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  1. THIS RUMBLE WILL BE MADE INTO A TRAILER FORM AND A SMALL BIO ON THE PLOT I WILL PROBALLY TURN THIS INTO A MATCH TO SHOW YOU THE TRUE STORY TO THIS SO PLEASE DO NOT JUDGE IMEDITALY THIS RUMBLE IS TO JUST GET IDEAS GOING THE TRUE FIGHT WILL BE POSTED SHORTLY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BIO: This story contains the scarecrow who plans to yet again bring terror to Gotham, when batman locks him away there is one problem though...the fear toxin reacts vioently with water, gotham's water supply is poisened and creates the living dead. Batman and robin arn't facing usale threats though, this will change them completly..with meaningful deaths with Gordon, Barbra, Tim, and others...this will make batman lose his one rule soon enough, this will bring the mantle of the bat to pieces..or will it? this will be up to you soon enough when i release the story... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TRAILER: *The visual of the room is batman and robin facing scarecrow who is holding a glass of fear toxin over gotham's water supply* -fades away- Robin/Tim Drake: Bruce..this is something you can't stop..SOMETHING YOU CAN'T SAVE *Next scene appears with a hoard of zombies walking down gotham's streets* Robin/Tim Drake: things may never be the same *Shows batman pull on his mask* Batman: but i have to try *Shows Rachel as a zombie eating at Alfred's dead corpse* Batman: one day someone told me something i'll never forget *A moment of bane lifting a can of gasoline over batman, then batman rolling away from an explosion, followed by batman elbowing a zombie and then releasing a fiery of fierce jabs on another zombie* Batman: it's not who i am underneath...but what i do that defines me *The last scene shows batman lifting a pistol to robin's head who is bleeding to death* COMING SOON.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Remember this is just to get ideas flowing the actual product is half way done and will be posted soon, until then tell me what your thinking in the comments, we shall see what you think after the story...
  2. I THOUGHT OF SOMETHING wolverine has animal instinct and would smell when pym is coming and would either get in attack possision or hide or something he would have an advantage there though and truthfully all wolverine needs is one good blow with his claws and if he could use that unexpected he might win
  3. it's not on earth it's on another planet, they rebooted predator with milatary, prisoners, and threats that the predators wanted to hunt for practice on invasions and spawn was chosen as a threat
  4. ok wolverine would rip pym into small sized pieces that would be practically ants but then again this particle stuff you guys are talking about if it really does shrink wolverine he would still put up a fight, and then again in the match pym's objective is not to kill wolverine (not like he could if he wanted 2 words "healing factor" although if you don't let up and give him no time to heal there is a possibility of logan to die) but wolverine would probally kill him with one strike if it weren't the particles so i'm going to wait for everyone to say a little more about the match before making my choice
  5. like the setup says millions maybe billions it's sortof like the new 2012 predator where the people fall out of the sky and have to survive while being hunted and spawn has been "selected" for the challenge
  6. so superman CAN'T die is what i'm saying and that proves my point although kong can die
  7. point taken but he can still die...and superman can't without krptinite
  8. the superman version they're using is from the original cartoons, i have a CD that has all the episodes and certain ones can relate to king kong
  9. ok so i understand superman dosn't have certain abilites but his strength and speed could be enough (plus the instructbility) and then like i said about kong, he isn't indestructable and now can superman be killed by anything besides krptinite, no, and that was even prooven by superman doomsday that he can be knocked out, put into shock, coma, he can feel pain nessicarly, but the only way to kill him is krptinite by all means and this is a fight to the death i suppose (superman might not think so) but it is the only way for this to end
  10. well do you think superman is going to be fighting kong alone..the milatary and stuff will help too, and it'll be the same drastic outcome where come climbs the building and either dies by the planes or superman knocking him off the building and there's another thing superman would be hurt but still get back up and wipe it off if he fell off the building but kong would die think of it that way
  11. i know i have watched a few of those episodes and one of them had a gorilla not as big and strong as kong but supes still beat it, i'd say that is half as strong as regular king kong and putting 2 halfs together dosn't make it any better in this situation lets put it this way if this superman were to face 2 of those half sized kongs would he win? of course, so why would one big one be any harder, as well in one episode he fought a t-rex and won, kong has fought 2 t-rexs and won BUT on the case of big injuries, then supes has also fought 2 giant mummy statues in another episode, i got a whole CD where he takes on these certain animals, monsters, and stuff that it seems although not as strong, he can still win
