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  1. 1 hour ago, Pizzaguy2995 said:

    Dammit, just now realizing that I screwed up my musical character pick. It says it has to be live action, I picked a cartoon. Sorry admin, please reopen my draft picks and I’ll pick someone else.

    You should find your team available for repick in your control panel. thanks!

  2. 4 minutes ago, Z451 said:

    Hey Fox, I'm thinking of some characters for Slot 4 (Melee) and Slot 7 (Man Eater), but I'm not sure if they will work based on the perameters...

    For Slot 4, I'm thinking of the Star Wars character, Thok,a character from the game Masters of Teras Kasi, but I'm not sure if he would count for that slot. I do have Rikimaru as a  back up choice for this slot if Thok doesn't fit the criteria.

    For Slot 7, I'm thinking of Jasmin Pratap, from the movie, Veerana, which is a horror movie, but also features said character singing love ballads to the audience in the form of the song Sathi Tu Kaha Hai, which is about her desire to find her lover or beloved, and how she has looking for said lover or beloved from this world to the next, kind of a stretch, but it does make her seem like quite the romantic type to me anyway, but I'll leave it up to you to decide on that, I also have Dr Chase Meridian as a back up choice for that slot, if necessary as well.


    On that Slot 4 pick, seems like your basic Melee type character.  Probably OK.

    For Slot 7, the character has to have been a character that was involved in a romantic subplot.  The reason is that we the character needs to have been wooed so we could see what her type was and how she behaved in that situation.  Feats, right?

  3. 13 minutes ago, Movie-Brat said:

    My team is ready. I hate that I don't have Bugs Bunny and James Bond. Hopefully Daffy Duck and Jake T. Colton will suffice. 

    Given the variety of female romantic interests that people have chosen so far, I don't see James Bond as having any particular advantage.

    Also, nobody has yet tapped into the Tiny Toon Adventures that I've seen.  So, there's another Bugs Bunny out there.

  4. 4 minutes ago, Mercenaryblade said:

    So is Scooby HB or WB? Because Scooby was owned by HB but now is owned by WB. I'm confused  

    For our purposes it is Hanna-Barbera.  Perhaps think in terms of who the character was created by as opposed to who currently owns the IP.

    Also, the Hanna-Barbera name still exists under the Warner umbrella.  So, still Hanna-Barbera.

    That said, we are going by the studio that created it.

    Hope that helps!

  5. Just now, Peypeypeypey said:

    No, it's no category in particular. Honestly, I spend a fair bit of time on these seasons because I like to respond to all the matches, and so every few seasons I just like to sit out and recharge. That, plus having to finish my thesis and find a job in the next few weeks as I'll no longer be a GA means I just won't have the time to devote to it

    Oh, wow!  Good luck on both the thesis and the search.  We nerds believe in you!

  6. love-romeo_and_juliete.jpg


    Samples from the romance challenges.  Pretty much the two contenders will have to play in famous romantic situations.


    The goal in these challenges will be to pick a contender in the male slot seen as suitable in the majority of situations, and a contender in the female slot that would reject in the majority of situations.

    I'm sure we'll see some interesting choices.

  7. 11 hours ago, DSkillz said:

    Sorry, I got held up taking care of RL stuffs.

    I'm probably going to hint at my age with this, but would the old Terry Toons (Mighty Mouse, Heckle & Jeckle, Deputy Dawg) also be included? Note that I haven't thoroughly looked these lists through yet, so they may already be OK'd for the slot.

    I had to look that up.  Those characters are owned by Paramount, now.  Sure, why not.  They can go on the Hanna-Barbera side.

    Gee, the WB team seems to need some support.  Perhaps they should get Disney on their team.

  8. 9 hours ago, Peypeypeypey said:

    And again, no one has listed any feats for Death that put her anywhere near Franklin's level of power, really.

    OT, but yes - we are limited by what the writers of comic books actually write.  And there's not a lot of material to work with regarding the Death character in the Marvel cannon, presumably.

    Death from D.C./Vertigo is a character with a number of appearances and feats.  Tier 1A, unlike Marvel's.


  9. 33 minutes ago, Movie-Brat said:

    Also, can James Bond count for the love interest slots?

    Sure, why not.  Pretty sure all James Bond films have a romance sub-plot.


    20 minutes ago, RakaiThwei said:

    Also, if I may humbly request that no one use the Mirage Turtles, as I don't want their records to be rated by Draft Matches. I'm trying to build their records up, and I don't want their profiles to be bogged down by losses in matches which I didn't write up.


