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  1. I accept that this occurred in Cannon, however as Anti-Monitor has Tier Versions which are out of bounds in this contest, please ensure you are not referencing those out of bounds tiers. Thanks!
  2. Congrats to Pey. Great season Magnamax, finishing in the final four.
  3. Congrats to DSkillz. Solid season Mercblade, nice job getting into the Final Four.
  4. In the Death Match finals, ties do not happen. It is Death Match, and Umpire will cast a random vote for one of the contenders if a tie score is detected in processing. Death Match is Death Match.
  5. All we know here is that, for whatever reason, Dr. Strange and Death have come into contention. If Dr. Strange is standing in Death's way, he will either stand aside or he will be moved. Powerful as he may be, I don't see Strange winning this one.
  6. The death match routines use slot vs. slot. I would have had to have defined which slot faces which slot. Seemed to make the most sense to have the contenders compete in their own universes for the most fair apples to apples comparison. As to this battle, I like Ryoko here.
  7. My take would be that, given equal weaponry, the Orcs would be the superior force. I will make the assumption for my vote that the weaponry, while unspecified, is equal. Because, otherwise, that would not be entertaining to the crowd.
  8. My view is that the challenge does not favor Sherlock Holmes. In the BBC series, which is what I have to go on, Sherlock Holmes is asocial at best. The challenge at hand would require a bit of empathy or social engineering or psychology. I guess it is doable but it's not Holmes' strong area. Holmes isn't particularly personable. Moriarty is personable enough, albeit a sociopath. He's probably the strong horse in this tug of war for the victim.
  9. Yeah, that's all Umpire's doing. But removing the Bench for sure got everyone's picks out there.
  10. Cannon Fodder Slot ranked: +---------------------------------------+-------------------+------+--------+ | CHAR_NAME | PLAYER_NAME | WINS | LOSSES | +---------------------------------------+-------------------+------+--------+ | Unggoy (Grunts) | Mercenaryblade | 3 | 0 | | The Hand | DSkillz | 3 | 1 | | Kobolds | Vincento | 3 | 0 | | The Mutants (The Dark Knight Returns) | RakaiThwei | 2 | 1 | | The Crazy 88
  11. That concludes Round 10 and the regular season. Our final four are revealed and only one can come out on top. Thanks to everyone for participating this season. I hope you had fun with it.
  12. Hannibal doesn't really have a network per-se. What he has is a trail of victims to follow. The likely outcome of this is the Question and Hannibal end-up facing off against each other. That would be a very interesting psychological drama to watch, indeed.
  13. Ghosts n Goblins is not a Go Fast platformer. It's very methodical, and moving too fast is likely to get you dead. I'm liking Rayman here.
  14. This is a tough match for me to call. Viper is not a stupid criminal. However she is a more physical than cerebral criminal, and prone to arrogance. The challenge does not require Robin to apprehend her, so it's mostly pure detective work: Identify and Locate. Probably Robin could pull that off.
  15. I like Sherlock Holmes chances in this match-up. I think he can expose the compromised individuals. It is unfortunate that being exposed will likely result in the individuals demise, but that is not a consideration of the challenge.
  16. Tough match for the Jawas here. Whatever happens, it ends in Utini.
  17. Sorry but old bodies simply do not work as well as young bodies. Some day, when you are old and try to do the feats you did when you were young, then you will understand. Likely, you will injure yourself in the process. It's ridiculous to even argue that Old Batman can do what Young Batman can. But, if you haven't experienced old age personally, then I guess you wouldn't have a reference for it. Going with Riddler.
  18. I like Luigi here. He seems like the all around contender while DK seems like he could have some problem events.
  19. Two ties in a row? Gotta be a record.
  20. I haven't seen the show Giorno is from, but it kind of seems like he is getting by on technicalities. Anyways, if the people familiar with him think he comes out on top here then I imagine he does.
  21. My question was how good a flyer is Spyro? Dustforce is big on tall vertical surfaces, favoring a flying character. Definitely leaning Spyro.
  22. To be fair, the scenario does not say the trap has to be a physical creation. It could be a psychological trap involving choices to be made.
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