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  1. No, this is a slot for Generic, Disposable cannon-fodder. no named character. If one was allowed in, then that is unfortunate and we need to determine if they can be viewed in a generic way. Can they? Or no.
  2. Why are we making the assumption that comic-book detectives are better than movie or TV detectives? Would you also say that any comic-book detective is better than any film or TV version of Sherlock Holmes simply because they are in comic-books? This seems an unreasonable position to take where "comic-book characters win!" and no further analysis is required. Now, granted, Hannibal comes from reality-based films but also the original novels the films are based on. He is the character that Detectives go to when they can't figure it out, because he is smarter than the Detectives
  3. There are some things we can see about this based on the scenario 1. An eclectic guest list - so we have multiple interesting suspects. 2. A dead aristocrat - probably had multiple possible folks with something to gain with his murder. This presents the master criminal the best possible scenario to frame someone else or otherwise get away scott free. Yes, I know... but Bat God! Well, you know, the Master Criminal here is no slouch and this scenario actually favors the criminal.
  4. Rimuru Tempest at Demon Lord level with ultimate gluttony might digest the Green Lantern powers and take them for his own. This will of course be in addition to the vast number of abilities he has already absorbed. But even without that move, he brings a massive amount of versatility and power to this challenge that will net him the win. If you haven't seen it, go watch "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime". Fun show.
  5. Stockholm Syndrome is, essentially, self-induced brainwashing whereby the hostage develops feelings for their captor. The captor may not even be actively helping it along. Given that Kite Man is, in cannon, a laid-back charmer it could be a case where untangling the relationship could be difficult.
  6. Somebody throw me some additional Detective / Master Criminal challenge ideas to add into the season. Thanks!
  7. Now explain her defeat of Galactus. According to Marvel themselves everything she has done in Earth-616 is cannon. Please see the Official Marvel Wiki. Also note they give Squirrel Girl Max stats in every category from strength to intelligence. I have to go with what Marvel Comics says in their official pages about their own character. As a neutral party just trying to make sense of the character, I subscribe to the theory that she's either a beyond-Omega level reality-warping mutant like Franklin Richards or simply favored by an ultra-powerful cosmic being in the Mul
  8. There have been multiple discussions out there about what Squirrel Girl's powers actually mean. The one thing I think we must agree on is that it is a thing. Now it's very clear that even Vs Battle Wiki wants to ignore that she is, essentially, the winning-est character in Marvel Comics and warns against scaling her. All that means to me is that they recognize she can't be pigeon-holed and are taking their ball and going home. I agree with the Redditor who does have a logical explanation, that being it is a power granted by some larger force in the Multi-Verse to her.
  9. Everyone will make up their own mind about where her plot armor stops scaling, I think. For you, that's at Goku Black. For me, it could be any number of characters - Death for sure - but possibly not Goku Black. For Movie Brat, probably when she comes up against one of his own characters.
  10. There's two ways to look at Squirrel Girl here and neither of them are wrong. 1. With the power of extreme plot armor which cannot be defined, has no specific feats and yet has her defeating the most powerful of foes. 2. As a tier 8 character that controls squirrels. This is a Cosmic Level CBUB tournament where people have chosen the manifestation of Death, right? Every badass in the Multi-Verse is out there. Me personally, I have to take Squirrel Girl at her Cosmic level in this tournament. She essentially has cosmic level plot armor which is never defined using feats that
  11. The feats are essentially unknowable since they happen off-panel. We might surmise that the battle goes like this: GOKU BLACK MONOLOGUES SQUIRREL GIRL IGNORES GOKU BLACK GOKU BLACK MONOLOGUES HARDER SOMETHING HAPPENS OFF-PANEL SQUIRREL GIRL WINS
  12. This match is a perfect example of why using the characters Tier as the criteria for selecting a winner is flawed. Squirrel Girl is nowhere near Goku Black's Tier, but I'll wager she wins anyways. There are often extenuating circumstances which make Tier irrelevant.
  13. Indeed. I tend to avoid the Cosmic Level characters in battles because, even in the comics they don't seem to battle so much as talk. And any disagreement is usually solved by 'Deus Ex Machina' plot points. It makes for some interesting discussion though.
  14. Assuming that the Zombies start the match milling around their own flag, the Vorcha still have to go get it. However, as the Vorcha have some intelligence, they will probably figure out that the WWZ zombies are easily led away by sound. Without the ability to act as a team and use strategy, the Zombies will be at a real disadvantage in some of these Challenges.
  15. I watched the video. I'm not really seeing the kind of hazards or challenges that one finds in the most demanding platforming games. Is it even possible to lose playing that? I don't get that the characters are superhuman so much as that the game is overly easy.
  16. I'm not familiar with the Judge Dee character, but the comments make me want to check out his show. Sounds cool.
  17. How is Shadow any more durable than Sonic or Tails? I mean, unless they are carrying a Gold Ring, if they step in the bad or miss the jump then it's game over. I'm not familiar with Shadow as a playable platforming character as I only know old school Sonic.
  18. Yes, but are creating probabilities with massive caveats part of her powers? It would almost seem so, wouldn't it?
  19. Alice already exists in a gruesome, blood-soaked horror platformer. So, Super Meat Boy should be right in her wheelhouse. I think Shadow is going to try to go fast and get chopped into bits.
  20. If I recall correctly there was a scene in Scarface where a little remote control car with a explosive attached was used in a hit. So, I guess Tony can be creative and he certainly doesn't want to get caught. I see this as a close match.
  21. There are going to be challenges that don't exactly match the Criminal Mastermind's MO. That said, I could see a story line where Black Cat grabs an heiress as part of a larger burglary goal and the Heiress ends up Stockholming on her as a (likely comedic) plot point. All that said, I don't know that this scenario favors Adrian given his own obsessive-compulsive disorder, multiple phobias and other psychological issues. I think I like the Black Cat here.
  22. Nick Valentine is a synthetic which gives him some data processing and hacking skills which might come in useful here. The question is, how good is Lex at covering his tracks, and the answer is usually pretty good. A synthetic detective might have a better shot at this then some others, though.
  23. How do you root out corruption in the justice system and identify the witnesses and jurors that are either on the take or intimidated by a criminal mastermind like Moriarty? Elliot Ness managed it in the Al Capone trial, but he was on the Inside of the Justice System and had a team of experts working it from different angles. See the Kevin Costner film The Untouchables. I don't see Nightwing pulling it off - this isn't really his beat. Oh sure, he might turn over a couple rocks and expose some bugs, but he's not getting all of it.
  24. Mojo Jojo certainly physically overpowers Nancy Drew, considering his usual opponents are the Power Puff Girls. However, this isn't about Mojo's powers, it's about his Criminal Mastermind abilities. And when your plans are being cracked on a regular basis be three girls in kindergartn, well, maybe those master plans aren't so good. I think I like Nancy Drew here.
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