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  1. Just pointing out that at the end of The Dark Knight, the Mutants join up with Batman and get trained by him. Sons of the Bat, I think they start to call themselves. Thrown Objects training probably on the menu.
  2. It's tough out there. I'm definitely ice skating uphill this season.
  3. The Mafia will fight dirty and Stormtroopers are dumb.
  4. Sure. I wasn't attempting to counter your points. I was just saying for other people who might be thinking about what Anti-Monitor is bringing to the table.
  5. It really depends on what the death-trap is, which is undefined. That said, the Death-Trap has to offer escape. We have to assume it plays to the Detective's strengths. So, the escape mechanism is going to be solvable by Columbo. As he is a more cerebral detective, it's going to be something he has a chance at.
  6. Note that Anti-Monitor has a version more powerful than Tier 2, which is the cap for this. So, we aren't talking about that. One has powers that are so vast that they are beyond comprehension and one has powers that make the character unbeatable with no defined upper limit. Toss-up for me.
  7. Apocalypse already defeated The Flash Wally West this season. Unless anyone can point to something new Barry brings to the table, I stand by my comments in the last one.
  8. Great screenies, thanks for that. Yeah, it was just such an interesting turn of phrase to me: Dooms most casual armor. I was like, is that a thing? Does he monologue that? "Pathetic fool, you are an insect to me! I will solo you in my casual armor!"
  9. Washu taught Ryoko everything she knows. She's an angel of mercy.
  10. In this scenario, Ryoko wins when Franklin agrees to start doing the dishes after dinner and taking out the recyclables.
  11. Do you have some reference to share where this occurred? What is Doom's most casual armor? Is that like his nightgown? What was the Avengers line-up at the time? Could we not assume that Shazam might also be able to solo the Avengers? I think he might. He'd certainly give 'em hell. Squirrel Girl beat Doom. Does that mean we should assume that Squirrel Girl can also solo the Avengers including Hulk and Thor? Asking for a friend.
  12. It seems like for Tails to be performing the rhythm part of the game, that would preclude flying. Runner3 is ground based, yeah? I'm kind of agnostic about who wins this match. It just seems to me that intentionally flying over everything misses getting points in the game. So I'm trying to figure out how Tails gets to avoid all danger and still get high score.
  13. Weapons are allowed here. I guess we'd assume that at the actual top of the hill it would just end up being melee though.
  14. Hmmm. Sounds like Captain Atom has an Achilles Heel or two. Definitely some exploitable weaknesses.
  15. I have to say, I think Spawn could solo this. And I'm not even talking about Hell-King Spawn and so forth, just normal every-day Spawn. Maybe that's why he got gimped with an under-powered partner :)
  16. Well, if you are asking me then I would say Quasar does indeed have tools in his toolbox to win this match. That being one of the big ones. Some might only compare Captain Atom's and Quasar's tiers on Vs Battle Wiki, tho.
  17. Quasar is also cosmic level and has some potential counters to Captain Atom. One of those being... Energy Drain: Quasar can drain nearly any type of energy from an opponent or object such as a star. This could prove useful in making Captain Atom weaker. I accept that, at his most powerful, Captain Atom is over Quasar's tier. That said, Quasar is no slouch of an opponent and has a storied history of defeating powerful cosmic opponents.
  18. The slot definition did not say they should be stupid or mindless. Every base line example given was of organized, generally intelligent creatures.
  19. This scenario gives both parties prep-time, but also deals the criminal an inside card. The criminal has the best view of how to make a run at this. Given Hannibal is a master of manipulation and utterly ruthless I foresee him finding the weak links in the defense and possibly taking out a number of the mansion guards in the process. And eating them, naturally, with fave beans and a fine Chianti.
  20. But would that get you the high score, or would you miss opportunities to gain points?
  21. I never said he wouldn't win, I just said Ryoko is fun and good with young people. Please update the battle image if you get an opportunity. That would be helpful. Thanks!
  22. While I do agree that we tend to take the most powerful version of a character - that usually comes with caveats. When we discuss Spider-Man we do not automatically assume it is the Cosmic Spider-Man version. I personally make no assumption this is the Adult version we see in some story arc. Especially when their powers are functionally the same and Franklin Richards is a child in current continuity. Also, you didn't update the battle image.
  23. Victor is going to have to use strategy during the fight if he hopes to defeat Shazam. He does have one big advantage, that being Shazam is powered by Billy Batson who is mentally just a typical young man. Doom is leagues above Billy in terms of tactical intelligence. I'd say the longer this goes on, the more Doom can take advantage of what he sees. Depends on if Billy can finish it quickly.
  24. Both versions are listed as 2A In current continuity Franklin is a child. The adult version is essentially a different character.
  25. Now, I have not read the source material of Death Troopers but my understanding is that they are essentially zombie stormtroopers. That is zombie stormtroopers created via some contagion. If I have that right, in a Zombies vs. Mutants match I favor the Mutants. Will wait to see if anyone has more info to add about them.
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