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  1. Put your image here for your character submission. Images 300 pixels X 300 pixels square. You can use an online image cropper tool to crop your image to 300 x 300 before uploading.
  2. The option to make a Tournament Match should be available. Looking forward to your matches. It's a long month. Take your time.
  3. I'm sorry, I don't really know anything about Ultraman. Use your judgement on it.
  4. SCORE REPORT: IKA - Two Matches Complete - 64 / 20 = 3.2 Boob Tube - Two Matches Complete - 72 / 20 = 3.6 Bergy_berg - Two Matches Complete - 40 / 10 = 4.0 OMFG - Two Matches Complete - 59 / 13 = 4.53 SSJRuss - Two Matches Complete - 48 / 10 = 4.8 First Place Winner: SSJRuss Second Place Winner: OMFG Congrats! I will message you about your gift cards.
  5. Thanks everyone for participating this month. We are just waiting for the last matches to end so the Winner(s) can be calculated. Looking forward to seeing you in the long, hot month of August for a new Prize competition. Rules are up, now. Thanks!
  6. Sure. That seems fine.
  7. Great work on this scenario. Going in I wasn't expecting this to work as well as it did. The narrative sets up everything nicely with the stakes, has good characterization and also we see the real Duckmanity of war through the eyes of the Duck. Nice one!
  8. Really great write-up. Entertaining the entire way through. Cookie Monster steals the Tubby Toast... brilliant. Thanks for a very entertaining scenario.
  9. No, it is not useful. A mass email to the mostly defunct email addresses of people from seven years ago would probably result in my domain email getting banned by all the big email providers. It is hard enough to get Whitelisted by Gmail and so forth as it is. I think DSkillz sent one from Magnetic Fox which is more current, anyways.
  10. Probably, word of mouth only is relevant to this site if that word is placed in hardcore creative writing communities. I figure this site holds almost zero interest for folks that don't do creative writing. This is not a passive site to participate in. Writing is actually hard work! Anyways, from my personal perspective, I don't care. There's literally nothing in it for me to promote this site or give money to Google to run ads. If a few people want to do the Tournament once a month, I'd rather provide a prize using that Ad money.
  11. Yes and no. I can spend advertising dollars on Google Ads to drive people here. I've done that in the past as an experiment. While it does get people here I'm not interested in spending $300 a month for Google Ads to do that. I mean, it's really rare that somebody actually joins the site. The other issue is, of course, the world in general. Folks got real serious problems to deal with these days. So, besides paying for advertising... no clue. Anyways, I'll put up a Tournament and a Prize each month for those interested. About the only activity I've got time for here myself over the course of a month is reading tournament matches.
  12. Yep. Superman would be Christopher Reeve, I imagine. I think Superman II came out in the 80's. Well, I'm going to go with that. Here's hoping for a MANIMAL vs. AUTOMAN match. OK, nevermind... that might just be too much 80's.
  13. How about this for the August Tournament? "Back to the 80's" Must use characters from 1980's TV shows or Movies.
  14. @OMFG you only have a couple days left to get your second required match in for the Tournament. Just a heads up. This match was real good. Would like to see another one.
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