just in case.
  8. Session 7: The Vampire went down to Barovia As the paladin strode down from the manor house,the invisible Billy and the shape shifted Bruno would opt to scout the place. They would also be in time to hear the last words of Henry Sutton, who brought out a hand mirror and spoke to someone he called 'Anastasia' as he said he'd impose on her hospitality after all as soon as he switched on the defenses. He then teleported away, though Billy and Bruno had no idea how far. But the pair then engaged in a battle against a Barbed Devil Hillbilly, wielding a golden fiddle as he played and with
  9. Thanks for the comments guys. Trying my best to experiment with different styles of matches beyond just the usual fight/comedy stuff I do.
  10. "Radios might be a bit much. Mostly because who carries those in public? If you have a cell phone or something that might work better-no one's going to be suspicious looking at their cell phone." Pointed out Henry, much more in his element. He added with a critical eye. "Also, I'd suggest plainclothes work for this. We go in as vigilantes, we'll be treated as them and our target might be spooked. So maybe half as backup, the other half as contact?"
  11. Pretty much. It's the basis of how I wrote this match and it's a pretty old concept used by a lot of writers far better than I. And sometimes, worship creates entirely new gods. Like gods of Trains, Car Gods, etc.
  12. Odin isn't that kind of god. Actually some scholars believe he's the archetype of the old,wise wizard figure that Merlin and such came from. Mostly because the stories of Odin all entail his search for greater wisdom. In context of the fight, he doesn't have it but he knows what Randall is and Randall knows of Odin. It's basically old man Rocky Balboa who's been around the block vs Mason "The Line" Dixon, young and fresh. Experience and cunning vs power.
  13. As a scribe once said, this was a bad land for gods. America was a melting pot and it made it absurdly easy to melt away among the masses unseen. But it brought with it a deep sense of melancholy, seeing how swiftly the people flocked to new gods, only to forget and discard them in a pattern repeated since before clay tablets was regarded as the best thing ever. God's of Iron and Steam, bloody gods of the road fed more sacrifices upon metal grilles than all of his colleagues in South America could ever dream of, gods of wire, voices in the air soon turned discordant as a thousand-thousand
  14. They are. The Beaters are dressed in purple, one of the chasers has a mounted Shoota and the Keeper is a Klanka Mech riding a broom the size of a log.
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