    People are free to compete with any characters in the CBUB Data Base that meet the criteria.

  10. Added Universal characters to the "Hanna-Barbera/MGM/United/Universal Cartoon Characters" Team. Or HBMUU for short.

    WB has such a powerhouse line-up of toon force characters that it takes four other studios to match them.

    Why not Disney, you might ask?  It is a valid question, but it just didn't seem like Disney's characters has the same kind of toon-force enabled mischief makers.  They seem more well behaved, light on the toon-force and less prone to blow things up.


  11. 2 hours ago, JohnnyChany said:

    This season looks very creative and a lot of fun. Thanks, Fox.

    Genie from the live action Aladdin be disqualified for slot 5? He would undoubtedly have a big advantage over literally any other character I can think of in that slot. 


    Solid point, since the criteria typically is that they need to get by on singing and dancing on it's own.

    I suppose I could add that the contender has to be a generally normal human.

  12. Fantasy Draft: Season Ten

    Welcome to Season Ten!  Or 'Season X', as the Romans would say.


    CBUB Fantasy Teams is kind of like Fantasy Sports games.  You draft a Team and they get thrown into matches for a "Season" which is typically several weeks.

    In case you need a refresher on the rules, here you go :

    The Fantasy Draft FAQ


    When the draft is open visit your CBUB Control Panel to draft your team.


    This season's competitive slots...


    Hanna-Barbera/MGM/United/Universal/Etc. Cartoon Characters


    Warner Bros. Cartoon Characters


    yogi-bear.jpgIn Slot One, select a character from the Hanna-Barbera / MGM / United / Universal / Paramount / Terry cartoon characters.

    Possibilities include these lists:











    In Slot Two, select a character from the Warner Bros. cartoons.

    Possibilities include these lists:








    Ranged vs. Melee




    In Slot Three, select a Ranged Attack character.  The character may come from about any source: Movies, TV, Comics, Cartoons, Novels, etc.

    The Ranged Character must meet these requirements:

    • Range attack is via a projectile weapon: Bow, Gun, Thrown Item, etc.
    • Character has no heavy defensive powers or resistances.
    • The ranged attack will not be allowed to use 'Trick' or 'Special' ammunition.
    • The character's weapons are generally mundane - no enchanted 'Saint of Killers' type weapons.
    • The ranged attacker does not prefer to Melee, typically.
    • The character does not have other forms of attack via powers.
    • The character does not have travel powers - speed, teleportation, etc.







    In Slot Four, select a Melee Attack character. The character may come from about any source: Movies, TV, Comics, Cartoons, Novels, etc.

    The Melee Character must meet these requirements:

    • Melee attack is via some hand-held martial weapon: sword, axe, club, etc.
    • Character has no heavy defensive powers or resistances.
    • The character's weapons are generally mundane.
    • The melee attacker does not have a ranged attack method.
    • The character does not have other forms of attack via powers.
    • The character does not have travel powers - speed blitz, teleportation, etc.





    Musical Interlude



    In Slot Five, select a character from a live action musical (or music based ) movie who can sing and dance their way through challenges.


    All the challenges will be location based.  Examples:

    Which contender could successfully sing and dance their way through the Land of Oz without being killed by the Wicked Witch?


    Which contender could successfully sing and dance their way through Gotham City and lower the crime rate by doing so?




    And now for something completely different....

    Love vs. Rejection

    In Slot Six, select a male character from a movie released between the years of 1960 and 2000.

    The male character must have been the lead from a film which legitimately had a romantic angle the character was involved in as part of the plot.  Romantic Comedies and Dramas are filled with such characters.  The character must be an adult and a normal human without any kind of powers which help with romance. 

    This is the character you will use to attempt to woo the character in Slot Seven.


    In Slot Seven, select a female character from a movie released between the years of 1960 and 2000.

    The female character must be an adult, normal human and legitimate potential love interest. The female character may have personality traits which make it difficult but not impossible to find a romantic partner.

    Romantic Comedies and Dramas often have plots where such characters are found.








  13. Just now, Peypeypeypey said:

    Battle of the 4-0. This fight actually happened in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Spectre needed the strength of the multiverse's wizards to match Anti-Monitor in power. Without that help, AM should trump pretty hard

    I accept that this occurred in Cannon, however as Anti-Monitor has Tier Versions which are out of bounds in this contest, please ensure you are not referencing those out of bounds tiers.  Thanks!

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