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  1. Victor is going to have to use strategy during the fight if he hopes to defeat Shazam. He does have one big advantage, that being Shazam is powered by Billy Batson who is mentally just a typical young man. Doom is leagues above Billy in terms of tactical intelligence. I'd say the longer this goes on, the more Doom can take advantage of what he sees. Depends on if Billy can finish it quickly.
  2. Both versions are listed as 2A In current continuity Franklin is a child. The adult version is essentially a different character.
  3. Now, I have not read the source material of Death Troopers but my understanding is that they are essentially zombie stormtroopers. That is zombie stormtroopers created via some contagion. If I have that right, in a Zombies vs. Mutants match I favor the Mutants. Will wait to see if anyone has more info to add about them.
  4. I think we need to take into consideration Franklin's age and the fact that Ryoko is fun and good with young people. Battle may come down to simply playing a childs game together.
  5. How is the Putty Patrol's hand-eye coordination and ability to hit moving targets with a ball? Currently leaning mutants as I believe their hand-eye coordination and targeting is decent.
  6. Hum. The Scarface organization would easily be one of the most brutal and the most paranoid. Tough to get in with, easy to get on the wrong side of. I'd like to hear if Holmes has any infiltration or undercover feats to go by. Because right now I'm thinking the Scarface organization would be tough to crack.
  7. I believe Ainz is out of his depth here. Despite his relative power and bluster, Ainz is just a 20-something gamer nerd mentally, with no psychic defense against what Parallax brings to the table. I imagine the Parallax entity would simply possess him.
  8. This is an interesting match for sure. It feels really even. Possible toss-up on who gets bored and leaves first.
  9. They tied last time. Tie breaker round!! Again with the Riddler, he is bound to leave clues which would point to the antidote. Real question being if Constantine has the wit to solve them.
  10. Those are cool, thanks. At the power level the current characters in draft are at - cosmic level - I don't see terrain as a factor. Whatever the terrain is will be destroyed, possibly along with the planet. But yeah, for more low powered matches I could see adding some of those.
  11. Hi all The next round - round 4 - will start tomorrow. I will be taking a day to work in some new challenges in the detective slot. Thanks!
  12. Ryoko is one of if not the most powerful beings in the Tenchi universe. She possesses the power of three gems which are divine in nature, giving her access to various supernatural abilities. I would have to categorize it as magic power. And, that is Supes achillies heel, pretty much regardless of version. Going with Ryoko.
  13. Wow. That was a solid and thorough analysis. Thanks! That said, it kind of led me to what I already suspected - slow and lumbering + claws could be at a disadvantage against ranged blasters.
  14. Well good, I'm glad to hear you apologized, because that was a pretty BS. The vote buttons do not represent an opportunity for you to vote about whatever is in the news that day.
  15. So you are using the vote button on this site to lodge a protest vote against some celebrity... which has nothing to do with this site or this competition... thereby affecting one of the players in the draft. I'm about a hair from banning you, man. That's not a valid argument for who should win this match.
  16. The problem with The Riddler as a character is that his character concept cannot live up to his flawed execution by the people who write him in comics and shows. The people who write him are not (by and large) supra-geniuses and clever as a fox, themselves. And so, the riddles they write for the Riddler and capers they come up with are not challenging for people over the age of 10. They can't execute the character concept as intended. They don't have the wit. My 2 cents.
  17. I believe we can look at Apocalypse vs. Quicksilver. I hate to reference the not-so-great X-Men film where this battle happened, but I will. Did not work out for Quicksilver. I'd like to hear if it happened in Comics. Flash is more powerful that Quicksilver, IMO. What gets me about the Flash is his often clownish rogues gallery. I don't think any of them would offer Apocalypse much of a challenge. However they do offer Flash a challenge.
  18. I'm liking the Kobolds here. They are Cannon Fodder, sure, but they are challenging for low level parties and they do bring mages and clerics along with the fighters.
  19. I think I'm liking Onslaught here due to the massive psychic abilities, reality warping, astral projection and possession. Parallax has some similar kit, but I think Onslaught has more of it. I think this is a question of who possesses who. I don't see this coming down to physical blows.
  20. The minion's durability is a moot point, and they should not win this or any match in this space IMO. The minions exist to serve the Big Boss. And when they don't have a Big Boss to serve, they are despondent and purposeless. They will determine the one individual on the other team (in this case the Crazy 88) who they can pledge their allegiance to, call them the Big Boss, pledge to serve him or her and forfeit the match as they have no further interest in it. Their only motivation for competing at all would be to identify a Big Boss to become minions of.
  21. I've always liked the Riddler as a character. And this particular challenges is very within his MO. I just wish there was a more edgy version of the Riddler with a broader definition of what the riddle is. I will reference Silence of the Lambs. A giant death-head moth shoved down victims throats is the riddle. Or, perhaps Twin Peaks where only an autopsy could discover the riddle. A Elseworlds or Vertigo version of this character, I guess. Anyways, the Riddler's riddles are challenging to Batman, and Constantine aint no Batman. So I lean Riddler.
  22. Thanks for the suggestions. It's a tough one because, like the above, it's going to be way outside the MO of many Master Criminals. Walking the fine line between generic and specific to make something which applies to most is challenging.
  23. I have to go with Ainz. I'll freely admin that I am not familiar with Naomi and can only go by what Google tells me. But I have watched the complete Overlord series twice and what I have seen with Ainz tells me that he could defeat what Google tells me about Naomi. And if you haven't watched Overlord, well, here you go: Season 1.
  24. This. You need inside sources within the Justice system. This scenario is drawn from the historical Al Capone trial and how Elliot Ness handled it. It is a real and relevant challenge, IMHO, that probably and unfortunately happens in a less famous way more often than we would like to know. Please do suggest more challenges to add into this slot. I would very much like some suggestions. THanks!
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