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  1. The problem encountered is that after a certain number of rounds it becomes more difficult for the system to find a match-up it hasn't already run. This, unfortunately, arose in Round 10 of Season 8 where the automation could not match two teams with new opponents and they were shorted a match. Benching is cool and all, but it exasperates the problem of giving the system the ability to make matches. That's why I used to end the season at 8 rounds.
  2. I like the concept of having a slot of Detectives vs. a slot of Master Criminals. Problem I have with it, though, is that the 'bad guy' slot may be at a disadvantage as, in fiction, these bad guys tend to loose. So it presents an unfair advantage. Now, another example is a Sci-Fi character slot vs. a Fantasy character slot. Something like that seems more fair because there's no inherent bias where one has a track history of losing. Anyways, unless you throw out some quality ideas, you are gonna get whatever I come-up with. Thanks!
  3. In Season 9 I'll be looking to mix it up a bit. Here's what I am thinking. First off, there will be no Bench. The whole team will be played. Second, matches will not occur with contenders in the same slot. There will be two opposing slots that are put into matches - these opposing slots have totally different things in them. Example: Slot 1 is for Fantasy Characters - e.g. Conan the Barbarian. Slot 2 is for Fantasy Monsters - e.g. Smaug the Dragon. An example Slot 1 vs. Slot 2 match would be Conan vs. Smaug. Totally an example, but you get the idea.
  4. Ash on the Titanic, fighting off Deadites possessing the passengers as the ship goes down would have been a fun episode. I don't see either of these characters failing to survive. Seems like a just vote for who you like best.
  5. I'm fairly certain these products are not durable at all. Hence, disposable.
  6. I will give my two cents on the season. I personally tend to prefer the Challenges matches over Tier Matches. I think a season needs a balance, but this season was heavy on the tiers and I don't feel like it engaged me, personally, as much. Challenges matches tend to provide more room for snarky responses. Now, I get that there are going to be folks on the other side who are more engaged by the Tier fights but, that said, not every Tier fight brings in the engagement. Usually it's like, one, out of each round it seems. I don't know that the Tier system necessarily resulted in evenly matched fights in most cases. As for re-organizing the CBUB Database, I do like the way Vs Battle Wiki is laid out with different character versions. I'm open to looking into something like that if I could find time to spend on it. All in all, I think the Tier metrics could be useful in setting caps, but it is not the end-all be-all of season fairness one might have hoped for. Thanks!
  7. I like Wendy's here. Could probably work the ketchup colors into seasonal specials. Like Green for St. Patricks Day.
  8. Yeah, that seems reasonable. The Arrow Car probably uses more standard parts.
  9. Did this ever happen in the comics? On the Tiny Island terrain, I'm liking Nightcrawler here.
  10. Sonny is coo-coo for disposable underwear because he is super excitable and tends to crap himself often. He brings something to the table. For the Depends market. (I voted Flo, tho)
  11. In this scenario, I am liking the James Bond Aston Martin. I recall that it is bulletproof and Q likely built it to take a hit.
  12. OK, that was the final round! And the Final Four could not be more clear. Apologies to @DSkillz and @Vincento as the automated system did not match them up for two fights last round - only 1. Now, I could run a round with just 1 match - Dskillz vs. Vencento - to make it all even. However it would not get them into the Final Four. The max either of them could get would be 10 points which won't make the cut. SO, we will leave it as is. I've been super busy and did not check that, my bad. On to the Final Four, then.
  13. These are all good points as it relates to Vs. Battle Wiki, specifically. What about character versions though. e.g. Marvel Comics Gamora vs. MCU Gamora. This would have implications about how we organize the CBUB Database going forward. With different versions having different entries. I'd like to also get thoughts on if Character Versions is useful to us.
  14. The Fire phone was a product launch still fairly fresh in memory as it was pretty recent. I don't think there is any mascot that could have sold me, personally, on it. I mean, let's just start with the name "Fire Phone". Who came up with that crap like it was a cool name? The words Fire and Phone are not two concepts I would consider marrying together. Nothing about this product spoke to me as a consumer. It was all gimmick. That said, if I had to choose a mascot here it would be Burger King. Because he's on my team! Sneak Phone FTW!
  15. SO, we've had a season which was very heavy in VS Battle Wiki Tiers in which we used very specific versions of characters. Any feed back on how that went? Did we like it? Was it useful to have specific Tier versions of the characters to evaluate? Let me know. Thanks!
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