  12. Setup- Deathstroke is murdering innocents and Punisher wants to "punish" him. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Versions- Deathstroke is Comics/Slade Wilson (kickass version) Punisher is Noir Version of Frank (in a way upgraded) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weapons and Abbilities- Deathstroke has an arsonal of: 1 AK-47 (strapped to back) *only has 30 shells of ammo* 2 pistols (strapped to legs) *only has 10 shells of ammo each* 50 grenades (on vest strap) *this seems self explanatory* 1 knife (hidden in boot) *this knife is the same as seen in "under the red hood" cartoon movie where red hood uses it to slice the cable wire* 1 katana (on back in holder if pulled out dust will put the victom blind for a while) *ninja powah!* {vehicle of choice} black lamborgini (equiped with oil slick and spike balls) Deathstroke's abbilites are yet to be seen in "The Matrix" (although he can't stop bullets in mid air) he can however use jinjitsu or kung fu, karate, and plenty more techniques in fighting, his stealth dosn't completly match spiderman but his acrobatics might match the same Punisher has an arsonal of: 1 shotgun (in hand weapon) *10 shells of ammo* 2 hidden blades (as if seen in "Assaisan's Creed" videogames) *on both hands seprate* 10 grenades (on belt as well in pockets are mini grenades that releases knockout gas *punisher's mask is air pressured and won't allow the gas to get in his mask this goes for deathstroke's katana smoke*) 2 machine guns (strapped to each leg) *60 shells of ammo in both guns* 2 pistols (hidden in back of shirt as if to surrender could be used as suprise attack *deathstroke would kill him without hesitation if he were to surrender*) *10 shells of ammo in each gun* <hidden in trench coat> 3 pistols *20 shells of ammo each* 5 knifes (all hunting knifes) {vehicle of choice} battle van (as seen on "Spiderman The Animated Series" cartoon) equipped with side semi automattics *100 rounds per second lasts up to an hour each*, net launcher on roof, tracking computer, night vision, heat sensor, offroad tires, bullet proof windows *at least for a while*, and in back of van rocket launcher with only one rocket -------------------------------------- If must have one I can write a match scenario below to get you going....
  14. come on guys this is a easy win for superman, king kong is a giant gorilla...who was shot down by planes...seriously...just wow, i mean if king kong has krptinite then boom superman loses but king kong is a gorilla..sooo where the hell is he gonna get krptinite
  15. O.o i got 2 words for deathstroke....mashed potatos i mean any other deathstroke would woop shredder's ass but the young justice version is just...wtf ya know they could've done better, but shredder then again we only saw him kick the turtles asses once and that was his only true fight, he did good, but he'll probally face splinter and lose or the turtles and lose on his second and probally final fight so we shall see...we shall see
  16. 2 punks run down an alley to do what punks think is a good time, one has a red baseball hat backwards, with a piercing in his lip, gripping in his sweaty hands is a gasoline container which he splashes upon the bum who wakes up startled, the man next to his wields a baseball bat that soon collides with the bum's skull. He lets out a ear piecing cry, enough to awaken demons...it has. But not the reckless not so hero protecter, Spawn, but otherwise something not from any earthly realm. As the first punk's head slices clean off with no remorse, blood splatters against the hard concrete wall that the pierced fool is next to be struck by a spear and rammed straight through the wall. --------------------------------------------------------6 hours later----------------------------------------------------- Poilce Sirens fill the dreadful night with sorrow and pain, over 16 poilce cars and 4 ambulances have arrived to clean up the mess, but these men and woman aren't alone, a silent figure leaps into the alley lashing out a chain that grabs the awkward but yet powerful spear from the wall. Spawn: This hasn't to do with Hell or Heaven, this is a handcrafted spear... Off the edge ears hang from a rope. Spawn: What sick and twisted person would- Suddenly everything changes, just like any other victim of the predator Al..now know as Spawn travels through time, light, and space to awaken falling out of the sky towards green trees. At the last moment Spawn releases the parachute and descends into the wilderness. Spawn: When I find the idiotic punk who did this I will rip him limb from limb and send him off to Hell Just then a strange feeling comes over Spawn... Spawn: Am I being watched? Spawn's unhuman instinct warns him of a evil presence, just then Spawn's supersensed hearing captures noise of a growl...or is it a call? Spawn countinues to study his surroundings when his first trap catches him in a net which is sliced open within a matter of seconds by Spawn's powerful claws. Spawn: I ain't got all day, COME ON! Then the Predator appears ready to catch it's prey. Spawn: A cloaking device? Who are you? The Predator pops battle claws from it's metal knuckles and studies it's prey as it begins to circle Spawn, and then lashes out slicing Spawn's cape and triggering a fight, Spawn lashes out with a pack of quick and strong jabs and punches which only catches the predator off guard. Spawn has no choice but to use his powers, he uses them wisely though, for they do slow and tire him alot, the power snaps and breaks the enemy's limbs which makes it tumble to the ground. Spawn: Now like I said, who are you?! Spawn unknowingly pulls the Predator's helmet off to see the hideous monster. Spawn: WHAT THE HELL?! At that moment millions, maybe billions of Predators uncloak themselves surrounding Spawn. Spawn: Ok then, let's finish this. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TELL ME WHO WINS IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!
