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  1. My impression of Orcs is that they tank damage more than dodge it. I'm thinking those skinny mutant gang kids are probably more nimble.
  2. You are almost out of time to put in your request for a free T-Shirt or Hoodie. This is a one time print run, there will be not be another chance to have one of these. Ever.
  3. Put your image here for your character submission. Images 300 pixels X 300 pixels square. You can use an online image cropper tool to crop your image to 300 x 300 before uploading.
  4. It pretty much depends on which version of Peter Pan you are looking at. If we go by the original novel, the source, then it is undefined and ambiguous as it exists as islands in the minds of children. Anyways, me personally I'm discounting blowing up the Neverland planet concept. Other voters may choose to embrace that, though.
  5. I have to agree. The Evil Dead series first episode begins with him reading the Necronomican to his date to try and impress her. % chance to unleash evil is somewhere on his character sheet.
  6. To be fair, Tinkerbell can move to Never Never Land, which seems to be another Dimension of some sort. I'm not up on Lord Dominator so someone would have to inform me if the character can also just dimension shift to Never Land and blow that up also. If not, then I would favor the more clever contestant in the match to catch the fairy.
  7. I think this is a match where the terrain is a factor. With these heavy hitters, oftentimes the terrain doesn't matter. But this time I think it does. If Mount Doom can melt the One Ring, which is indestructible, then I'm guessing that it will at least seriously damage either of these two. Goal would seem to be to put someone in the lava.
  8. Damn it @UMPIRE why do you always give Wendy the underwear challenge?!?
  9. Super interesting match to think about. I would love to see this match in actuality. I don't know who would win, but I will point out the capture the flag rules state that both teams need to send out players to the other teams territory to try and capture the flag. Therefore trying to turtle the flag seems out of bounds.
  10. Did you see the episode where he fights his way out of a sperm bank?
  11. When Elsa leaves town she already seems to consider herself something of a 'monster'. She has powers that have harmed others and seen townsfolk react to her with fear. That's just the right time for another monster, a kindred spirit such as Tamatoa to make an entrance and sing a number about embracing the dark side. Elsa would be open to that message. Frollo just seems like the type of inquisitor who would prefer to burn Elsa at the stake - not assist her.
  12. I think I like Thermal Thief here, because LOD HQ is probably drafty, and they need some weatherizing. It's important to be able to save on your heating and energy bills when you are housing a bunch of villainous freeloaders.
  13. I like Bragi here. Granted a god of poetry... but we are talking about Norse poetry which is about battles, dying and Valhalla. It is said Bragi welcomes the kings who have been slain in battle to the hall of Odin, and prepares Valhalla for new arrivals. Not just a poet, a warrior poet! A Viking bard. Also, Zeus is a dick.
  14. I like George here. He seems like the kind of mascot who could sell a doll that appears like a shipwrecked child lost and starving on an island. Selling people dolls of unhappy children doesn't seem on-brand for Ronald. Here's a happy Ronald doll commercial which demonstrates how off-brand the unhappy doll would be.
  15. Sorry Mr. Judders, I'm just not prepared to give up my soul to have colored ketchup.
  16. You could talk to @Z451 about that. He specializes in picking obscure characters. It's always an entertaining team, but I don't think I've ever seen one of them in the finals.
  17. And here Angar is again, down and out in Beverly Hills. His loss against the Mandrill in the last match was unfortunate, but this remains a strong terrain for a new-age hippie with a hallucinogenic voice like Angar. He's ready to party and talk philosophy with the hip and the rich, and maybe start a cult.
  18. Mr. Peanut is always a class act. He's the kind of hero that's ready to sacrifice himself in order to save his friends. And Mr. Peanut is here to tell you about this fantastic disposable underwear. This underwear is also a class act that's ready to take one for the team. It's important in these uncertain times to have a backup plan, and like Mr. Peanut, you'll always have a back-up plan when you have spare disposable underwear ready to go. Bic disposable underwear - ready to take one for the team. Just like Mr. Peanut.
  19. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Power Rangers cannon fodder typically aren't the brightest bulbs. I think the Musketeers tactics and teamwork win the day on this field of battle.
  20. I've read the Stephen King novel The Shining and also seen the film of course. There's nothing in there that gives limiting rules (like a ramp-up time) or power caps on the Overlook. Things happen in the novel that do not happen in the Kubrick film. For example, the Hedge Maze does not exist in the book - instead the Overlook has topiary animals which become murderously animated. That may have been captured in the more recent Shining film which I have not seen. The Overlook seems to do what it does when it wants to. It does not operate on an identifiable rules based system. In The Shining, it simply may have found messing with the Torrence family over the winter more entertaining because A. It's fun when dad goes nuts with an axe. B. the Torrence family isn't going anywhere, so take your time. In Doctor Sleep, however, it is shown that the SHTF pretty much upon entering. I guess I could also bring up Ready Player One, noting that the Overlook has immediate physical threats for video game players, but that's kind of a tangent. Point being it does powerful stuff when it is called for, apparently. Anyways, the terrain has to be survivable for a normal human, and the Overlook is survivable. But it has several attack vectors that make it extremely dangerous. It is certainly not a cakewalk terrain for any contender.
  21. Your team will continue to compete, so I hope you will continue vote in their matches. I know it can seem like an uphill battle, but your team is solidly mid-pack right now. Not terrible. Besides, the people who did vote for your team believed what you had to say. Anyways, if you haven't already remember to order your free season swag before the order closes.
  22. If you haven't had the opportunity to see Doctor Sleep, give it a look. It's about the grown up Danny Torrence. The Director's Cut is the version of the film most worth watching. Anyways, Doctor Sleep shows that there is nothing requiring things at the Overlook to take awhile. It can happen quite quickly, with immediate and violent consequences.
  23. Yeah, that's fair. The original would stand much less of a chance in this scenario, though.
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