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  1. I admit to not having read the Sherlock Holmes books, so I'm going by the Moriarty seen in the BBC series. That is the version of Moriarty I am familiar with. He was seen to be a genius criminal intellect. The scenario gives Moriarty an inside man. I think that and his ability to game out every possibility gives him the edge here.
  2. That's not really what I, myself, got out of Return of the Jedi. They do a lot of quiet recon and set-up their positions, speaking in whispers. They make noise when they launch the surprise attack, the point of which is to lead the Stormtroopers into traps and kill zones. I have to vote Ewoks because 1. They are going to recon and see the dumb Zombies milling around the base of the hill with no leader, no organization and clearly walking corpses. Why should they engage? They win by just walking up the hill. 2. As @Peypeypeypey pointed out, the WWZ Zombies only attack via
  3. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on this one. Lawful Evil is short-hand for organized, and Kobolds for sure form cohesive battle groups using tactics with mixed-arms / magic. I've played enough D&D to know to be wary of them at low level.
  4. Can the master criminal ensnare the detective in an elaborate deathtrap? Given Hannibal's intelligence and amazing ability to manipulate people, undoubtedly yes. Can the detective figure out how to escape? Well, considering that the Death Trap probably ends with him being eaten by the master criminal, he'd best hope so.
  5. Except not so much. See: https://forgottenrealms.fandom.com/wiki/Kobold Let's pick out some descriptive words about Kobolds from the above. Diligent Cunning Meticulously Planned Industrious Lawful Evil They live up to 125 years and they aren't stupid. The ultimate goal of the kobold race was to conquer as much land as possible.
  6. Columbo comes off as an amiable dunce while he's busy solving your mystery. People tend to overlook and underestimate Columbo. That gives him an edge in this match where seeming unassuming and non-threatening can help you pick up information.
  7. Both 2 time winners, hum. I am leaning Kobolds as they are used to Medieval type weapons and tactics. Also they come in an assortment of low-level D&D classes which could give an edge. Now, some important quotes about why this is a bad match for the Vorcha. See: https://masseffect.fandom.com/wiki/Vorcha "The vorcha have no formal military force to speak of." "their lack of any government has precluded the formation of armies and fleets" "Many vorcha are employed as cannon-fodder ... where their inexperience further shortens their brief lifespans"
  8. I don't remember Kite-Man being a subtle villain. Probably the whole thing is captured on video as Kite-Man smashes through a window or something, then kites off. As to Kite-Man's location, I think Constantine can figure that out. Probably just by trolling dive bars.
  9. Well, the big loser in this match is gonna be the battle terrain. Honestly, I'm not sure what to make of this one, but if I recall Parallax (the entity - not whatever host it is possessing) has a thing about needing or wanting fear. I don't know that Galactus has much fear of anything to provide.
  10. Lots of competition for the Final Four slots. Very interesting.
  11. They tied last time. Select a winner this time! Obviously it should be the Ewoks. The Ewoks are small, stealthy and quiet on padded furry feet. WWZ Zombies are only attracted to SOUND! Did anyone here watch WWZ? If you don't make any sound you don't trigger the Zombies. Ewoks take this by simply quietly walking up the hill.
  12. Well, I didn't have much time to comment last round (because reasons) but I did vote. There's three more rounds to score points, as we head to the final four. Competition looks fierce to me. Should be interesting.
  13. Well, I don't know that I'm really in charge of anything per-se. Plus, I've never played the game so I don't know about the Infected. But let's look at what the definition of the Slot was: A generic group of disposable stereotypes - often depicted as being easily defeated like Pirates, Ninjas and Storm Troopers. And I think the key word in there is "generic". Not a lot of differentiation. I see the argument for the Infected seems to revolve around differentiation - having powerful Specialists and Bosses in the mix, I guess. That wasn't really the slot concept. I'd
  14. I wouldn't want to be in Adrian Monk's place for this one. The deathtrap has to be solvable, so Adrian has a chance to escape. Chances of survival? 20%, I'm thinking.
  15. Rimaru is functionally immune to any heat or fire based attacks. See the section Resistances. As a highly evolved slime, he gets the powers of anything he (as a slime) digests. As he grows in power he ends up fighting, defeating and digesting more and more powerful things, gaining their abilities. In his final evolved form (Tier 2B if Battle Wiki is to be believed) he would be stupidly overpowered in relation to the Injustice version of Superman.
  16. I'm sure the Infected will be suited up by Khazan's cadre of trained handlers before being loosed on the field. Gonna be hard for them zombies to bite anyone with metal helmets on their head, tho.
  17. I am leaning Rimaru Tempest here. Rimaru is simply a very highly evolved slime monster. Punching and kicking slimes is notoriously ineffective and I would not expect Supes to get far with that. Rimaru also brings the magic. He is a magical being / demon lord / slime monster. This is all bad for Supes.
  18. Well, seeing as how the Living Dead are kinda slow (especially shambling up a hill) and have no tactics or range weapons, I'm leaning Jawas here. Utini!
  19. Hum. Well, okay. I guess if you feel it's an issue to provide people more time to read these, then we will not.
  20. You can't just start another battle while one is running, no? What am I missing?
  21. I don't have a lot to go on here, but their different versions with different tiers are actually pretty similar on Vs Battle Wiki. Magik vs. Highfather Highfather is kind of a blank to me, while Magik is kind of a cool character I've enjoyed in X-Men, so I'm just literally going to vote for who I like the most here.
  22. Kinetic Shielding (keyword: Kinetic ... not laser beams) + some regenerative properties < Laser beams. pew pew!
  23. I'm liking Wonder Woman here because Lasso of Truth. If she gets it onto Gogeta I think it's game over. And she's kind of a pro at getting it onto people.
  24. Yes. I changed Rated Matches to 10 days to give folks more time to read and rate them. Folks like me.
  25. Solid points. I think you sold me.
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