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  1. “I do not know why I came into this world, but I intend to destroy it. I will kill you if you interfere, but I think that if we join forces we can be stronger. If you help me destroy the humans, I shall help you eradicate every Kryptonian that exists.†– Bass Still upset over his tie with Superman, Goku is training even harder to gain the strength needed to challenge him again and win. Knowing the only way to do this, he has set out on a journey across the universe to find competitors powerful enough to challenge him. Experience his surprise as he finds the two evil entities traveling in the direction of Earth. After some contemplation, Goku decides challenging them would be good exercise. Before approaching them however, he realizes that, if this is training, he must defeat them without using his full power. He can only grow if he pushes his limits, and vows to himself that he will not go beyond his Second Super Sayain form, unless his life is threatened. Besides, what harm could they cause…?
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