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  1. Put your image here for your character submission. Images 300 pixels X 300 pixels square. You can use an online image cropper tool to crop your image to 300 x 300 before uploading.
  2. If Highlander was a live action TV series putting out NEW episodes in the 90's, then sure. If Tales from the Crypt, Saturday Night Live, etc. were live action TV series putting out NEW episodes in the 90's, then sure.
  3. You have three weeks, starting today, to enter one match to be rated by the community. Take your time and put forward your best. Good luck! I'm looking forward to reading your entries.
  4. Word Count This Flash Fiction tournament has a maximum Word Count of 2500 words per match entry. The match set-up must be 2500 words or less. Use Word Count Tool to weigh your entry. Theme: Must only use characters that were in a Live Action TV series in the 1990's. Not a movie, not an animated show - live action TV show only. Sitcom show, sci-fi show, drama show, whatever. Examples: Buffy / Angel Xena / Hercules X-Files Deep Space Nine Here's a list Here's another list Players must use two contenders (and only tw
  5. Well, what ever could we do to keep this fresh? After 10 seasons are we running on fumes or is there still gas in this tank?
  6. Review: The Slime Diaries That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (Non-Spoilery) Season Aired: Spring 2021 - 12 episodes MAL Link: The Slime Diaries: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime I watched it at: Crunchyroll Review: The Slime Diaries is a spin-off of the popular anime That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. The show That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime follows the adventures of the character Rimaru Tempest who was killed in modern Japan and reincarnated as a slime monster in a fantasy-based world. It's a fun show which I en
  7. And there you have it folks - your Season 10 Champion. Congrats Versam!!! Your team is victorious. Also, congrats to Dskillz for a great showing this season. Thanks to everyone who participated, I hope it was enjoyable.
  8. Review: Fate / Zero (Seasons one and two) (Non-Spoilery) Season Aired: Fall 2011 - 25 episodes MAL Link: Fate/Zero - Season One Fate/Zero - Season Two I watched it at: Crunchyroll An Introduction To "Fate": Fate requires an introduction as it is somewhat complicated. The source material for Fate is an epic Japanese visual novel which may be as lengthy as Lord of the Rings. There are three paths or routes that a reader may take in the visual novel which leads to alternate events unfolding. These routes are Fate,
  9. Review: The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent (Non-Spoilery) Season Aired: Spring 2021 - 12 episodes MAL Link: The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent I watched it at: Funimation Review: The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent invites the viewer into a world of enchantment, romance and fantasy. It is a pleasant enough world, inhabited with characters who generally seem kind and chivalrous. There's a bit of danger to be dealt with, which provides some small stakes. There's a love interest to follow, for the romantics among us. And the art is pleasing to th
  10. Congrats to @DSkillz who moves onto the final round. Truly, a strong horse this season. And congrats to @Pizzaguy2995 for making it into the Final Four. That's no small feat and you gave 'em hell. Good job!
  11. Grats to @Versam who goes into the final round. A strong team. And, grats to @IKA who made it into the Final Four. That's no small feat! Good job!
  12. Mind bender, this one. Let's read the scenario: "Aragorn is flung to another world. In this world he meets a romantic interest". Okay, so in the Leia romance he enters the Star Wars universe and ends up fighting the Empire. And, in the Sarah Conner romance he enters the Terminator universe and ends up fighting Skynet. And you ask me to decide which one is more entertaining? As the famous commercial asks... "Why not both?"
  13. This is an interesting one. Dot is a good musician in that she can play about any instrument - and that's cannon. Cecil, we don't know - but I fully expect him to play piano maddeningly slow which should annoy Dot to no end. The problem for Dot is that the Warner siblings have kind of a code they abide by. Someone has to intentionally provoke the Warner Siblings for them to pull out all the stops. And Cecil is just a turtle being a turtle. As long as someone does not intentionally provoke the Warner's with forethought of malice, they don't respond in kind. If Cecil can k
  14. I think Bugs Bunny would have a difficult time in this one. However, there are a couple different versions of Lola Bunny and YMMV depending on which you are referring to. However, from the start Bugs has a history of failure when it comes to lady bunnies. Starting way back when with his 'wife' Mrs. Bunny. Bugs is quickly defeated by Mrs. Bunny. And then we learn Mrs. Bunny "wears the pants in their family". It's an old saying which alludes to being dominant. Bugs will go on to lose against other lady bunnies including wind-up mechanical ones. Which brings u
  15. Dorothy as seen in Return to Oz starts out in a mental institution undergoing electro-shock therapy before traveling to a frightening version of Oz. I don't think either of these two contestants will fare all that well, but I'm leaning Dorothy.
  16. I think the question here is who can use the terrain to their advantage the best? I do not know the answer to that, but maybe someone will add a thought about it.
  17. It seems to me that both of these characters could succeed in this scenario. I think it's a toss-up. However, Secret Squirrel does not pack the raw power that Blossom does. In an escape scenario, I have to assume Blossom will escape more quickly. I'd give Secret Squirrel the escaping with style points, though.
  18. Well, I don't see a whole lot of romantic chemistry here. That said, one of these contenders would be trying to murder Neville with an ice pick during sex... and one would not. Chances of Mrs. Tramell actually getting Neville into the sack to murder him with an ice pick? I'd say zero. For one, Neville seems like he has standards. For two, Neville has magic and I'm sure he's gonna ask his magic eight-ball about psycho-lady. It's just not an entertaining romance. Foxy Brown, though? Well it could be a comedy. Probably more entertaining.
  19. Due to an error, have to restart the Death Match. Silly Fox.
  20. Hanna-Barbera Toons Stats +---------------------------+-------------------+------+--------+ | CHAR_NAME | PLAYER_NAME | WINS | LOSSES | +---------------------------+-------------------+------+--------+ | Space Ghost | SSJRuss | 3 | 1 | | Kwicky Koala | Z451 | 2 | 1 | | The Great Gazoo | Movie-Brat | 2 | 0 | | Popeye | DSkillz | 2 | 1 | | Bubbles (Powerpuff Girls) | Pizzaguy2995 | 2 | 0 | | Woody Woodpecker | broadway
  21. At the end of round 10, our final four are revealed. Onward to the Death Match! Thanks to everyone for playing this season!
  22. I appreciate that perspective. I think it is a fair assessment. The Patrick Bateman character seems very much like the shallow and materialistic character Fester marries in Addams Family Values. Debbie was her name, I think. Morticia hated Debbie.
  23. With 2 rounds to go, there are still a lot of possibilities on who will make it into the Final Four. Especially if one of the leaders stumbles in the final stretch. It's gonna be interesting.
  24. The Tunnel scene with Carrie Fisher makes me lean Blues Brothers. You have to watch it at youtube but totally worth it. I don't know that Dorothy could get past Annie.
  25. Princess Leia Organa is a character that could protect Kyle from the terminators. She is simply a character that does not require protection. They'd probably smash Skynet together without need of a sequel (or 5 sequels, as the case may be). That could be, entertaining. However, I think I see a story where investigative reporter Lois Lane is being hunted as more in-line with the T1 concept. Her self-reliant personality would be quite entertaining here while maintaining the classic romantic sub-plot.
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