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  1. Heh, good set up Marvel Man. As for the match that's a lot of terrible T.V. to have to watch, not to mention the movies. I'm not sure they'll be able to hold out for that long. But on the other hand were talking about Wolverine and Soberguy, so maybe just maybe they can.
  2. Your set up is Very well. I have no idea who wins Snake is a very skilled fighter with amazing abilities, but Wesker is also a very skilled fighter. It could honestly go either way.
  3. Nicely done, Nesh. I'd say the Doctor should be able to complete all these tasks quite easily.
  4. Not bad for a first timer.I think the Ninjas can pull it off. Even though they don't have magic Dumbeldore's army can't kill what they don't see, and Ninjas are renowned for their stealthy abilities.
  5. I like set up it was very well done. As for the match well, I'd say Issac and Miria are a pretty lucky duo, and they usually succed against all odds even with their half-assed plans.
  6. Stephen would win the first round. Captain America is already pissed so it wouldn't be to hard to make him lose his cool. For round two Stephen would lose. There is no way in hell he could ever beat Captain America in a fight. For round three either could become presidency.
  7. Hey tanks for the birthday comment.

  8. Thanks a lot for the birthday comment.

  9. Thanks a lot for the birthday comment.

  10. I haven't been too many, but the best I've ever been to was the Judas Priest Epitaph Concert. I got to see Thin Lizzy, Black Label Society, and Judas priest all in one night, not to mention I had great seats.
  11. Sinestro should be able to beat Vader outside a sword duel.
  12. Loved the match and set up. I'm gonna go with Anderson he's always spouting words out of his mouth before battle. He's got to know his way around words enough to be able to come up with a good enough rhyme to beat Dracula.
  13. Your setup was very well especially considering this was your first match. In the first scenario I'd say Hannibal. Although Artemis is very intelligent Hannibal is very likely equally as intelligent, and he easily intimidates even the most experienced of psychologists. The second scenario I'd say Artemis would be able to track down Hannibal. His detective skills and deductive abilities are incredibly good. The third scenario it could easily go to any of the two as Artemis is much more mature and would be less likely too be intimidated by Hannibal. The Fourth I'd say Artemis would be easily able to Track down Hannibal.
  14. Great set up definitely an It's good from me. I don't know if Punisher could win even with the given circumstances. He certainly has the element of surprise as an advantage as well as the god killing bullets. But Thor and the Asgardians are no pushovers. I'd say Punisher could win if he is able to maintain the element of surprise. If not then Thor could easily overwhelm Punisher.
  15. What's the worst that could happen?
  16. I've seen Clint's movies a lot more than John Wayne, but to be fair I haven't seen as many John Wayne movies.
  17. The thought of Goku singing karaoke seemed funny to me.
  18. Very funny match and very well done Nesh. I'm not a fan of Troy's singing, and I really like Goku. So I'm just gonna say Goku can beat Troy.
  19. Yeah, I watched it and thought it was a brilliant show. A shame it got canceled though. I actually added Cal Lighman into the database.
  20. I reckon Barney can win if he ends this quickly with his single action. He's to old to keep going at it against Kable for too long; however if Barney doesn't end it quickly with his speed and accuracy then he will lose to Kable. An "It's good" from me.
  21. This is tough. Evil Buu managed to Kid Buu was a tough opponent for Vegeta and Fat Buu he was also only able to be killed through a spirit bomb with all the energy of the people from the Earth. Either could also absorb the other. Yeah, this is a tough one to call.
  22. I'd like to mention The Major from Hellsing he truly was a great villain. 1.Evilness- The Major was a sadistic, insane Na zi Major who waited for more than 50 years to fight another battle partly because he wanted to defeat Alucard, but also because he loved War. 2.Accomplishments- The Major spent more than 50 years planning to return and wage the final battle of WWII. He successfully waged war against the Vatican, Hellsing, Britain, and the USA. He also managed to get rid of Alucard, the most powerful Vampire, for 30 years. 3. He's notable amon Anime fans.
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