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  1. Same. Been kinda busy for a while, moderating elsewhere. >_> Will correct that posthaste if this ain't dead yet/over.
  2. Just had a talk with someone I consider an expert on these things, and he showed me information that I needed to judge for myself. Conceded in Raven's favor with the surroundings and power level. That said, I vote for their rematch to take place in Hawaii and with sniper rifles in the afternoon.
  3. The entire Titans. You mean the team with a close relationship to her and approaching familial bounds? As for the High End Villains, how many of the class of battle that would have required bullet timing/predicting?
  4. So hows her reaction time then? Good enough to outrun a bullet? Because without plot shields protecting her, Deadshot is gonna go for head/apricot shots. Apricot meaning the medulla oblongata, which is where the brain and the spine stem attach. Snipers like Deadshot use it for One-Shot Kills which is something he'd be perfectly capable of doing.
  5. So simple teleportation, TK and cantrips basically? Any up on par to the usually quick draw weaponry Deadshot is known for? Because going by sheer reputation alone, if she's going to be using those alone against someone whose murderous skills are surpassed only by Deathstroke(last I checked), then Raven is going down hard the instant she A.) Shows herself. B.) Starts up her major mojo. Because unless she's a bullet timer/predictor like say...Batman's level, then this is really not gonna end well for her.
  6. Because it takes Batprep-time for a person whose entire motif is gunslinging/sniping to shoot someone while they talk. I see.
  7. Good for her. Now she only needs to be aware of where the man is in the cave with the faster weapon, quicker draw reflexes and mentality to kill. Something like this is Deadshots arena and once she comes out to attack with her chant, it'll be all he needs to pull a bead and shoot. Whereas opposite side, Deadshot can hunt her down at his leisure and take her once she comes out of her hiding place.
  8. "Yeah, I remember this one job. Took a squad down to some backdoor tunnels, natural caves right under the arse of the man we were sent to kill. Ended up facing this one, Hyena-lookin' beastie. Bark worst then its bite, and lugging some doll cat around on its back. I swore never to go on mission's drunk after that one."
  9. Unless he challenges Mew to a Childrens Card Game. Which would actually be pretty fricking funny, since Mew is a playful type normally and unless he really gets her mad....Heh. Not sure who to vote for now.
  10. Bullets vs Magic....Unless she can chant faster then pulling a hair trigger, gonna go for Deadshot here.
  11. Speed vs Power? All Hellboy needs is to get lucky once and he has this.
  12. Slavers. And sorry, been absent for a while but I'd like to come back for this. If anyone can bring me up to speed, I'd be grateful.
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