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  1. Put your image here for your character submission. Images 300 pixels X 300 pixels square. You can use an online image cropper tool to crop your image to 300 x 300 before uploading.
  2. Here's a tiny sample of the many Slot Challenges in Season 5. In the ring fighters: Deities: Old West: Entertainers:
  3. OK, thanks for understanding. Comic Vine, in what little info they have on the character, says he has Danger Sense and therefore I assume he does. You can find an edge in this slot, but it's gonna have to be a subtle one probably. Take Old West Doc Brown from Back to the Future III for example. Well, he brings the science anyways. Is that a thing here? Who knows - but he's normal. Or how about the Wild Wild West which was a crazy mash-up of a Western and James Bond and a WIll Smith movie. Still normal.
  4. I would have to say he's over the line because, unlike the Pet Slot, the old west slot will be based on some clear physical challenges. The fact that he has a Spider Sense alone would be godly in that slot. There is no gritty realistic old west character that people would say could beat an old west Spider-Man knock off. Same if you find an Old West Bat God knock-off from DC Comics (which probably exists). No way.
  5. Oh man. Red Sonja has a long and storied history in fantasy comic. I mean, check her out here : https://comicvine.gamespot.com/red-sonja/4005-2439/ Has she solved weird mysteries in that time? Absolutely. I mean, when you say just a "female version of Conan" I've got to tell you I have been reading the Conan Omnibus hardcover recently The dude pretty much has to solve an X-File every issue just to figure out what the hell is going on because his world is so weird. Awesome Omnibus BTW.
  6. Well, that's super hard to judge because Comic Vine literally has no reference material on this character. That's fringe. https://comicvine.gamespot.com/web-slinger/4005-161173/ That makes him hard for the CBUB to debate about certainly. We like characters we can at least speak about with some knowledge.
  7. I like John Wick quite a bit, but I personally find he seems to have a character flaw where he's easy to trick. Particularly in the third movie he gets punked pretty hard by a betrayal and did not see it coming. Not to get too deep into character analysis, but if you look at John Wick everything he does and the entire world he lives in is governed by a code of etiquette, norms and laws that govern most of what they do. Contracts that must be fulfilled, words that must be kept. There's not a whole lot of deviation and, because that world lives by those rules, John has been tricked a couple times. Red Sonja is on the opposite end of the spectrum in a world of magic, chaos and monsters.
  8. The first issue there is that West World characters don't fit the old west slot. So, that's a no go. I mean, historical old west. Like The Magnificent Seven or old Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns. When I say Street Level what I'm trying to avoid is people digging into some of the high powered Western characters from comic books. Like the original Ghost Rider: I had that dude specifically in mind because he totally is old west and totally is an overpowered ghost.
  9. That's strange. It's just an image of Jerry lighting a huge dynamite stick under Tom.
  10. Oh, I don't know about that. Jerry can get up to some hi-jinks. Granted he's generally less malicious than Bugs, but he does have a way of pulling items of mass destruction out of nowhere.
  11. What are the odds of Jerry pulling some of this out of his back pocket?
  12. Those are strong arguments. I could be swayed by that. I don't have a lot to go on with Zorah but I keep coming back to the fact it could be driven away, deterred, etc. by cannon fire. If the plant-like Biollante can't be damaged by fire, then I have to note that plants have a way of crushing rocks given enough time.
  13. Alisa is a robot. Weakness to electrical attacks maybe? How about electrical overload? Can Raiden generate an EMP? Raiden might be a counter to the machine, here.
  14. This is not a physical challenge involving guns or swords. Of the two, I would say that Red Sonja probably deals with more weird stuff on a regular basis. The world she lives in is composed of the weird and fantastical.
  15. Wow, it's the battle between the bottom of the barrel contenders in the Kaiju slot. I feel like I'm watching the Detroit Tigers and Arizona Diamondbacks compete at wiffle ball. So, we have fire vs. plants is it? Usually fire wins that battle, but I'm open to seeing any debate.
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