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  1. While I do not disagree in principal, I am unaware of any feats Arcade has in genetics or botany, specifically. I'm not very up to date on the character, though. Are there any?
  2. Put your image here for your character submission. Images 300 pixels X 300 pixels square. You can use an online image cropper tool to crop your image to 300 x 300 before uploading.
  3. At least nine rounds to go. You got this.
  4. I was definitely intrigued by the discussion in the match. Good volley.
  5. All Fantasy Draft matches are randomly generated by Umpire. Random is random.
  6. I have seen episodes of the Godzilla cartoon in which Gadzooky appeared. I do not recall the character having much 'Talent', per-se. I think Charlie may have the advantage in this challenge.
  7. Tramp is a free spirit! He is not going to want to be carried around in Paris' bag forever. He might try to escape after he's had his fill of the good life. Dex-Starr, however, is an ultra powerful, extremely dangerous and murderous kitty-cat wielding a red lantern ring who can projectile-vomit death. So, the unlucky pet adopter would be insta-killed, pretty much, no matter who they were. And so, gotta go with Tramp.
  8. Kind of a toss-up for me. I don't know that I would sit through a variety show of either. I haven't seen Trolls on Tour, though. I might flip a coin but will wait to see what others say.
  9. Chemistry is the basis of explosives, also. Possibly the most straightforward use of it to defeat an opponent. Also Acids, toxic gases, etc.
  10. Mr. Frog is super cool and an amusing character... but (and it is a big but) he has a massive weakness in that he stops performing when it counts most. It's built into his shtick and part of what makes him an amusing character. However, it will not be amusing to the entertainment types that inhabit Studio 54. If we assume Mr. Frog doesn't have this weakness (and I personally will always assume he does when I vote, since it is an integral part of the character) then I think I still like the Hex Girls here. They just feel more hip and with-it.
  11. The category is science - specifically Botany - so no Magic for Doom. There are any number of ways a crafty Botanist might approach this. From Plant monsters to choking vines and even to microscopic plants that get into the bloodstream. In any of these cases, I believe I like Doom's chances here.
  12. I like Powerline in this match-up. He just feels like he fits the role of the main character in Footloose. That said... I would much rather watch the Three-Stooges version of Footloose and see how their dancing antics play out. Dance Pie-Fight Revolution!
  13. I would much rather be killed by Dark Willow in this match. Willow is one and done. But getting killed by Pinhead is the death that keeps on giving. Anyways, I don't know who would win this. I'd love to see the movie, for sure. The Warren's have psychic abilities and they are in with the holy side. They could outmaneuver Pinhead. Less talented protagonists certainly have. I could say the same for Dark Willow. If Pinhead, Dark Willow and the Warrens occupy the same room, then Pinhead is going after Dark Willow - and I don't like Dark Willow's chances in that match-up. Kind of a toss-up but I'm lean Pinhead.
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