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  1. Ah, well, that depends mostly on when the Admins get around to it. You can see the newest additions here CBUB New Additions
  2. Thanks for your offers of help. A weekly fight will allow the development of a new CBUB front page with the fight. I will create a new forum group and board for people involved in producing the weekly fight. The weekly fight will be assigned to a volunteer in that forum, weekly, and can kick around the sportscast if in that forum also. I'll set up that group and forum tonight. Thanks!
  3. Oops. my bad. Should be open now.
  4. You need to give some details about what problem you are experiencing.
  5. Hi All CBUB Character submissions and Image submissions are open. We don't have a QA department here... if you spot some strange behavior by the website please note it in the bug forum. We only accept High Quality images and scans for the character's gallery. See, here is two images of the Huntress on her page and both are decent scans from a comic book Huntress CBUB Page When submitting a new character it needs a good starting 200 x 200 pixel image and good links. One of the links must be to their Wikipedia page. Thanks!
  6. HI All As you might recall the CBUB was originally a site which posted a fight each week for people to vote and comment on. At the end of the week a sports cast of the contest along with choice comments from the people who voted was posted. A list of such matches can be seen here: CBUB Back Issues It is simply not possible for me to write these anymore - any spare time I have (which is little) needs to be used on the technical aspects of the website. So, I am looking into trying to find some people who might like to produce a weekly fight write-up. To be fair some solid people have p
  7. Please try to be nice to new people who come into the site. We do get new players who are young and new - it is unhelpful if they're asked to just die as an introduction. Thanks!
  8. Please do not create additional accounts. Thanks!
  9. One is from an X-Men story arc where Viper took control of all the female members of the X-Men, outfitted them in green and sent them on a rampage. I pulled out the best image I could find of each in the series, pulled them out of the surrounding artwork and pasted them into this group image. The other is the three covers of the limited series which relaunched the JLA title. I scanned and put the three covers together in one image.
  10. some scans you requested. Not so great, now, these were done several years ago.
  11. Draconic: Juggernaut jumps onto Abomination, punding him over and over again. Abomination gets a few punches in aswell, but is losing in the battle. Thor flies down and throws his Mjolnir at Juggernaut. Juggernaut is hit, and goes flying! Jax126: that has got to hurt! Thor has just landed on Abomination, and hit the green man in the you-know-what area, with his Mjolnir! Abomination is down, but Thor doasn't care, he batters the green man on the head and it looks like Abomination is out in the first 2 minutes! Draconic: Juggernaut is up, and has jumped at Thor. Thor is trying to get out of the
  12. Jackie is asked to do a favor for a old friend named Vinny. He is asked to kill the man who put an hit on Vinny. That night Jackie goes the apartment next to his ex girlfriend Jenny that died. When he gets there there is a group of 6 people standing in the corner of the alleyway. The Darkness looks at Jackie weird, but Jackie pays no attention to them just walks in the apartment. He finds the man he is looking for, Jackie then tell the darkness to kill him. The Darkness bites the man in the face killing him. Jackie walks over him and The Darkness eats his heart. Jackie hears fighting going on
  13. This is part 1 of a species tournament. The Infected Formerly humans, then turned into ravaging monsters by a virus spread by Monkeys. Now these blood thirsty creatures virus is spread by blood. So if even one drop of Infected blood on you.You will turn. Now with the virus these Infected are fast and can run long distances even with the virus slolwying them down. That and they also have sharp nails and teeth to tear into human flesh with. Now they shall contend with the with the Werewolf's and trioxin Zombies who are also eagerly vicious. Werewolf's. Werewolf's who were used as Dog
  14. Alright, since the records wont carry over Im gonna do my first succesful fight on the beta cbub.Here we go. Year 1964, Date of Auric Goldfingers Operation Grandslam. Brittish agent 007 had managed to turn Pussy Galore to his side and together would foil Operation Grandslam at which point the base would be raided by U.S. Soldiers to apprehend Goldfinger. But the CIA didn't trust Bond, and how he was able to ut a counter-plan so fast so they decided to send one of their own men to infiltrate the base ahead of time to make sure the plan works. That man is former Green Beret and FOX member codena
  15. *The Avengers recieve a call*Captian America:Hello? Policemen:Get down here there is a group of monsters here and we can't hold em' off much longer! Captian America:We're on it! Spiderman:Who was that Cap? Captian America:It doesn't matter lets go! When the Avengers arrive several policemen's bodies are scattered all over the place. Wolverine:Looks like we've got a probem on our hands. Luke Cage:Stay alert everyone! A Predator jumps on Ms.Marvel and several more arrive.Before Avengers knew it they had a war on their hands.The Elder attacks Spiderman and Spidey kicks and it hits a wall but it
  16. ----------------------------- Flipside is a world beneath ours where dreams go to die. Imagine a world created solely for the repository of our imaginations, where the unwritten stories live alongside those never completed and every fickle being that has ever been conjured from the deep recesses of our mind walks the yellow brick roads that pave the way to great cities. Flipside is a place where you can get anything, or if you are not careful, where anything can get you. You can find ogres, dragons, superheroes, demons, knights and dead pop stars drinking alongside each other in any of the m
  17. No characters have been knocked out or anything. Nothing needs to be resubmitted. There's just a glitch I need to fix. Also, people have been adding a great deal of characters. There's over a hundred people that are messing around with this site, adding characters and whatnot. Not just the vocal few on the board, here. The admins aren't full time and some just feel more comfortable reviewing certain bins than others, probably. Anyways, give it time.
  18. Hi there There's a couple of issues. The first is there is a bug in the Admin back end I need to fix during the maintenance this weekend. The second is there is just a lot of characters that have been added and, you know, people only have so much time. Anyways, note.... the CBUB Beta site will be down this weekend. You may want to refrain from posting any more battles here and go back to using the existing CBUB. The forums here will be open tho. However, they will go down briefly from time to time.
  19. Tiger Ranger looked around his new office. Recently he, like many other memebers of the CBUB multiverse, had moved to the still being constructed New CBUB. While his previous place had been a minor office, this time he had spared no expense in getting a big building for himself, and given his name it looked like the Tigerzord. And he could take anything out of the vending machines for free as well, a definite plus. "Lets have a look at the fighters avalible" Tiger Ranger said, then grinned as he looked at the fighters list. "Time to start things big here" he muttered, typing away at his consol
  20. Oh, I'm sure comic vine is a great site. Don't get me wrong. I just don't really go check out other sites much. I don't want anyone to think I'm ripping off their bit. Also I got a full time job and a full time personal life so I don't have a lot of time to create a bunch of features. Basically, my small niche is comic book battles and I don't stray very far outside it. It's all I got time for, unfortunately. I just try and do that battle thing well.
  21. Jareth comes to Vice City and is soon denind entry into the Malibu Club by the bouncers in a fit of anger he throws a brick and hits Tommy's car. Tommy sees the damage to his car and grabs his Colt Pyhton and knife and goes after Jareth.
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