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  1. Put your image here for your character submission. Images 300 pixels X 300 pixels square. You can use an online image cropper tool to crop your image to 300 x 300 before uploading.
  2. That is great. I love the Extended Buffy-Verse! This finishes with Buffy leaping from Herbie's sun-roof onto the hood of the Death-Proof car where she will hang on for a couple miles during insane car stunts. Finally, Herbie and Buffy manage to knock the Death-Proof car off the road, and then Buffy knocks Stuntman Mike around for a bit. Resurrection and living cars are both a thing in the Extended Buffy-Verse, so Cordelia will be fine. Very entertaining two-parter. Thanks for the read!
  3. The battle is clearly taking place on Sesame Street's home turf as we are evaluating the characters in their living muppet form. So this has to abide by the laws of the Sesame Street Universe. The laws of the Sesame Street Universe tell us that 1. They will succeed in stopping Cthulhu. 2. We will all learn a valuable lesson. 3. Possible song involved. I actually foresee this as being the start of a new character on the show - Muppet Cthulhu - who hangs out with Oscar the Grouch. Very entertaining and creative. Thanks for the read!
  4. Gee, I don't know. It will either start next Saturday, or the following Saturday. Depends on if I'm finished with all the image files for Slot Challenges next week. It takes longer than you might think. If I can get them done by next weekend, I'll start it.
  5. Something new this Season, the algorithm that chooses matches to make each round will have a new component to it. It has a concept of slots it prefers to match, now. This is going to be a key thing in the early rounds where it tries to match all of a particular slot, say all the Entertainers, up in matches in that round. If you play in the two preferred slots each round, though the first 3 rounds, you'll get a better idea the slots you are more competitive. Could affect your benching strategy. I will announce which slots the program will prefer to draw from ahead of time.
  6. That utility is next up on the list, yep. I provided character admins the ability to move characters to other categories yesterday.
  7. Right on. Yeah, seems like the Slot is causing some to sit out the season as is, like @DSkillz so, you know, we may have to see how we can work a little Anime in here and there in a way that makes sense for players in general.
  8. I understand completely. Anime operates by completely different rules than Marvel/DC so, I honestly don't think they are comparable. Seriously, I can define a Marvel/DC slot as 2 ton Max lift and look what happens! We get a really well balanced slot for season 5 with characters that are all really in the same ballpark with one another. That's great. Anime doesn't work that way as far as I can tell from watching 100+ series on Crunchyroll. Anime characters always get more powerful in relation to their opponents. And, once the opponents become stupidly overpowered, then the main character becomes stupidly overpowered. It seems like a vicious cycle. Anyways, this is the first time we've really worked with an Anime specific slot. At this point I'm thinking let's just roll with it this season and see how it turns out. It's a lot of work to try and get people to re-pick their teams and, really, people who aren't into ANime have no idea what they are doing in this slot. They are just Googling up something that looks cool.
  9. That is a fantastic question and I've been thinking about it. I do want to add a utility to switch out the main image for the character - the image used in fights. Some of the character images folks have submitted with characters over the years are pretty bad. But I'm not sure if, like, a gallery of pictures attached to the character adds value. What do you think about it? Do you think that is a nice feature?
  10. Yeah, I don't really get the 'Theme' concept. It doesn't seem to help the team that tries it or add value to the season's fights in general. But to each their own! You can take a mulligan on a slot if you want. I'll send the team back to you. But, no - no powers on the entertainers. There can be nothing that people can refer to as an unnatural assist to the performance. That includes Dazzler's mutant generated light show. But, yeah if someone wants a re-pick I can send your team back to you to change out a slot.
  11. Well, we've got 15 teams locked in, now. That's super cool. Great participation! We'll see if we get more over the week. I require an even number of teams so, if it comes out odd at the end of the draft then I am forced to run one to make it even.
  12. No, we'll just roll with it unless you yourself want to take a mulligan on them. In that case I'll let you re-pick.
  13. Yeah, you know, with all the history of fictional stories and movies out there can you find something that is more in line with the theme of the website? That would be great.
  14. OK, I can do that for you. Just keep in mind as you make your next pick that the Entertainer Challenges are all over the place. You never know what you'll be getting so it's hard to say where one performer will be better than another.
  15. @JohnnyChany please re-pick your slot. I set that denied. Sorry for the trouble.
  16. Well, now you are making it hard. Like 'Kiss' and 'Ziggy Stardust' and 'Micheal Jackson from Moonwalker' are all real people. But they are also, like, fantasy characters and personas. I guess I would let you bring in a Brittany Spears or something if you wanted to, but it's not really in keeping with the theme of the site. I just have to trust the community to be better than that 🙂
  17. Anime characters are definitely all over the place on power levels. It seems to literally be baked into the genre that they get more and more overpowered as their stories progress. I'm open to having the player re-pick, because we want this to be as within some boundaries as possible, but before I do could you please check everyone else's picks and see if we are in the right area? I don't claim to be all knowing about all characters so I just do my best with it.
  18. Yeah, sure. I mean Ziggy Stardust is in there and that's a real person.
  19. Right now I see you have Josie and the Pussycats. You want to change that you are saying, is it?
  20. This is good! Thanks for catching that. I try my best but some of these things get through. Please point out any others when you see them.
  21. Aww, man. Somebody start one of those “Smack talk the Fantasy Team above you” threads.
  22. Seems like a cool character. All good! Likely will win every match-up against Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey. I think the slot may be a bit narrow in it's focus in general, but we will see how it works out.
  23. Probably Monday morning I'll remove the Tourney option in the match creator. Sorry to hear. Hope you feel better soon!
  24. Team looks decent. I think you have as good of odds of any.
  25. Well, okay. I don't foresee there being any challenge in the slot that the character will be competitive in, though. Just seems like a lost opportunity to evaluate these type of characters which don't see a lot of play.
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