  17. i actually read a comic batman v.s spawn and batman won i think cause at the end a bat-a-rang went into spawn's head
  18. Gotham City 8:34 PM 2 punks run down an alley laughing, there both natural punks, you can tell from how they look, one with a red spiked mohawk and black sunglasses, his tank top shirt stained with greese and sweat, his jeans dirty and ripped, the other is holding a jug of gasoline whooping with laughter. He where's a grey sweatshirt, his blond hair unattended he pulls over the hood looking behind him as a chill runs down his spine. He saw me. John: Hey, uh, Danny The punk speaks in a frightened tone. Danny: yeah John, what's up, come on man lets- John: I think I saw the bat Danny: Ah hell.. They run down the alley once more this time faster and no laughter, but fear. I move along the rooftops leaping onto each ledge and suddenly plummet through the darkness landing on a garbage dumpster. Danny: What the hell, you ain't the bat Spawn: No, i'm worse I release my hell bound powers onto them snapping one's neck and dislocating the others arm as well popping an eye from his socket. They scream in pain. Gotham City 2:00 PM The Next Day Police cars surround the scene with caution tape blocking the reporters and photographers. My friend Jim Gordon walks away from the god forsaken area and around a corner. Gordon: I thought you'd never come Batman: I'm here now, what've we got Gordon: If you ask me it's just disgusting one has a broken leg and dislocated arm while the other is putting his eye back into his socket, and for what, some pointless gag Batman: No, they seem like average punks who would kill, someone wants to be like me Gordon: That's what I was about to ask you, one says it was you but the other says it was something worse Batman: Do you believe them Gordon: no I don't, but still, we should- batman? *sigh* gone.. I hate doing that to him but it's the only way for me to come and go. I put my hand to the talking beacon in my cowl. Batman: Alfred, did you find any leads to the crime Alfred: No sir, all of your foes are in Arkham or Blackgate, except for Cobblepott of course Batman: Then it's time to pay him a visit Alfred: In the middle of the day as batman? Batman: No as Bruce Wayne Gotham City 3:05 PM I walk up to the metal detector and 2 guards point guns at me. Guard 1: Ah, Mr. Wayne, Cobblepott's been wantin ta see ya come with me rich boy Suddenly the second thug whacks me with his gun and I hear a faint whisper as I drift into darkness. Guard 1: YOU FOOL! *vulgarity*! He's gonna be pissed Gotham City 3:48 PM I wake up tied in chains to a chair as Cobblepott walks over to me. Cobblepott: Mr. Wayne, how good to see you Bruce: Cobblepott, you won't get away with this Cobblepott: *laughs* Your family ruined me Wayne, now i'm gonna kill you He grabs my chair and shoves me backwards into a pool full of 6 sea lions that dive in to eat me. Cobblepott: I havn't fed them since- The skylight above us shatters as a man with a red cape slashes one of Cobblepott's men in half and quickly spins tossing a blade into another guard's neck. Cobblepott: Who the hell are you The man charges at Cobblepott while pull out a bat-a-rang and start cutting the bonds on my hands. When i cut free a sea lion tackles me biting my shoulder and i grit my teeth in pain. The hot blood runs down my shoulder warming me in the freezing cold water. I kick free and throw a bat-a-rang into the sea lion swimming up and onto the surface. But i'm too late and Cobblepott is on a table holding his leg. Gotham City 6:00 PM I walk into the cave holding my shoulder and Alfred runs over to me. Alfred: Sir! What happened to your shoulder! Bruce: A sea lion bit me, not now Alfred Alfred: I must tend to it, oh and Master Dick is holding on line 1 I pick up the phone as Alfred takes off my shirt. Bruce: Hello? Tim: Hey Bruce, I heard Cobblepott's in a coma and might die Bruce: Yeah, same with the 2 goons in the alley Tim: Do you think it's him Bruce: I hope not, but he's the only one who would do such a thing Alfred: who sir Bruce: Joker Gotham City 8:12 PM Thunder and lighting strike in the night sky as it rains and i drive past the terrible sighn. ARKHAM ASYLUM 18 MILES AHEAD TURN BACK NOW I pull up to the god awful structure and head to Joker's cell with Tim. Joker: Oh why hellllooo bats it's soooo good to see you, did you stop by to borrow some sugar Tim: Enough games tell us why- Joker: OH bird boy your no fun anymore, all grown up in your big boy pants Batman: why did you murder Cobblepott Joker: Ya see I would enjoy killing that ol bird but it wasn't me, I mean did you think I would go through all this trouble and not make sure ya knew it was me Batman: Enough of this, let's go Robin Joker: seeya soon bats *laughs* Guard: AHHH!! Blood splatters into the room and pull out a bat-a-rang as a dark figure walks into the room. Spawn: Batman and Robin Batman: Who are you Spawn: This dosn't concern you I came here for the clown Joker: Excuse me but i'm still here *laughs* oh boy please oh please kill eachother it'd be so nice Batman: I won't let you kill him Spawn: Then I'll have to kill you Spawn tackles batman through the wall behind them and before they crash into the lake surrounding the prison batman yells to robin. Batman: GET JOKER OUT OF HERE! -------------------------------------------------------------- You Decide If Batman Or Spawn Wins And I'll Write What Happens Next In This New Ongoing Saga
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