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  1. Put your image here for your character submission. Images 300 pixels X 300 pixels square. You can use an online image cropper tool to crop your image to 300 x 300 before uploading.
  2. I'm unfamiliar with the Izuku character. It's not really required, though, as I purely rate on the quality of the fight set-up writing itself. The first half Peter Parker narration was good. It had a hook and I was interested to see where it was going. The second half from the Izuku perspective didn't stick the landing for me though. Now, I know who Peter Parker is, thoroughly, so I kind of glossed over that that there was nothing there in the first half that would have clued me into the character if I didn't know it already. When I got to the Izuku half, I really wanted that one sentence that would give me, the reader, an information burst about the character. That's the kind of thing that adds context into understanding motivation and stakes, when they are presented to the reader. The other problem I faced was this line: And this took me out of it because I know the Peter Parker character too well. My expectation of the character's actions here would be a lot of dodging, a lot of jumping around and a lot of talking to defuse the situation and get help to figure out why he was mysteriously in Japan. Solid attempt. Looking forward to the next match.
  3. I have not seen these series, so I can only go by the Fight Set-up. What I want out of the Fight Set-Up is something that introduces me to the characters, gives me some stakes so I'm interested in the outcome and provides an entertaining scene. And do all that in the micro-story of the Fight Set-up without running on or belaboring the point. That's just good writing. A hook, like found on the back of novel covers. Bonus if it actually makes me want to see the show that the characters are from. I'd say this hits all the marks and also makes me intrigued about the shows themselves. Nice job.
  4. The calculations look good. Trying to show all the data in the interests of fairness. Are you ready to Ruuuuumble ... I guess everyone is saving their matches for the Tournament to start. Been kinda quiet last few days.
  5. The 1970's were weird, man. Real weird. Amirite? Testing tournament functionality.
  6. Let's go with DSkills idea. Very good call. Here's the thing... Wikipedia has a legal fair use policy. That means that we can use their text in our pages as long as it's not for profit. Also, WIkipedia is not going away. I know people want to link to other Wiki's and take their text. That's not something we can do unless that particular Wiki permits it as a policy... and I really don't want to have to start keeping a list of ones that do. I don't really care about the text, honestly. Let's not be overly concerned about it. As long as there is some text, that's cool. This Forum software can make Wiki pages but it seems unreasonable to make people write Wiki entries for characters they add, in their own words, without grabbing the text from some other site. It's hard enough just to get people to find a good image of the character. TLDR; Use Wikipedia. Any text is fine.
  7. That is correct. Once a day it will pull the text for all the new things that need it. So, allow up to 24 hours for the text to appear. All good.
  8. Clearly Stewie has a master plan. And Homer... being Homer... will fall for it. And Marge will sigh. And Bart will laugh. Stewie wins!
  9. Just ignoring the Thomas Wayne version of Batman for a moment... question: Doesn't the Punisher just all by himself take out, like, 20 guys every other issue? And then, on top of that, you provided a 'Batman' character the element of surprise? I dunno, man. This seems like the cubiest of curb stomps. The 20 mobsters have no chance of winning. Now, if you had said something like ...say... that the Punisher and Batman had to do it in 60 seconds... I might have given those 20 mobsters a 5% chance. Maybe.
  10. Tax away, I'd say. I think it might be easier than ever, now, to review them.
  11. Hum. Perhaps it has just been a dry 7 years for new characters of note. I can think of several Anime series I may add some characters from.
  12. The site has been offline for seven years, so you would think there would be a lot of big characters people would want to add. So, I'm surprised at the influx of strange, obscure characters like the Lake Champlain monster (?). I didn't even know the lake had a monster. I mean, whatever floats your boat. It's cool. I'm just surprised at these obscure additions.
  13. good catch. Changed how it is sorted now.
  14. I like the Yang Xiao Long character on RWBY. Her character arc took a dark turn, but she adjusted. Glad to see she had this win in her against a tough contender. Top tier fight set-up. High quality.
  15. An X-23 blow out. Not a challenge, apparently.
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